Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas yer arse, I pray it's your last!

Oh, for fuck's sake, can you fucking journos not get anything right?
Christmas cards, parties and decorations have cost the Government nearly half a million pounds over the past five years, the Conservatives revealed yesterday.

They haven't cost the Government half a million pounds because the Government has no money. The Government's Christmas cheer has cost us—the poor, benighted taxpayer—nearly half a million pounds.

It is our money that the government has frittered away on their festivities—money raised, from us, via extortion with menaces. And do these cunts feel any sense of shame? As Wat Tyler points out, do they fuck.

Seeing as it's Christmas, we thought BOM readers would like to watch a festive vid of our rulers burning another £0.5m of our money. That's what they've spent on nice Xmas decorations for themselves, including this tree in the heavily barricaded Downing Street.

Indeed, they're so pleased with themselves, 10DS has posted the vid on YouTube. To enjoy the full effect, press your nose firmly against the glass.

We should fucking hang them all from their own Christmas tree, the greedy frivolous fucks. I hope that they all have a fucking shitty Christmas and if a few of them don't live to see the New Year, well, so much the better.

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Machiavelli's Understudy said...

How many fucking people to put up a tree and decorate it? And how long? And a fucking cherry picker, too?!

Sounded like they were trying to reproduce a DFS Sale advert with annoying music... "The New Year Honours Sale! Everything simply MUST go! Knighthoods- 50% off! Task force chairmanships- £50,000 cashback! Peerages- Make us an offer! Hurry- the DS Sale starts Boxing Day and ends New Year's Day!".

I think the tree was using those shitty LED lamps. They're awful. Our council's started using them for Christmas trees and decoration. They look shite.

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