Monday, December 17, 2007

The madness of John Hutton

Offshore windfarms: a dangerous delusion.

EU Referendum examines the madness of John Hutton's wind turbine idea, drawing inspiration from Booker's latest column.
Nothing better illustrates the fatuity of windpower than the fact that Denmark, with the highest concentration of turbines in the world, must export more than 80 per cent of its wind-generated electricity to Norway, to prevent its grid being swamped when the wind is blowing, while remaining heavily reliant the rest of the time on power from Sweden and Germany.

The Danes, who decided in 2002 to build no more turbines, have learnt their lesson. We British have still to learn it. Every time we hear that over-used term "green" we should remember it has another meaning: someone who is naively foolish and dangerously gullible.

Go and read the whole thing because it illustrates not just what a stupid and, possibly, dangerously insane cunt John Hutton is, but also how stonkingly, mind-bendingly awful wind turbines are at actually generating any usable power.
The bottom line is that this is designed to allow Gordon Brown can cosy up to his EU "colleagues" and tell them everything is in hand with his renewable energy plans. By the time it comes to deliver, he will be long gone, and David Cameron will be hooking his bike up to a generator to keep the lights on.

I cannot state this any more unequivocally: if we rely on wind power the lights will go out in the near future. The government simply cannot ignore the fact that we need to start building more nuclear powerstations—or, at the very least, find some reliable method of electrical generation—or we will return, quite literally, to the Dark Ages.

Electricity is not a fucking luxury: the very fabric of our society is utterly reliant on it. And this is not simply in order to drive luxury hi-fis and televisions: think about all those vaccines which require refrigeration, or the life-support machines, sterilisers, and other essential medical machines that need electricity. Or think about the water purification plants. At the very least, the loss of power would be a public health catastrophe.

Seriously, think about what life would be like with no electricity—or even heavily-rationed use of it. The issue of electricity-generation is simply too fucking important for our government to carry on pissing around, fiddling whilst Rome burns.

This insanity has to stop: it's just not funny anymore.


Anonymous said...

I once found on the Engineer mag website a cost comparison of the main methods of power generation. Offshore wind was the most expensive, followed by onshore wind, then various conventional sources. I can't find this info any more, can anyone else?

For strategic reasons we need a variety of sources. For natural I would go for a Severn barrage and look closely at the latest wave technology. At least the sea is always available, unlike the wind. Of course we need Nuclear and coal for an independent reliable base load capability.

Roger Thornhill said...

One gets the impression that John Hutton - who actually did try and edge NewLabour forward in Welfare - is either shockingly ill advised or is being "influenced" by some lobby group.

Why else is wave power not proposed?

Wave power is practically INVISIBLE from the shore. No bird strikes and the energy generated IIRC, is somewhat more predictable than wind.

FlipC said...

While I agree that there needs to be various sources and that there are better systems then wind-turbines available, I'd like to point out that electricity generation isn't necessarily the problem - it's electricity storage.

Even the quote you give shows that at times Denmark can generate 80% more electricity then it requires, why isn't it storing that power instead of dumping it on Norway?

The reason we like coal/gas/nuclear generators is that we have total control over them; no need for long-term storage just provide what we want when we need it. We can't do that for wind and tide, can't turn them on and off as and when we need the power.

So storage, which puts the price up even more :-)

Anonymous said...

"think about all those vaccines which require refrigeration, or the life-support machines, sterilisers, and other essential medical machines that need electricity".

Fine by me, but I feel that anyone calling himself "green" should be required to live his life,and be treated, without reference to the above. For sterlisation, he can rely on some NHS nurse giving the receptacle a quick slosh around with a drop of dish detergent in it.

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