Monday, December 17, 2007

Leaking like Polly in Gordon's company

Via Dizzy, the whole data loss saga just gets worse.
The details of 3 million candidates for the driving theory test have gone missing, the BBC understands.

The loss took place when the hard drive of a computer belonging to a private contractor to the driving standards agency went missing in the US.

Transport Secretary Ruth Kelly is due to give details to MPs at about 1730.

For fuck's sake, can this government do nothing right? Just look at the catalogue of missing data—so far, the fuckers have managed to lose the personal details of:
  • 25 million Child Benefit recipients,

  • 20,000 Northern Ireland DVLA "customers",

  • 3 million DVLA "customers".

I'm sure that I've forgotten some. Anyone care to add some more in the comments...?

I will repeat, for the 83rd millionth time, the state does things badly so it should do as little as humanly possible.


Anonymous said...

Didn't they lose details of tens of thousands of "asylum seekers" aka "illegal immigrants"? Weren't some of them working at the Home Office?

Anonymous said...

These people have their finger on the nuclear button for fucks sake, if they can find it and remember how a finger works.

Anonymous said...

what the fuck were DVLA details doing on a hard disc in AMERICA!?!?

Old BE said...

Leaking like Polly

Thanks for that image.

Unknown said...

The Gremlins must have got this lot, maybe what Verity was on about.,000+asylum+seekers+to+get+amnesty/
There's also this, just a dribble by their standards, I suppose.

Ryan said...

Someone shoud check the student loan database too. I saw it with my own eyes some years ago when I shared a house with serious hackers.

It was being used for fraud then.

scott redding said...

The problem, in case after case after case, is bad management by ministers (not setting data protection as a top priority, not telling boffins to build data protection into new computer systems). That's entirely different from "the state does things badly so it should do as little as humanly possible." That only makes sense if no bad management (Northern Rock, Enron) exists in the private sector, and that alternative political leadership would make the same bone-head decisions.

Anonymous said...


Either we shared a flat (in Glasgow - are your initials AR?) or all the Student Loans database administrators are at it.

My ex-flatmate worked for them and showed me the details for most of our friends on his home PC.

Still, I'm sure lessons have been learned since then.

Anonymous said...

Scott, when 'bad management by ministers' recurs again and again, it's time to stop hoping for better management from ministers, recognise that they are and will be in general very poor managers indeed, and reduce the damage done by taking as much as possible out of the hands of government, and back in to the hands of the people.

scott redding said...

"We'd be just as bad managers as New Labour ... Vote Conservative"

This DVLA nonsense: you don't put it in the "hands of the people" -- to ensure nationwide standards of driving, someone has to test candidates and someone has to process the information. Taking it out of the public sector means putting it into the hands of the private sector. And the private sector has screwed up in this case just as efficiently as the public sector.

Anonymous said...

Scott Redding - I am searching for caveats on your behalf, but your post seems to be stupid.

"This DVLA nonsense:" (pretend to minimalise the problem. What problem?

"Taking it out of the public sector means putting it into the hands of the private sector." And,in this case, also out of the country.


"And the private sector has screwed up in this case just as efficiently as the public sector."

Directed by whom? Who chose this mad path?

Americans drive on the right and they aren't as prissy and uppity about driver's licences. Kids who live in the country and need a car to get to school can get a licence at age 14.

In fact, in the US, you go down, take a number, do your test - I failed my first test on parallel parking - and if you pass, you walk out with a driver's license. I went back the next day, took a number and passed.

Why are the authoritiarian, "driving is a privilege not a right" outsourcing licences to the freest, most enabling country in the world?

Something does not make sense here.

Fidothedog said...

There were medical records that vanished in South Wales.

Anonymous said...

A very quick search through No2ID's forum yields a load - here are a few:

MTAS was another one this year:

9 million NI numbers "lost":

2 passports per day being sent to the wrong people

Anonymous said...

Scott Redding - Enron was not "bad management"; it was fraud. No prison sentence is long enough for what those people did to the working people of Enron.

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