Monday, December 31, 2007

If any nice young ladies are waiting for a hero...

... here I am! Dizzy has done an Ainsworth and nominated his heroes and zeroes of the year and what do we find in the heroes section...?
The Devil's Kitchen—For being consistently funny and showing that just because you go to Eton it does not follow that you are an upper class tosspot.

Why, thank you very much, sir.


Newmania said...

Aha. You appreciate DK that not only is it going to impossible for drunk woman to give consent but if you buy her Dinner you could go to prison for purchasing sex ( see Dennis McShanes exciting new proposition ) .I see little hope for you and would suggest that you go gay .
Dizzy has a most alluring bottom and building on the excellent start I see here, am I premature to fancy the melody of ‘gay wedding bells is carried softly on the breeze….

If you are still determined on this woman thing I would suggest you wait until its very dark and they are very drunk. In fact any consciousness at all is best avoided.

Good Luck

Anonymous said...

So, when are you going to enlighten us about Common Purpose, Chris?

Devil's Kitchen said...

When a) I've seen any real evidence that it is the sinister conspiratorial organisation that many claim it to be, and thus b) when my spy has reported back, probably at the end of January.


Anonymous said...

We do need information on Common Purpose. It's like toxosis slipping into nerves of the British consciousness.

I think it is to soften up, through vapid socialist fancy-dress boilerplate, the British for further integration into this awful European Project, and thence further, into One-Worlderism.

That is the ultimate goal. One Worlderism, with huge UN-style circular meeting rooms with people called Zog (just kidding)ruling "on behalf of all mankind". Never mind that 85% of all mankind has never contributed as much as a bat shit brain cell (for what it would be worth) to Western development ... now the entire world is going to be ruled by unelected people with "ancient tribal knowledge".

People from countries and continents that failed to prosper despite the richness of their natural resources.

If it is resisted, it will be resisted from Asia and the New World. Britain doesn't have the nerve any more after decades of socialist indoctrination of children, and Europe (meaning northern Europe) has had democracy leached out of its brains and its soul.

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