Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Idiotic Television News In Online Video Game “Scare” Story

My partner in crime John Trenchard was bang on the money yesterday highlighting a puff piece regarding video games.

You can tell its Christmas can't you when the MSM dream up these shitty stories.

It isn’t the orgy of violence,death and mayhem that worries those fuckwits at ITN, its much worse than that.

It’s on-line "racism".

Yes people, on-line “racism” is a danger to the “yoofs of today” with players shouting “nigger” at each other during gaming sessions! Forget the orgy of carnage and the death dealing madness from Call of Duty 4 or Halo 3, these “young punks” are just waiting to be groomed by the BNP.

Thankfully they haven’t been listening to my gaming sessions, with the amount of expletives I use,they would run a lead story on me!

What fucking planet are ITN on?

How on earth could ITN work out the identity of millions of players on-line, which the majority of gamers don’t use web-cams?

Of course they would rather have YOU watching their shit news about the ice caps melting or the latest boring fucking drivel regarding ‘canoe man’ than enjoy yourself.

What ever next, bad language on the internet? Right-wing blogs doing rather better than their piss poor efforts?

So while those loveable fuckwit Beeboids are pissing around on Facebook and ‘amending’ Wikipedia, these cunts are doing a “hard days work” playing FIFA 08 and Half-Life Orange Box.

Right I’m off to kill some Commie bastards and fuck over some cunting head-choppers............


John Trenchard said...

next on news at ten we investigate the disturbing trend in online video games where players can dress up as Nazis, completely with full S.S. regalia.

its a worrying trend, which had led some to ask - are video games encouraging support for the BNP?

of course i made the above bit up. but that ITN news story was like something out of Brass Eye. I have expecting Chris Morris to pop up. The backdrop to the report was full of video game clips where players were fragging each other to bits. you really could NOT make it up.

Anonymous said...

No you don't understand, the establishment wants to shut down free speech, so it will parade a few examples of racism online, Hey Presto, the Voting public will be shamed into accepting online censorship.


Anonymous said...

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Malky Muscular said...

Speaking as someone who's just come off a four-hour Call of Duty 4 session, I can confirm that the worst I've heard are some cursewords and some Spanish guy getting read the riot act by his girlfriend.

Top marks to the guy, it didn't seem to spoil his game.

John Trenchard said...

christ almighty patriot. get a grip.

marxists are THE most argumentative factions in politics - ever notice how far-left parties always end up splitting, and sub-splitting and splitting even more?

recent example -the RESPECT split.

such ramblings of some sort of "marxist" cultural assault, remind me of the anti-semitic Protocols of Zion.

its just conspiracy theory gone nuts.

politics is complicated. its made of real people who make mistakes, have faults , and engage in utterly crazy policies.

but some sort of new world order marxist conspiracy? gimme a break.

your tinfoil hat is in the post.

John Trenchard said...

interesting how one of the comments on that blog that patriot linked to has linked to this post..


wherein the blogger writes:
"Let’s take as an example the kind of institutional manpower and financial muscle Jewry has put behind promoting its four core objectives of:-"

oh dear. here we go. moonbat Nazis.

MommyHeadache said...

That video game is an outrage! Reminds me of a story I posted on my blog about a porn starlet who was rightly taken to task for shouting 'fuck me you big black nigger' while performing in one of her films. This kind of thing is an outrage against public decency.

Thomas Gordon said...

Funny enough.........

While I was playing Halo 3 I got told:

"I am a buttfucking cowboy" and "I should be in the lead role of Brokeback Mountain 2".......

Bill Cash should really leave those games alone!

BTW eemak........it wasn't young Traci Lords who said that?

MommyHeadache said...

thomas gordon..
It was Jennica St Fox. Follow the link on my previous comment for more info. I will never watch her movies again, the dirty racist bitch.

Anonymous said...

"Right I’m off to kill some Commie bastards and fuck over some cunting head-choppers............"

I'm quite fond of the phrase "Child hanging Teddy Haters" myself.

wonkotsane said...

I've just finished a couple of hours of enemy Territory in which I called a Frenchman a cheese eating surrender monkey, said "durka durka" and "jihad" quite a lot, called lots of peoples' mums "ho's" (ho, ho, ho ... your mum's a ho) and told an admin several times that everyone on the server had been shagging his wife.

I feel ashamed.

Anonymous said...


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