Saturday, December 29, 2007

I am sick and tired...

... of the government constantly issuing threats through endless "high-profile"—for which read "massively expensive"—advertising campaigns. It is the kind of bullying, thuggish behaviour that is so beloved of totalitarian states.

And why do such states indulge in these massive wastes of their citizens' money?

Because in totalitarian states, the people do not want to comply voluntarily so they must be threatened and coerced into obeying. NuLabour's endless hectoring adverts are deployed for precisely the same reason: people do not see the need for the current laws and do not wish to obey them.

In other words, despite winning at the ballot box a little while ago, the government has lost the consent, and understanding, of the people for its legislative programme; hence all of the bullying and threats.

It is fucking pathetic behaviour and it is epitomised in the latest load of condescending bullshit from this government.
Immigration Minister Liam Byrne is to celebrate the first wave of the ID card rollout next year with a scary ad campaign threatening employers of illegal immigrants with fines of £10,000 per offence and up to two years in prison.

You see? The only way in which this bunch of fucking clowns can make anyone adhere to the myriad laws that it has enacted is through threats and coercion. And the subject itself is more than suspect anyway, as Chris Strange points out.
It looks like Labour's "British jobs for British workers" programme (now where have I heard that slogan before? Ah yes, its one from the BNP) is going to become reason de jour for the ID cards as well. Government officials wondering around demanding that foreign looking people produce work permits, could make their authoritarian tendencies any more obvious?

Quite so. As the fuckheaded monocular cunt knows very well, he cannot stop EU citizens coming here to work anyway, so what we are really talking about is the restriction of work for those outside of the EU so that jobs that British people don't want to do can be left open... Why?
Not that this is a problem that even needs a solution. If somebody wants to come to this country and work where exactly is the problem? Your average polish worker will have done far more actual good through their work than the people that comprise our political elites. As for Byrne? Perhaps we should introduce him to the historical wonders of the people that he seeks to restrict, such as the Romanians. By slowly impaling him and then leaving the dying corpse as a message that we are not the government's property to be tagged, and numbered, and catalogued for their convenience. The state is our servant not our master.

If only that were so. Alas, the culture of this country has become such that most of the morons who live here have accepted the state's shilling and are now little more than sheep, fed on a diet of celebritards and "reality" wank-shows, who barely comprehend—and are even less interested in—the loss of their freedoms.

As I have pointed out so many times, we are all in hock to the state and must dance to its tune. And the state is not your friend, friend.


Anonymous said...

Immigration has ruined the area I live in and for that reason I shall be voting BNP at the next opportunity. I think you'll find the BNP will be in full agreement with you over the undesirability of id cards. There are better ways of solving the problem of illegal immigration.

One other thing. You seemed to have swallowed the government propaganda that the reason we need to have massive levels of immigration is because British people won't do certain jobs. Not true. Just go to any area that hasn't yet been 'enriched' for evidence. In fact, looking at the Government's own statistics for unemployment by ethnicity maybe the slogan should be 'doing the jobs Pakistani women won't do'? Perhaps they are too busy having an average of 4.7 births. Don't they read the Guardian?

Mark Wadsworth said...

AFAIAA, employers are supposed to ask foreign looking potential employees for a copy of passport and if it's not a UK (or EU one, presumably) they have to ask to see a work permit.

But of course, so as not to offend foreign looking types, they are supposed to ask to see EVERYBODY'S passport.

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