Monday, December 17, 2007

How liberty dies

Via Trixy, here is how freedom and democracy works in the European Parliament. The protest of the MEPs is a stirring moment.

UPDATE: according to YouTube, the video has been removed by the user. That'll teach me to delay ripping it to disk...
UPDATE 2: it's in a new location (and re-posted below). I have now ripped it to disk and am also trying to obtain the original to back-up.

Of course, you won't see any of this on the official Parliament TV broadcast and they tried to stop the above film too.
Someone who also 'did a Titley' was one of the British Conservatives colleagues, Jose Pomes Ruiz, who decided in his wisdom to drag my friend out of the chamber, throw her in a cordoned off area outside the hemicycle and refuse to let her go unless she handed over her footage of the protest. Luckily, she's made of tougher stuff than some Spanish wanker with a chip on his shoulder about democracy (and she didn't want to appear weak next to me who was attacked by 5 people in the European Parliament for protesting!) and I am shortly to receive the YouTube link with the footage of the event, thus sticking two fingers up to the lazy broadcasters who can't be bothered to show it to the British people. Needless to say, it will be on Shoes as soon as I have it.

So, there we go. Charter of Fundamental Rights which, make no mistake, WILL be law in the UK, has been signed by two Portuguese Kilroy lookalikes and a German with no more grasp of democracy than a communist. So it's quite important, and yet you wouldn't know it...

Welcome to freedom and democracy—EU style...

UPDATE: a commenter has left the following...
I have spent some time looking at the BBC news website, and Mark Mardell in particular, for this story, and have not seen anything about it.

This is, of course, quite correct. Despite the fact that there were BBC journalists there, in the EP at the time that this was happening, I have seen nothing on the BBc website about the protest. I may, of course, have missed it.

But the BBC has been maintaining a very strong policy of not quoting anyone from UKIP for the last few months. It is a corrupt organisation which should be removed from state control—and state funding—forthwith.


Roger Thornhill said...

MSM scumbags for not showing this.

EU parasites, Authoritarian lowlife in all their pomposity need to have their pretence cast aside and the utter bankrupcy of their ideology exposed.

If I had a placard right then and someone tried to take it, the temptation to bite their face off would be phenomenal.

Anonymous said...

Roger Thornhill - Seconded.

Anonymous said...

Utter fucking bastards!! this will all end in tears lots of people will die and chaos will once again consume Europe and who will stop it this time? we cant,the USA? do they care?,Russia thats scary.
How did we get here?

Mulligan said...

You can be sure of one thing, if Iberian Politicians are in favour of something then it is rotten, and corrupt, to the core.

laurence said...

I read Nigel Farage's account of the protest, and the behaviour of some of the MEP's in response, not to mention the attempt to suppress media coverage. Or the extraordinary absence of any mention of this historic moment in the British media that I am aware of.
Valiant but futile attempts at democratic protest aside, exactly WHAT are we going to do to resist EU slavery now? Since democratic dissent is no longer to be permitted by our European masters, what are the alternatives?
Practical suggestions, please.

JustAnotherEUSerf (formerly Mr. Hughes)

Anonymous said...

I have spent some time looking at the BBC news website, and Mark Mardell in particular, for this story, and have not seen anything about it.

Ralf Grahn said...

Certainly there is enough loutish behaviour around, without reporting every instance.

Most Europeans see the legally binding EU Charter of fundamental rights as an improvement, and they feel sorry for the two nations whose leaders have made their people second class citizens by opting out.

It was the joint proclamation of the Charter, which was the real event, despite the hooligans.

Perhaps the BBC reporters were ashamed of their countrymen?

Beckett said...

The draconian measures taken in the EU Parliament to squelch free speech and to bypass a referendum to pass a constitution is less than democratic to say the least. The Spaniard who chased the video taper of the protest on 12/12/07 quite possibly could be a reincarnation of General Franco, or some fanatic totalitarian Opus Dei member. I must say that it is time to abort this abberation called the EU and to return Europe to the people. The EU bureaucrats seek to consolidate power, resources, and riches for themselves - a re-emergence of Rome in some perverse way. The will of the people will never be suppressed, and if suppression of liberty and freedom is tolerated now, open war will be upon us tomorrow to re-establish things as they should be. The time has come to return to healthy, moderate nationalism with the addition of intra-continental free-trade. It is time for Europe to shake off the shackles of the EU before all is lost and the Jihadists exploit our weakness for their gain!!!!

Tomrat said...

The video is gone? What gives?

Devil's Kitchen said...


"Most Europeans see the legally binding EU Charter of fundamental rights as an improvement..."

Really? Have you asked them? Because their politicians haven't and that, you see, is rather the point.


Mark Wadsworth said...

To be fair, Nigel Farage was on QT a couple of weeks ago, and he got a precious few seconds on the evening news a couple of days ago.

Anonymous said...

Grahnlaw, Which Europeans are those then that welcome anything the Eu has to offer?
Klien Verzet over on his site is telling a very different story to the one you seem to have swallowed.
The disgust across Europe at this anti democratic EU-SSR is exactly echoed by the majority of UK and European citizens.

Anonymous said...

Join Le-Resistance

Join THE FEW at La Resistance! Soon to become the Many.

Cry Conscience! Cry Freedom! Cry Enough!

Anonymous said...

Nigal Farage MEP a guest last week on talksports James Whale show.
Nigel said...After i witnessed the signing of the constititution. the back slapping that followed with Eu flags all around the ode to joy belting out i feared for my childrens futures at seeing a fascist state rising in Europe.
As klien verzet's blog states.....

BOLLOCKS TO BRUSSELS We're united on that much!

Trixy said...

The BBC were there and were filming it, as were ITV. But clearly it wasn't thought important enough.

Grahnlaw, Why are they hooligans for trying to get democracy? Don't you like democracy? Do you just let yourself be walked all over, or is it just that you love the EU and don't want other people to have their say because they don't agree with you?

laurence said...

Who is this 'Grahnlaw' person? Eurofanatics like that never cease to amaze me - not only are they apparently unable to see the gross affront to any concept of democracy, justice and accountability represented by the EU, or the utterly corrupt and dishonest way that the EU and our elected so-called representatives have proceeded in this matter, but they actually seem to delight in their own enslavement, and rush to lick the jackboot which is grinding them, and us, down. It's beyond belief! As for 'hooliganism' - manhandling females during a legitimate democratic protest is what *I* call hooliganism.
People like Grahnlaw are the sort who would have quite complacently gone along with the Nazis - not only that, but rejoiced in their insane megalomaniac vision. I hate and despise him and all his kind.

Gawain Towler said...

I was with the BBC team in Strasbourg at the time when this was happening. This is not the fault of the journalists, this is an editorial issue. They (the journalists on site) were all utterly convinced that something wrong and important was happening - that is the Parliament's own censorship of the the event.

Anonymous said...

I for one am getting to the point where I'd rather go to jail permanently (with all the free playstations and drugs they seem to have in there) than continue to fund this corrupt eu-friendly socialist propaganda organization known as the bbc.. Who's with me?


Anonymous said...

I don't have a TV licence. But then I don't watch TV either, so it's legal.

Both are bonuses. Why support the BBC? Rebel, don't pay and don't watch

Roger Thornhill said...

I would not be surprised if "Grahnlaw" is somehow part of the State apparatus.

To those in the machine, the EU means more jobs and bigger ponds to swim in even further away from any true accountability to the taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

mitch said...
"Utter fucking bastards!! this will all end in tears lots of people will die and chaos will once again consume Europe and who will stop it this time? we cant,the USA? do they care?,Russia thats scary.
How did we get here?"

I must say that I agree with Mitch. They are sodding bastards!!! I saw this coming many years ago...soon after Maastricht. But I am a mere student of history and I have no influence - I am not a pundit.

I do disagree that Europeans are powerless to change the outrage that is the EU-SSR. Europe cannot trust the likes of Putin and the Russian Federation. However, peaceful protests need to be coordinated to force the media to see the un-democratic, ruinous path the EU is taking Europe down. Grass roots level organizations need to develop strategies to take on the EU abomination. Cable Channels like FoxNews in the USA would be able to show a balanced view of the problems. CNN and the networks are tools of the NWO (New World Order).

How did Europe get to this place??? I firmly believe that it is seductive to want government to have all of the answers for us and to take care of us from the cradle to the grave. When God is devalued, and faith is deconstructed and labeled as something in which poor sods engage, the next best thing to rely upon is government. The problem in this intrusive scheme, is that the government intrudes in the most basic places of our lives. The God-given rights and liberties of man are tampered with by the elite. Soon rights and liberties are considered not fundamental to the human condition, but given to the people by government. When government can grant rights and liberties, the government can also take them away.

And so, soon, an elite ruling class forms and consolidates power by dismissing and trodding upon basic liberties and freedoms that were taken for granted by the people while claiming to know what is best for the common good, rather than trusting in the peopel to make those decisions for themselves. Moreover, the socialist agenda embraces multiculturalism which causes all kinds of social tensions that serves to confuse and enflame the public, keeping the public down and further consolidating power in the name of quelling the tension. Meanwhile, when the social tensions (caused by an inability for minorities to acculturate and assimilate into their host cultures) are confronted by citizens, they are called racist and anti-minority - being further beaten down by an establishment that is set against them...

This New World Order is anti-West. It is insideously deconstructing Western institutions and values, and causing many problems for us. I do not apologize for being of European decent. I am proud of this fact. When I hear historians revise the history of my country to apologize for its creation, I become really angry. This is yet another unscrupulous way the New World Order creates chaos and division.

Given these tactics, Europe's unabashed acceptence of Islamic immigrants is now the greatest threat to Europe next to the EU! Western values and Christianity has been decontructed and dismissed by elites for so long the populace has accepted the anti-West agenda without question. With the problems of the Islamic corridors in Europe being that they do not integrate into the host culture, the valueless and hapless western democracies of Europe are ripe for the picking by Islam. What Islam could not do in Spain and Southeastern Europe over a milennium ago, it is now poised to do - to take Europe.

Now, Your assertion that the United States would not help Europe in a conflict??? I think that is pure rubbish. NO matter what the socialist agenda in the Untied States tends to be (through the modern Democrat Party), the vast majority of US citizens have European backgrounds. The United States is very much tuned into Europe, despite our disagreements over foreign policy in the past decade. However, we are coming to a rapproachment, an easing of tensions. The radical Islamic threat is understood and agreed upon in the west. Our mutual agreement on Iran has been a case in point here.

The fact remains that the West needs to provide for its mutual defense. The structures in place that cause a barrier to our mutual defense are the EU and the United Nations, which with its acceptence of China and Russia as voting members as well as voting members on the Security Council is a joke and viciously anti-west.

Anonymous said...

mitch said...

How did we get here?

Read Bat Ye'or. Here's an article with lots of good links:

Andrew Ian Dodge said...

A Spaniard acting like a how unusual. Good to see a film got out of this appalling event.

Sassy said...

Globally democratic governments are taking steps to control the people, without allowing us to vote or have a voice. They use arms of the state like Human Rights Commissions to silence voices others find offensive under the guise of "Hate or offensive speech". What is happening in Europe is just another stage of control by Socialist Elites who want no seperation of State and it's people. The left also known as Labour, Liberals, Social Conservatives etc. have one goal to enslave the people by getting them hooked on generous social programs alst the while eroding your democratic rights. They use terrorism laws to negate our rights, but we are no threat Islamists are. The left want Islam to rule and christians to be silenced, they believe they can work together to achieve a Socialist/ Communist utopia. Alas the leftards are so stupid, but so are we for voting or trusting them. Political and Radical Islam will never allow non-Muslims to rule them. NEVER. Our countries leaders have become pandering appeasing sniviling Islamist Appeasers, why? For their vote of course and they will allow hundreds of thousands more into your country to ensure they reign supreme for a life time. Your leaders are killing your culture to replace it with nothing, yes nothing. Socialism and Communism have no culture, it spread it's ideology like an STD. It numbs the mind and kills the body and soul of people who consider Democracy as their only choice for freedom. Are leaders are killing democracy can we stop it?

I'm Canadian, it's happening here. Our voices matter not, what matters is the left win at all cost. They silence us calling us "Haters, Racist, Bigots," they call us names to silence us. It's working.

Good luck England, which of us shall become a Victim of Socialist/Communist Leftards first?

Hear the bell ring, that is Democracy's funeral bell. If we don't start fighting for our freedoms the left will come for us next.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


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