Saturday, December 15, 2007

Hooray for Greenpeace!

I know, I bet you thought that you'd never read those words at The Kitchen and, believe me, I never thought that I'd write them. However, there are a number of entities that I loathe more than Greenpeace, and Margot Wallstrom is one of them.
To all Europeans participating in the Greenpeace cyberaction on GMOs:

I have been told that technical problems prevented many of your messages from reaching email addressees in the European Commission.

Which is very convenient, I think you'll agree...
First, I want to assure you that the concerns you expressed through this activity will be passed on to all Commissioners. I appreciate and welcome the interest you show in our work, and encourage you to continue expressing your concerns directly to us.

You must realise however that if you send us thousands of messages our mailboxes will fill up very quickly!

Now, I may be sticking my neck out here, Margot, but I will venture to say that that was the entire point of the exercise, you arse.


Greg said...

PETA, now there's an organisation I despise more than Greenpeace.

Yes, very convenient technical failures and very pedantic comments concerning mass mailing.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Fuck Greenpeace.

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