Monday, December 24, 2007

The Golden Pig Awards

I have been very remiss in advertising this, but BBC Biased are holding the inaugural Golden Pig Awards.
I'm going to float an idea-seeing as our 'snout in the trough' hacks will be back-slapping soon, I though it would be a great idea that BBC-Biased runs our very own GOLDEN PIG AWARDS.

The idea is that on this open post YOU give us your thoughts and ideas on the following:
  • The worst reported NEWS story by the BBC in 2007.

  • The worst reported SPORTS story by the BBC in 2007.

  • The worst talking head of 2007

  • The worst BBC documentry of 2007

  • The worst BBC programme of 2007

  • The worst BBC radio programme of 2007

  • The biggest moonbat on the BBC of 2007

  • The Gordon Brown Award for the biggest waste of Telly Tax 2007

  • And the very special Robert Fisk Award for the worst BBC reporter 2007.

We are also looking for your thoughts on:
  • The best blog of 2007 to add to our blog roll.

  • Your favorite story from BBC Biased

  • Suggestions and comments on ways for improving BBC-B.

  • General rants on the state of the world.

I feel very guilty about not actually reporting on this for, whilst Wat Tyler will be judging the Gordon Brown Award, the organisers have asked your humble Devil to present the very first Robert Fisk Award.

I'm pretty sure that I know which reporter will get the award, but if anyone has someone else in mind, do let me know...


Machiavelli's Understudy said...

It's got to be Marr, hasn't it, seeing as he's totally outfuckingshone Orla Guerin this year.

Fidothedog said...

Worst reporter John Simpson by a fucking mile easy.

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