Saturday, December 29, 2007

A gentle reminder

When the fat, greedy, corrupt turds finally retake their seats in the House of Commons, in the new year, they will be scrutinising the text of the Lisbon Treaty EU Constitution.

At this point, I would like to remind you all that neither our elected nor non-elected representatives have any power to alter one sentence, one word or one iota of this Treaty. In other words, its scrutiny is a complete waste of Parliamentary time because, even if either MPs or Lords do not like a particular clause, there is absolutely less than fuck all that they can do about it.

I would also like to point out that the majority of those on the EU Scrutiny Committee are not exactly sceptical. [Emphasis mine.]
Some of the most recent polls show that up to 40 per cent of the British people say that they would now vote to leave the European Union altogether; that some 80 per cent would vote to leave the European Union if that meant regaining control of our borders; and that 74 per cent favour leaving or forging a looser relationship with Brussels—in effect, continuing in collaboration and free trade with our friends in the EU while departing from the political and bureaucratic constraints of the treaties of Rome. Yet, so far as I know, only one of the 19 proposed Members of your Lordships' Select Committee favours the latter option—returning to free trade while leaving the treaties—and not one publicly espouses either of the other options. Of course I do not pretend to know what every proposed Member feels about the EU, but from what they have said in your Lordships' House it looks as though no fewer than 10 are strongly in favour of the project of European union, and I am afraid that that includes the chairman, who is held in such personal affection by all your Lordships, including me, if he does not mind.

Furthermore—this is an even sorer subject—it looks as though perhaps five Members of the proposed committee receive EU pensions. I refer your Lordships to our debate on 19 July, when I suggested that such pensions should be declared in our debates because they can be forfeited if the holder fails to uphold the interests of the European Union. Whatever one feels about that, I would have thought it particularly difficult for an EU pensioner to support a report to your Lordships' House that might lead to the British people rejecting the proposed new treaty.

With friends like these, who needs enemies...

UPDATE: a number of people have commented on this call for a British-led Anglosphere, but I think that Timmy sums the whole thing up most succinctly.
There’s a simple answer to this:
That raises a painful question. If Australians, Indians, Canadians, and even Americans can recognise the Anglosphere as a new factor in world politics, why is it something from which the Brits themselves shy?

It’s that Brits themselves don’t shy from dealing with the Anglosphere. As the very article itself points out, what creates the thing itself is that we all engage with it. However, the political classes are hesitant to even admit that it exists. There’s been a 50 year "campaign" (not the right word, I don’t mean to imply that everyone involved is consciously working towards this aim, rather that it’s a general assumption) to detach the UK from that Anglosphere, from those cultural links, and attatch the country to Europe.

I would wish that all of these bastards rot in hell, but that would require us to wait until they die: let's hang 'em for treason and have done with it.


Anonymous said...

I've been banging on about the Anglosphere for around two or three years now.

Those interested should read Jim (or he may go by James) Bennett's book, The Anglosphere.

Anonymous said...

The Anglosphere exists without (official UK) government involvement. But it does exist unofficially at junior levels of government.

However UK government 'dependence on the EU' policy has so much inertia it is almost impossible to reverse. All the main parties endorse this policy. No one will stick their neck out within the government machine.

We need to find a way of shocking the government into reverse before we are caught in a catastrophic EU meltdown.

Anonymous said...

In any case, Free Europe Constitution is better than the Lisbon Traity. Vote YES at!

Anonymous said...

Bloody hell - I've never before looked at the composition of the EU Scrutiny Committee in the Lords. It includes Lord (formerly Sir John) Kerr - who was Giscard's right-hand man when he wrote the Constitution. Fucking hell!

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