Saturday, December 29, 2007

Food for thought? A waste of time and money

Yet more environmental bollocks, from yet another unaccountable fuckhead who is spending vast amounts of our cash on her own private crusade.
Liz Goodwin is Britain’s recycler-in-chief, the woman who, as head of WRAP (the Waste & Resources Action Programme), spends £80 million of taxpayers’ money a year on getting us to waste less.

£80 million fucking quid? £80 million of our fucking money? As I have pointed out before, it takes someone on the median wage (£22,326) 44.7 years to earn a million pounds: this patronising fucking bitch is spending 3,576 Median Wage Years (my new unit of cost) every fucking year.
But forget any image you may have of an activist at the barricades: her politics are based on the fundamentals of good housekeeping that she inherited from her mother. She is mild, old-fashioned and somehow very English.

Since when was it "very English" to spend £80 million stolen from other people in order to tell those same people what to do? Well, I suppose that it has come about in the last century, along with the fucking socialists. Fuck off, Liz Goodwin, you thief of money and oxygen.
While most of our homes are now glutted by an excess of paper, bottles and - most of all – food, the house near Oxford is spic and span.

Um... Do you mean that? Or do you mean "spick and span"? Because I am pretty sure that you don't mean "spic" which is, after all, "is a highly offensive ethnic slur used in the United States and occasionally in the United Kingdom for a person from Latin America or of Latino/Hispanic descent, sometimes including Spanish and Brazilian persons." Don't these people have editors?
One in three bags of shopping ends up in landfill, she says, £8 billion worth of it each year, up to £400 a household. “If you think about all the energy that’s gone into producing that food, all the farming, the storage, the distribution, the preparation and then, if it’s wasted, it then goes into landfill and produces methane . . . I think that weekly food waste collection has a big part to play.”

With pilot schemes already going well, within two to three years she is determined to see pails of rotting food routinely collected along with the rubbish, then processed at local plants to generate electricity. She foresees a day when every town will have its own anaerobic digester.

This is, as Timmy points out, where the real lunacy comes in.
But why is this idiocy? Why not do this?

Well, the thing is that food that goes into landfill goes through anaerobic decay to produce that methane. Which is then collected and used to generate energy. The proposal is that we should all have rotting food in our houses, waiting for the weekly collection, have a new and discrete collection system (with all of the associated emissions) and new plants, one in every town, where the food wastes can go through anaerobic decay so that the methane can be collected and used to generate energy.

That is, that we’re going to do what we already do, just in a new and vastly expensive manner, a method with higher, not lower, emissions.

So, it's a completely stupid thing to do. But, after listing a number of common sense but utterly fatuous pieces of advice—that have, remember, cost us £80 million—Liz lets drop some more words of wisdom.
But compel them to get going on these plans? No. People, especially here in Britain, don’t like to to be told what to do, she says.

That, of course, hasn't stopped Ms Goodwin from spending £80 million a year on effectively doing just that.

Fuck off, you twat.


Steve_Roberts said...

If waste recycling was economic, surely we would be paid for waste, rather than having to pay to have it taken away.

Or have I missed something ?

Unknown said...

If they were really so fussed on cutting down waste they'd get supermarkets to cut down on the layers they wrap their products in. It's not like we can reduce the amount we throw away when there's more cardboard and plastic than food.

Devil's Kitchen said...

Well, yes, Vasey; but then they would have to admit that food packaging and labelling is an EU competence and that there is fuck all that our elected government can do about it.


Anonymous said...

Can we stack this rotting food outside her house in the summer? think of the rat racing going on.

James Barlow said...

I like the "Median Wage Years" concept as a relative measure of public expenditure. I think I might pinch that for my blog as well.

What's the Olympic Games costing these days? Must be north of 400,000 MWYs by now.

Anonymous said...

We live in an age where people want pre-packaged food - because they work all day. They do not have the time for food preparation so it is mostly done in factories.

If you look at the packaging in supermarkets the fast moving produce, and indeed most of the produce, is in single layer packs: jars, cans, plastic bags, cartons.

If as a society we want to seriously reduce packaging we must revert to purchasing food loose and in bulk. But this means someone in the home will have to prepare this bulk food for daily meals.

It could be done, but do people really want it? If you do not want to prepare your own food from bulk, please shut up about "excess" packaging.

Mark Wadsworth said...

DK, to be fair, in the paper edition it did say "spick" not "spic".

While I broadly agree, I don't get the obsession with 'rotting food'. Our council gives us a black bin for paper/packaging and unmentionables and a brown bin for food and garden waste, sure, it pongs a bit, but it's no worse than a compost heap. And one week they empty the black bin and the next they empty the brown bin, so it's no more work than it was before.

And I think that it's a good idea to separate waste into "stuff that burns" (for waste incinerators, yippee!) and "stuff that rots" from which you get methane as outlined in the article.

Anonymous said...

If memory serves me correctly, Liz Goodwin is on an annual salary from WRAP of over £200K, or nine median wages in your new unit of cost. The last time I looked at the WRAP website it consisted of little more than recipies for bubble and squeak. The reality is that these people are taking the piss. This woman is being paid the sort of money that most could only dream of and is delivering nothing of value. But how do we sack her or any of the quangocracy? The truth is that we can't, they have formed an unelected dictatorship that passes the jobs between members of their class and extort whatever they wish to from us, the dumb taxpaying schmucks. I humbly suggest Mr. Devil that you have been far too gentle with this woman.

Roger Thornhill said...

I eschew excessive packaging and have done for years and long before the Container and Recycling Action Programme got going.

Can't see why it needs £80m. Just a poster or two advertising a competition handed round art and media colleges to get them to have a go at designing a range of messages.

p.s. I think we seriously need to adopt MWY's.

John A said...

Not as bad, really, as all that - except the message could probably be gotten out for about 12% of that budget.

If her guesstimate of one-third of food being thrown out by the average homeowner is correct, something is very seriously wrong.

For one year's budget, she could buy Prince Chuckles' "organic" farm (is he still having to make the military buy his veggies because consumers with a choice will not?) and start a landfill and icineration plant for several counties. Do this for several years and where's the downside?

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