Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Feel the pain, Hain!

Permatanned South African freak, Peter Hain, is a criminal and a liar...

Yet another Minister, Peter Hain—Labour MP for Neath, Secretary of State for Wales and Secretary of State for Work and Pensions (busy having a crackdown on fraud)—seems to be having a spot of bother with his donations. Who would'a thunk it?

Hain had already admitted to an "administrative" error with one donation and now, as broken by Guido, it seems that there is at least one more dodgy donation.
As broken by Guido here earlier. The obvious questions are
  1. Why didn't he 'fess up last week during his last admitted bout of amnesia?

  2. Why wait until Guido chases his fundraiser?

UPDATE 20.30: For the record Guido made his first phone-call to Huw Roberts at 12.57 today. Guido called repeatedly his office, mobile and home numbers. Huw returned the call around 15.30. The story was up on the blog by 16.07, Joe Carberry, Hain's SpAd, told Guido at around 16.30 that the story was untrue.

Hain released a self-serving statement this evening, just in time for the 6pm news shows, saying he went to see the Electoral Commission "this afternoon". Guido would like to know if this was arranged in advance or was it impromptu? Funny coincidence of timing.

The BBC finally caught up a little later.
Cabinet minister Peter Hain has said more donations to his Labour deputy leadership campaign "were not registered as they should have been".

Mr Hain has already admitted one £5,000 donation was not registered, blaming an "administrative error".

Let's call this "administrative error" what it really is: a criminal act.
He is reviewing all donations and apologised for the "extremely regrettable" events.

Indeed, Peter: it will be extremely regrettable if you have to go to prison. For you, I mean: I will, of course, be laughing like a fucking demon.
In a statement, Work and Pensions and Welsh Secretary Mr Hain said: "In light of recent events I have undertaken a review of all donations to my deputy leadership campaign.

"This afternoon I have been to see the Electoral Commission to inform them that further donations to my campaign were not registered as they should have been."

He said he was preparing "a full declaration" to the Electoral Commission, adding: "This is extremely regrettable and I apologise."

The time for a full declaration, Peter, was at the time that the donations were made, you cheating criminal scum.

Yes, all of this is tawdry and sordid, but it would only be just that one of the most tatty and unpleasant control-freak governments of British history be brought down by something minor and grubby like this. Were they to be defeated by something massive, NuLabour would go down in history and they deserve to be nothing more than a footnote in the history of democracy.

There is, of course, an added irony in that these people are being brought down by laws that they themselves implemented; laws that they introduced in order to screw over their political opposition.

Every time that I am able to pause and catch a breath, something funnier happens. I'm not sure that I can take anymore...


Shug Niggurath said...

There's a pair for your pic...


Mark Wadsworth said...

That Hain poster is awseome, did you do that?

Anonymous said...

The law was designed by Labour to interrupt he flow of funds to their opponents, from Sean Connery to the SNP as well as various donors to the Conservatives. Clearly everything done by the Labour Party has been within the spirit of the law as they were not the intended targets. They would not feel a proper sense of doing wrong. This law was never really blind, as required by our constitution.

BenefitScroungingScum said...

Course he's a liar, he hasn't exactly been truthful about the whole fraud thing. If you look at the official figures done by National Statistics done for DLA 'fraud' the fraud part is only 0.5%. I'd say that's pretty low for any benefit, even if they did feel the need to round their figures up to the nearest £10 million.
The real problem seems to lie in official errors (unsurprisingly) and change in customer circumstances (non fraudulent) ie people so gradually improving, or getting worse over a lengthy period of time they've no way of knowing exactly when to inform the DWP of that change. Many of those will have fluctuating conditions eg MS.

Of course, that's not likely to make the public want to demonise people on disability benefits and allow the govt to ignore the 'can work, won't work' problem.
Bendy Girl

Roger Thornhill said...

wasp: "Clearly everything done by the Labour Party has been within the spirit of the law as they were not the intended targets."

Yeah right, and I've got shares in a Jelly Mine you might be interested in buying.


"Extremely regretable"is an understatement considering the white genocide that he helped to create in south africa,but we hear nothing from him or other scum about how south africa is now on its knees and sliding down the same black hole as rhodesia is,yes twenty thousand murders a year,fifty-five thousand rapes ,is quite an achievement.

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