Monday, December 31, 2007

Evil men

Of course, there is evil and then there's Evil. Found via the ASI Blog Review #462, this article talks about the age at which Iran executes children—at age 9 for girls and age 15 for boys. Could this be true? The author went digging...
I haven't managed to confirm that, but I did find this snippet:
The scenario is worse in case of girl child offenders. In Iran, where Sharia or the Islamic Law, rules, a women cannot be executed if she is a virgin and hence permits legal rape.

And again, from a talk by Lily Mazahery at Harvard last year, speaking here of the execution of 16-year-old Atefeh Rajabi for adultery:
The judge who presided over Atefeh's sham trial and sentenced her to death by public hanging is reported to have raped Atefeh himself before he personally placed the noose around her tiny neck. The so-called justification for such despicable act of savagery is the Sharia legal system, put in place by the Islamic Regime and championed by Mr. Khatemi. Under Sharia law, virgin girls are not allowed to be executed, for their purity might open up the doors of heaven to them. To avoid this, virgin girls, such as Atefeh, who are sentenced to death, are raped before execution to ensure their proper place in hell.

Of course, if she had, in fact, committed adultery then she would not be a virgin; if the judge raped her in order to ensure that she was not, then he must not have believed that she had had sex and therefore she could not be guilty.

If the judge raped her and knew her not to be a virgin, then he was, let's face it, just taking advantage of the fact that he had the power to get a nice, tight shag and he is an utter, utter cunt and should have his cock ripped off with crocodile shears.

Either way, and whatever the truth of the matter, Iran is a place run by twisted Islamist barbarians with all of the decency and honour of a fresh dog turd. In fact, any regime which punishes the raped rather than the rapist is utterly morally bankrupt; the entire place is run by turds, cunts, thieves and bastards of the very first water.

As readers will know, I do not subscribe to the anthropogenic global warming hoax; however, I do think that we should be trying to avoid having to burn oil and the main reason is so that we can let these awful regimes go bankrupt. Right now, we are propping them up through our need to the black stuff and we are al stained with the blood of their victims.


Machiavelli's Understudy said...

It's not just down to us burning the black stuff any more, though. With the massive growth of emerging economies, we're going to have to live with these regimes for a lot longer, it seems, unless we can i) develop a competitive alternative to oil (that's 'oil' and not just 'petrol', for which the margins are amazingly small in the oil business. More money is made in supplying manufacturing and pharmaceuticals etc.) and ii) encourage its growth across the world.

Short of that, I still believe in interventionism as a humanitarian approach to the massive rights abuses against my fellow being.

Anonymous said...

Mohammed (may his miserable soul burn forever in hell) was a murdering, robbing, paedophile, lying cunt, why should we be greatly surprised if his followers are too?

the doctor said...

My preferred option would be to purify the followers of the religion of peace by wafting them with incense . The incense should be encased in 100 10 megaton thermonuclear devices for ease of delivery .

Anonymous said...

Iran, as is the case with most theocratic states, is a morally bankrupt sociopathic (sic) state. Dealing with Iran is a whole different matter. Economic sanctions are viable but then you have states like India, a so called secular but as the BJP years have shown us, a rather hindu zealot militant state, is happily forging gas pipe plans. The only solution is to decriminalize the status of Iranian nationals, fund Islamic modernist movements as opposed to just opposition parties with their own intents. We dont need another Musharaff on our hands, but rather a more grassroots movement. and sure we wont see results till 20 years but the fact of the matter is 20 years is just a speck and a generation in the long discourse of history.

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