Monday, December 03, 2007

Europe united

A number of people have emailed me, protesting about this Samsung Mobile-sponsored video, Europe United. It features a number of people, in ten EU countries, dancing on the street.

I was willing to get all het up about it, but then I watched the video. Every single person looks like a total tool. This is not Europe united in joy and laughter under a benevolent EU; this is Europe united in uncool.

The message seems to be: if Europe is united, you have to dance like a prick. As such, I am not annoyed, just amused (and slightly sorry for the poor bastards caught "dancing" on video).

I diskard it uterly.


Anonymous said...

Geez, it wasn't a totally wasted video.

Some of the babes were quite cute; I'd do 'em.

ThunderDragon said...

Those were the sort of dances that would be embarrassing enough to do in a dark club whilst pissed, let alone in the daytime and in front of a camera!

Dan said...

Yeah, that was not a good video. How did they screw that up so consumately?

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