Monday, December 03, 2007

DVLA selling your data

We shouldn't worry too much about the government losing our data; after all, they are already selling it, as Dizzy pointed out back in January. That information was brought to light in the answer to a written question from Andrew Pelling to Stephen Ladyboyman. But perhaps you would be interested to know how much they sell your data for?
Pelling's question asked for detailed number of how often the DVLA charged thrid parties for the data, and Stephen Ladyman said, "The DVLA does not collate the number of such transactions." This is simply not true. The DVLA does collate the number of transactions it carries out.

Well, that's a relief, and also not a surprise; the idea that a government department did not monitor its revenue at all is absolutely fucking ridiculous.
In figures released [PDF] under the Freedom of Information Act the DVLA has said that it actioned 1,264,284 request in 2005/06; 1,343,903 requests in 2006/07 and between April and August this year had actioned 651,957 requests for information from third parties which it then charged for. The charge is £2.50 per enquiry.

It is easy to forget that, for politicians, lying is almost a reflex action. But, nonetheless, it is worth stating, for the record, that Stephen Ladyboyman is a liar.


Anonymous said...

DVLA and the Department for (!) Transport are always trying to get money.
So why dont they charge foreign trucks for the use of our roads when they`re here ?

Roger Thornhill said...

As part of my identity thoughts I proposed that if any entity held our personal data, we would get a report each time it was used, much as we get a credit card statement. Such an arrangement would expose when and to whom the DVLA released the data.

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