Monday, December 31, 2007

DK wishes a Happy New Year to some...

... and an awful, miserable, disastrous new year to others. You'll know who they are by now but, to spell it out, I'll quote Jackart's merry message.
Tacitus described the Britons (for 'tis an older description than "English") as a hard drinking people, yet he compares the liberty they once enjoyed to the oppression of Rome.
solitudinem faciunt, pacem appellant.*

Nothing has changed, and despite the exhortations, I urge you to go out and drink more than the one and a half glasses of wine that our New Labour masters deem acceptable. We are not soft, moderate wine-drinking southern Europeans who'd rather allow their lords to decide what is civilised; we are pugnacious northern Europeans schooled in individual liberty for two and a half millennia. Though our European masters may think that they're better than us, we know who's right. Most of us will drink far more than is prudent tonight. Why? Because it's fun, and we know it is! So stick two fingers in the air in the General Direction of that joyless fucker, Brown as he broods in his bunker with his health-fascist puritan myrmidons as they drink their festive glass of babycham, and shout
idque apud imperitos humanitas vocabatur, cum pars servitutis esset**

Try and avoid throwing up, which is uncivilised, the only excuse for which is being 14 and still working out how much you can take, but revel the night away, safe in the knowledge that the scientific advice on safe drinking levels was plucked out of thin air, by some bloodless wimp who cannot hold his beer. A good piss-up once in a while does you no harm.

Indeed. Have a good one!

*They create a Desert and call it 'peace'

Because they didn't know better, they called it 'civilization,' when it was part of their slavery


Mike Power said...

And a Happy 2008 to you too!

Me said...

Bless your infernal eyebrows. I look forward to reading you all through 2008.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, DK!

Thank you for an entertaining 2007 - may 2008 bring you much brimstone!

Shades said...

Happy New Year- I'm on my second glass of wine so can be classed as an irresponsible drinker.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, DK, for this blog - a high speed highway of sense and freedom through the thicket of the Soviet socialism/EUSSRism the British government intends to package our ancient country into and deliver to "Europe" - whatever that is.

My wish for the New Year is a landslide of bad luck for the communists running Britain. (I think we're the last communist nation in the world now that China and the whole of Latin America has gone enthusiastically capitalist - save Venezuela. May all Brown's projects fail and be a cause of innocent merriment. Gordon Brown has made a good start as an object of fun and contumely. Whenever he appears on a stage anywhere, they should play Colonel Bogey.)

May the BBC crash and burn of its own accord. May more and more people simply forget to pay their Danegeld. And may these lapses of memory gather steam.

May a Republican get into the White House. I don't care who. It doesn't have to be another giant like Reagan. It could be Paris Hilton. Anything's better than a Democrat.

Felix Año Nuevo! Bonne Anée! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Davide Simonetti said...

Hmm, it seems I followed your advice before reading your post, and jolly good fun it was too.

Happy new year!

Old BE said...

Happy new year to you DK, keep up the excellent work in 2008.

Anonymous said...

There's a piece in The Times by Matt Rudd today on drinking, and how he tested himself to the limits.

Not a bad piece, except he doesn't seem to take exception to this rackety, ramshackle government getting up on its hind feet to tell Britons what their drinking levels should be.

But, oh, my! The comments in the Comments section! What a bunch of self-righteous, gullible, judgemental, prudish killjoys. It seems most people think it's the government's business to dictate how much people drink in private, which boggles the libertarian mind. Some of the commenters even knew how many "units" they drink a week. How tragic is that?

Never mind that it is now commonly known that these figures put about by the government were random and based on absolutely nothing. Even if the figures were genuine, ideally, it's not the government's business.

I say ideally because, obviously, as long as there's an NHS, impertinent government interference in private lives can be ascribed to being prudent guardians of the public purse.

One more reason to dump the NHS or open NI contributions up to competition from private healthcare insurers.

Devil's Kitchen said...

Yes, I read that Matt Rudd article; quite interesting, really.

Personally, I drink around 60–70 units in a normal week.

"But, oh, my! The comments in the Comments section! What a bunch of self-righteous, gullible, judgemental, prudish killjoys."

Welcome to New Britain...


Devil's Kitchen said...

P.S. Thanks for all your New Year wishes: the very best to all my readers, commenters, lurkers and contributors.


Anonymous said...

Re the Matt Rudd piece - all those commenters shocked that he had drunk so "much" (not really much) and who believe its the business of the government to dictate private behaviour are the same people who believe in "man made global warming".

As they say: there's a sucker born every minute. Many of them in Britain.

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