Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The difference between men and women...

... sweeping generalisation #1.

When women are feeling a bit stressed or down or anxious, they tend to buy chocolate, or a dress. Or shoes.

Whereas I, for example, buy an extra 2GB of RAM for my Mac Pro (£82 from Crucial).

So, time taken to install it?
  1. I click Shut Down on my Mac as the clock flicks to 10.55 am. The Mac duly shuts down.

  2. I take the side door off, and then pull out the lower RAM riser board (Mac Pro RAM needs to be installed in matched pairs, by the way).

  3. With the riser board on my desk, I unwrap the (heat-sink equipped!) RAM chips from their anti-static packaging, and pop them into the slots.

  4. I then reinsert the riser board into the Mac and replace the side door.

  5. I take a breath, and then press the power button.

  6. Mac starts up and I have my email and browser windows open as the clock flicks to 11.00 am.

  7. I run a check and the Mac is seeing all 5GB of RAM. Hoorah!

That's pretty darn speedy, you have to admit.

And yes, I am a hardware geek. Or, at least, I am a good-looking-hardware geek. And a good-looking hardware geek...


Angry Steve said...

Xeons though? It makes me weep. As much as i am not a fan of Macs, they at least had some class when there was an IBM Power chip in there...

Me, I'll stick to a nice Sun Ultra 60 on my desk.

Devil's Kitchen said...

Very true: the switch to Intel caused much wailing and knashing of teeth in the Mac community.

But the simple fact is that AIM were simply not making progress on the chips. They were very, very hot -- the G4 fans were so huge that one iteration of G4 PowerMacs were known as "wind-tunnel Macs", they never managed to get a G5 into a laptop and the dual 2.5GHz G5 PowerMac had its own liquid cooling system for fuck's sake. Cool though that is, it's not very practical -- and making no progress on headline clock speed.

Further, they couldn't get the chips out of the door fast enough, and were thus causing massive inventory problems for Apple.

The fact is that IBM and Motorola simply didn't keep their eye on the ball; they assumed that, no matter how shit they were, Apple would never switch to Intel architecture.

They were wrong.


Surreptitious Evil said...

What the hell (<- I know, 'tis bad pun day) are you doing that needs 5GB? Or was it just a toy?

Mind you, my firewall is complaining that it only has 64MB of RAM ...

Devil's Kitchen said...

Print files in Photoshop, S-E. I create most of my stuff, including the Devil Tarot, at 300dpi and A3+ for flexibility. That means that many of my files are over 5GB...

Although PS can only use 3.5GB directly, if you have more it uses RAM as scratch space (rather than a hard drive) and is thus faster.

Besides, I can keep far more applications open too.

As they say, you can never have too much luck, too much money or too much RAM!


Roberto Brian Sarrionandia said...

Thank goodness Photoshop writes efficient Postscript otherwise you'd be waiting for weeks by your printer!

How is this process different to any other (competent) OS? It's the same process for Linux.
Does Windows need drivers or something?

Anonymous said...

No, it's identical for Windows. Not sure what the crowing is about.

Devil's Kitchen said...

Just for once, I wasn't actually bashing Windows. I was merely pointing out the pleasure that I get in techy stuff and, as it happens, I happen to have Macs.

No anti-Windows point being made.

I was making a point that the Mac Pro is particularly swift and easy to upgrade because even the insides are nicely designed, but that is a point over other Macs as well as most standard boxes.


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