Thursday, December 20, 2007

Desktop Tag

I've been tagged by Shane and his Desktop meme.
I've been tagged in a few memes and have finally decided to start one of my own. But what should the meme be about? Simple, what does a blogger's desktop look like.

So, what does your humble Devil's desktop look like? Well, I've never been a fan of bright, overpowering desktop pictures; this is partly because Apple's OS lets you see the desktop behind application windows by default (incidentally, this difference is one of the reasons that I dislike Windows: I find it... um... claustrophobic not being able to see the desktop).

Add to that the fact that I am both vain and proud of a few pieces of my artwork, and it is inevitable that a piece by me should be my desktop image. As it happens, it is a faded version of Last Chapter of Dreaming.

For those of you wondering about the grey borders, rather than minimise all of the windows that I had open, I used Apple's F11 Exposé to zip them to the edge of the screen.

I need to tag some vaguely technically literate bloggers and I suppose that I must do so. Therefore, I shall tag the following:

Have fun with it, oooh yes. And for Mac OS X, you press Cmd-Shift-3 to take a screen-shot; for Windows... Well, I haven't a clue, I'm afraid.


RfS said...

Ctrl-"Prnt Scrn" on my Dell laptop.

Anonymous said...

"PrintScreen" button alone is enough to do it. That's a whole two less keystrokes than a mac.

Not a sheep said...

I thought the Mac OS was meant to be more user friendly than Windows.

Now which is more intuitive, "Cmd-Shift-3" or "Print Screen"?

Anonymous said...

Ah, that F11 trick is rather impressive. Unfortunately F9 and F10 just brighten my screen. I think I will be browsing the help section tonight±

John Trenchard said...

window key + drag left mouse = i can take a snapshot of any part of my desktop.

like so:

John Trenchard said...

linky here

Mac the Knife said...
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