Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas, post

Your humble Devil survived Christmas with the paternal parental unit and is now happy to be ensconced once more in the Hell Pit. Christmas dinner was excellent and reminded me of this Samizdata post about multi-birds.
Alec Muffet, redoubtable trencherman that he is despite his dainty frame, pointed me at this splendiferous expression of the manifest superiority of western civilisation:
Multi-bird roasts, where different types of bird are stuffed inside a larger one, have become the thing to carve this year - and the more birds involved the better. One of the top-sellers is the Waitrose four-bird roast: guinea fowl, duck and turkey breast stuffed inside a goose.

For it was this delicacy that we indulged in for our Christmas roast, and thoroughly delicious it was too; why roast only one lovely, tasty bird when you can have four, eh? But it seems that not everybody agrees.
However after reading the comments attached to this Daily Mail article decrying the practice, I could see my enthusiasm was not shared by all. The best comment and a real contender for the Samizdata Pig's Head on a Spike Award for Thigh Slapping Hilarity was:
See, it's because of madness like this that the terrorists hate us
—Marcus, Northampton, UK

No, Marcus, it's because of priggish, finger-wagging, fun-destroying cunts like you that these terrorists think that they can win, you destroyer of joy. Go fuck yourself...
The man is either a sage-like wag of the very highest order or a deranged Imam in need of an extended holiday in a certain part of Cuba... and an honourable mention also goes out for:
These graceful animals were alive and living a short while ago. Go veggie this Cristmas and let more of gods creatures experience what you do ...Life
—James Mills, Nottingham

For fuck's sake, if you are going to take no joy in life, what the hell are you living for? But let us all hope that James Mills enjoyed his mung bean roast, the miserable bastard.

Anyway, the four birds in one were absolutely lovely and, I must say, your humble Devil felt decadent in the extreme and that, my friends, is the spirit of Christmas. It's not excess, or crass commercialism, or drunkenness: Christmas (and, before that, Saturnalia) is about decadent indulgence. And good port.

Long may it continue.

P.S. Your humble Devil's breakfast this morning consists of pink Champagne and quail's eggs (with the oh-so-essential celery salt).


Anonymous said...

I'll tell you why the sodding terrorists hate us: it's because of my mother-in-law. If someone would only waste the old bag, there'd be peace in our time.

And even if it didn't work, there'd be peace in my time.

So there you have it.

Shoot the warty old harridan and give peace a chance.

Ms Robinson said...

Re breakfast: But you weren't fed by a fair maiden who also proceeded to give you the most storming sex of your life, Devil? Or were you?

Devil's Kitchen said...

Unfortunately not, Ms R; there is very little storming sex in this humble Devil's life at present (I've not been trying recently).

Plus, it seems that one cannot have everything; the last time that happened, the breakfast itself was in the slightly more prosaic bacon sandwiches.


Ms Robinson said...

Ms R totally understands. In fact she feels that often food is wasted when one is in delicious company.

Ms R never tries. She prefers serendipity. You get just as fucked up in the end but you start off in the clouds at least.

Devil's Kitchen said...

Quite so. I can't say that I have ever been "out on the pull" but there are times when I am more receptive to such situations than others.

Now happens not to be one of those times.


Ms Robinson said...

I share your sentiments at this time Mr Devil.

Ms R.

Surreptitious Evil said...


Sorry. It just really pisses me off. It is not the quality of or the complexity of the dish that makes a meal abhorrent (even if you subscribe to the maternalistic simplest economics of "there are children starving in Africa who would love your sprouts"). It is the waste (i.e. left-overs thrown away rather than used.) - For those interested, the more complex economics would be to compare the collection, processing and transportation costs of sending the food elsewhere to the costs of providing fresh food local to the need. Never mind the moral ickies with hand-me-downs. So DK's Christmas dinner was probably more, if you care about this sort of thing, "environmentally friendly" than ours, where the monster-in-law ordered too large a turkey and was then delivered one several sizes larger still. Hence some turkey sandwiches and much waste.

Same issues as with most recycling - resources are limited therefore re-use (ideally) or recycling (only if you cannot re-use) are, in principle, good ideas. But money is, itself, a resource (opportunity cost) - therefore not all reuse or recycling is appropriate (with current technology).

Same issues with killing animals for sport. Shooting is not a perfectly safe way of killing the animal quickly and painlessly, although it compares excellently to halal. However, killing "just for fun" is rare - the animals or birds normally end up as food. Very expensive food in many cases. Hence you are getting maximal economic value out of a scarce (or difficult to rear - which may be the same thing) resource.

And I hope the other git choked on his nut roast.

Anonymous said...

Didn't the rag heads start this one with a camel and working down possibly ending at a mouse with a bug in its ass.

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