Monday, December 10, 2007

The beers are on Twenty

Via Mike Power, it seems there's been a robbery.
With the Christmas party season getting into gear it's boom time for Guinness - but one crafty criminal decided to help himself to some of their festive spirit.
The sneaky thief drove a truck into the Guinness Brewery on Dublin's Victoria Quay on Wednesday and made off with a trailer full of booze.

Local police say the villain drove away with 180 kegs of Guinness, 180 kegs of Budweiser and 90 kegs of Carlsberg worth an estimated £45,000.

The 450 kegs contain around 40,000 pints.

Dimwitted quote of the week goes to Grainne Mackin (is that a made-up name?). [Emphasis mine.]
Grainne Mackin, spokeswoman for Guinness's owners Diageo Ireland, said it is the first time such a robbery has taken place on the company's premises.

"What could they possibly want with all that beer?"

I really can't imagine. However, were I the Gardai, I know where I'd start looking for it...


El Draque said...

It's not the first time. The road tankers that fill up the huge containers at clubs hold 6,000 gallons of Guinness. Back in about 1970 one of these was stolen and found weeks later by a roadside, empty.
Then the records were checked and it was found that it had been taken back into a depot and refilled. Twice.

DocBud said...

Why would you want 180 kegs of US gnats' pis?

bungle worker said...

Anonymous said...


Martin said...


'Grainne' is the Irish translation of 'Grace' - which unfortunately means I'd never be able to give it to a daughter of mine - and 'Mackin', or 'Macken', is a not uncommon Irish surname; there 8used to be a famous showjumper called Eddie Macken

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