Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Alice in Nightmareland

As I've mentioned before, I do not play computer games very often However, one of my favourite of the few that I do play is American McGee's Alice.

Although Alice is a fairly standard platform game, the incredible, beautiful, stunningly creepy artwork and Chris Vrenna's spooky soundscape elevate it from a mere game to something akin to a piece of animated art.

And now I find that it is being made into a film. It is the kind of film that would have benefitted from the talents of Dave McKean—my very favourite artist and obvious influence on much of my work—as brought to bear so beautifully on Mirrormask.

Alice will probably be absolute horseshit, but I very much hope that it might live up to the potential of the game...


FlipC said...

I agree Alice as a game wasn't the best in the world, but in terms of atmosphere was cracking.

A movie sounds like it could be good, but Sarah Michelle Gellar as Alice? I don't know.

Henry North London 2.0 said...

I prefer scrabulous Much easier

Thomas Gordon said...

Give me Doom or Halo or even better Total war.

Its not the first time that somebody from NIN has been involved in the computer game industry

Mr Reznor did the soundtrack for Quake 2-all very Throbbing Gristle/machine noises.

Anonymous said...

They could turn Grand Theft Auto into a film. With girls, car chases, drugs and money.

Oh, hang on. Thats all American films.

Anonymous said...

Something is wrong with our Government.


John Trenchard said...

completely ot. this has to get the 2007 award for "Not telling us anything because we're very politically correct" :


i've re-read it about 3 times now and i'm none the wiser. there's actually no information whatsoever in that story that is of any practical, real, use to parents. and it smells of P.C. - as if they are hiding something. which makes it even worse.

John Trenchard said...

british patriot -> with all due respect, are you really aware of the consequences of Ron Paul presidency.

How do you think Britain will fare when the U.S. nuclear umbrella is removed. For example.

The PaulPods seem to have this other worldly sense of reality and seem to think that we can turn the clock back to 1776 without any consequences to the security of the United States and the free world.

However, they are utterly deluded. And barking mad.

Deadbeat Dad said...

DK, your description of this reminds me of Jordan Mechner's captivating Prince of Persia, which established the Mac as a serious gaming platform in the early 90s. While only 2D, it was beautifully scripted and designed, with superb gameplay and atmospherics - hence its incredible longevity.

And PoP - The Movie is due in 2009, apparently.

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