Monday, December 24, 2007

8 4 2008

Iain has tagged me with an Eight for 2008—or maybe 8 4 2008?—meme and so here eight things that I'd like to see in 2008...
  1. Mike and myself pull together all of the projects that we want to do, and for them to be as successful as we think they should be (and, consequently, to make enough money to keep me in the style to which I'd like to become accustomed).

  2. I produce at least five pieces of artwork that I still like 3 months after I've done them.

  3. I end up in a relationship with the person I want to be with.

  4. My brother has a hit single, because he fucking well deserves one (and there's altogether too much unremarkable music around at the moment).

  5. Harriet Harman, Jack Dromey, Peter Hain and Wendy Alexander all end up in jail for taking illegal donations or are, at the very least, forced to resign their seats.

  6. Gordon Brown is found hanging in his own home with a note around his neck apologising for the fuck-up that he's made of the economy and imploring people to piss on his grave, "because it's only what I deserve."

  7. Apple shares do as well as they have this year and more than double in price, this time to at least $400 per share.

  8. The Devil's Kitchen doubles its readership again.

Will that do?

Right, I need to tag another five bloggers, so I'll go for Jackart, The Nameless One, the poor little Greek boy, Shane Greer (revenge!) and Elaib.


Fidothedog said...

I so love number 8. Oh if only he would do the decent thing.

A pistol and a bottle of whisky, although knowing cyclops he would fuck it up big time and no doubt shoot three other people before blowing out his good eye and failing to kill himself.

Anonymous said...

Any chance 2008 can see the end of self-regarding bloggers tagging one another as though readers regard it as interesting?

Your point no. 2 - why do you use the clunky, provincial American term "artwork" when you mean art?

I don't want Harman et Cie just to have to resign their seats. I want them imprisoned, because then that is on their record for the rest of their lives and they will be banned from entering the United States. How humiliating for someone with such lofty self-regard. Not an acceptable shopper.

Point No. 6 - I am conflicted here. I think I would prefer Gordon Brown humiliated which, to an individual with such a grotesque ego would be worse. I don't know whether he's done anything illegal, but if he has, I would like to see him in prison, sharing a cell with an old lag who keeps saying, day after day, "Oi! Doan I know you from somewhere? Was you with Shorty Tall on that Wapham heist back in '92? Wot chew in for this time then?" Or arrested for something in the US. That would be good!

Or, an appalling and humiliating electoral defeat, and I think we have a chance of seeing this happen. A campaign so hopeless that even Tony Blair refuses to go in front of a TV camera on his behalf.

Devil's Kitchen said...

"Your point no. 2 - why do you use the clunky, provincial American term "artwork" when you mean art?"

Because I mean it with regard to different media; I might create a really nice piece of art, that is deployed on a poster and on a flyer -- on the flyer it looks much better than on the poster, for instance. I regard the image as the "art" but the poster and flyer as "pieces of artwork", if you see what I mean.

In other words, they are discrete subsets of the original art.


Anonymous said...

OK. Point granted. It always used to irritate me in the US to hear people saying they'd been to a gallery opening the previous evening with really interesting artworks. Or the museum in the city I lived was hosting a travelling exhibition of the artworks of so-and-so. In fact, it made me want to pound my head against the wall.

As long as you were using it as two discrete subset definitions, I'm not bovvered.

Mark Wadsworth said...

5. and 6. will do me fine!

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