Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Weblog Awards and a desperate man

On Friday—four days ago—I pointed out that I was a finalist in the Weblog Awards 2007 and asked that people vote for me if they so wished. It is always nice to win, or at least to do respectably, but I have always felt, dear readers, that too much urging would be a tax on your patience and also that it would be... well... not quite the done thing.

After being, at one point, in second place, your humble Devil has now slipped to sixth. No matter: as Prodicus points out, the first placed blog is one about z-list (mainly female) celebrities which just tells you something, eh?

However, one can't help thinking that Neil Clark is really trying a little too hard. His first post urging people to vote for him was on Saturday, and is followed by three updates.

His second is on Sunday
and is once more followed by three urgent updated pleas to vote.

His third begging post appears on Monday and has yet another three updates attached, with the latest being posted this afternoon.

Am I the only one that thinks that his urgency is a little... well... undignified? Especially as his main reason for getting people to vote for him seems to be that no one who is pro-war should win. One might have thought that—were he so desperate—he might have extolled the virtues of his own writing: after all, casting your vote for someone merely because they don't hold such and such a view is a bit of a negative reason, no?

Neil Clark, by the way, describes himself thusly.
I am a 41 year old journalist and writer, based in the U.K. I am a regular contributor to The Guardian, The Australian, The First Post, Morning Star, New Statesman, The Spectator, R.F.O. and Daily Express. My work has also appeared in The Fleet Street Letter, Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, The Times and in publications as diverse as The American Conservative, Pravda and The Racing Post.

I am strongly opposed to the neo-conservative war agenda - and believe in the urgent necessity of a left-right anti-war coalition. On domestic issues I support renationalisation of the railways and public utilities, a new top rate of income tax on the very wealthy, free care for the elderly, a free National Health Service including the restoration of NHS dentistry, protection of the Green Belt and the countryside, restoration of capital punishment and the reversal of the draconian and illiberal ban on smoking in public places.

Well, I generally agree about the smoking but renationalisation of the public utilities? Does he actually remember what they used to be like, for fuck's sake? And since he opposes the "draconian and illiberal ban on smoking", it is only natural that Neil support the entirely undraconian state-theft of utility companies and utterly liberal formation of state monopolies, eh? Yeah, that's consistent, Neil, you fuckwit.

Neil Clark: total fucktard and desperate vote-whore.


Anonymous said...

Having voted for the Kitchen a couple of times, I am now wondering if it might be sensible to pool votes behind the most successful, non-vacuous celebrity football candidates (which appear to be EU Referendum and Iain as I write) simply to try and oust the current most popular. There seems to be a real division of loyalty amongst the political blogs, which can't be conducive to getting a decent winner.

Then again this analogy can be stretched too far and applied to tactical voting in general - and look where that gets us.

chris said...

He's for capital punishment, but calls the smoking ban draconian and illiberal, I wonder what it is that he is smoking? ('cos I want some).

Blognor Regis said...

which just tells you something, eh?

Steady on misanthrope ;-)

Well I voted for her because most everyone else there is a twat. Esp Iain Bleedin' Dale.

The Poet Laura-eate said...

Presumably the polls are open until midnight on Thursday?

Prodicus said...

Have blogged. Sorry, DK, but sometimes one has to do the tactically necessary in furtherance of a higher cause.

Anonymous said...

arent the votes only in the hundreds anyway? Too easy to skew the result which means absolutely nothing.


Good post. What I found more insightful was his lame and nasty comment over at James's site today.

All this guy needs is a monobrow and half chomped cigar end sticking out of the corner of his mouth ,to complete the picture.

Ken said...

That was me, and I am not Neil. Try to get it right.

OK, it being 11.00pm in Mexico City I am having a wander around the blogs. Hmm, not much competition here is there?

I remember what the nationalised industries were like and I remmeber when the middle class dog shit knew its place. Read this.

Life was just fine for me and mine.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to vote AGAINST you, since I gather you have written to a friend of mine, quite unprovoked, to say I "wasn't a victim" of a certain notorious cyberstalker.

How would you know? I mean, is getting death threats not harrassment? I have never spoken to you in my life, what right do you think you have pestering friends about me?

Devil's Kitchen said...


I have said nothing of the kind. Since I don't know who you are, or who your friends are, I find that story a little weird.

And if you are referring to FJL, I wrote very little about her; she holds no interest for me.

Please clarify your comment.


Anonymous said...

In which case there was a genuine misunderstanding, so please accept my apologies. Clearly, the source for a rather unpleasant email was erroneously thought to be you.

Devil's Kitchen said...


I'm fairly sure that it was not me. Despite the DK persona, I am not in the habit of sending hatemail!


James Higham said...

I'm posting on this now in my wrap up - you got there before me, DK. I'll quote you now.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't have had you down as a bad loser. Poor show, old bean, very poor form.

Devil's Kitchen said...

Nah, not a bad loser: I am under no illusions as to my value. I would prefer that, say, EU Referendum won.


Anonymous said...

They won last year and if they had managed to get the additional 2,928 votes they got in 2006 they'd have walked it this year too.

OK, you didn't want to win, apparently, you just want to slag off the guy who did. Still pretty shitty in my book.

Devil's Kitchen said...

Oh well, I guess you'll just have to get in the "tell DK he's a shit" line, eh?

Look, the fact that he's winning (and he wasn't when I wrote the post) is neither here nor there: I was pointing out that he is an arse.


Prodicus said...

DK may not have wanted to win, particularly, but there are some out here who would have preferred him to the saddo who did and who, incidentally, is just crying out to be slagged off. In fact, isn't that the sum of what he is for?

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