Friday, November 02, 2007

Weblog Award 2007

Your humble Devil is proud—and astonished—to have been nominated and to have made the finals of the Weblog Awards 2007 Best UK Blog Award.

Many thanks to those of you who nominated The Kitchen: I and the other contributors are suitably grateful! Now, if anyone would like to go and vote, you can do so here.

The 2007 Weblog Awards

UPDATE: you can vote every 24 hours so feel free...


Mark Wadsworth said...



Devil's Kitchen said...

Oops! Now corrected.

The only mitigation that I can offer is that I was rushing out...


James Higham said...

What do you mean "astonished"? I'm the one who should be astonished to be there beside you!

Anonymous said...

You have my vote.

It's also worth noting that Climate Audit is up for best science blog.

Thomas Gordon said...

A tricky choice:

Guido,Dale,Eu Ref-so many to choice from.

But you've got my vote DK :)

I'm not sure what Mr Trenchard and Mr Allen will vote on but its great to see you in the running.

I would of liked also to see young Wat at Burning Our Money in there as well

Well done fella's

From your friends at the BBC-Biasd/John Trenchard Blog/Briefings from Walsingham

Anonymous said...

I've voted for you too

Signed up our 60th Referendum volunteer today,a builder.Haven't a clue how many we have overall as some of the volunteers have a volunteer or two helping them.

Auntie Flo'

John Trenchard said...

sorry mate, but i voted for EU Referendum.

mainly because i just don't understand how the fuck that guy just WRITES so much.

its an unbelievable powerhouse of thought and writing that us mere mortals look on in awe of.

so , i went for that. purely because of the content. of course i always nip over here to get my daily dose of swearblog ranting, once i've had my fix of intellectual EU Ref. a good balance i think. you both provide different things and the web is all the better for it.

John Trenchard said...

oh - and completely OT, but check my latest post on my blog. the "anti war" movement that the MSM just loves to broadcast? all those looney shouting down matches and "Bush=Hitler" stuff?

turns out that they are connected to a Maoist organistion - the Revolutionary Communist Party USA.

yes , it is active - and there really are hardcore communists in 2007.
Read it all here

my next target is "Code Pink" - cos they annoy the fuck out of me. so any digging around would be appreciated. Of course, the big prize is "MoveOn.Org" and who they really are...

John Trenchard said...

its very odd that in the Political Coverage vote there aren't two of big ones - and

LGF certainly gets levels of traffic i would kill my grandmother for , so their absense is noticable. probably too "controversial" for these "awards" perhaps.

John Trenchard said...

Having said that , good to see Michael Yon in the lead on the best military blogs
that guy has done some incredible journalism over the past year and given us an angle on Iraq that our "green zone" MSM have never given us.

Thomas Gordon said...


Micheal Yon is the best reporter in Iraq bar none.

LGF and Jihad watch are a little bit 'single issue for the catagory me thinks.

I love EU Ref/Defence of the Realm,for actual news this is my first stop-Richard North is a great writer.

For knock about fun Guido is good fun and Mr Dale for a broad range of topics from the centre right view.

But DK just knicks it for me-there is so much humour in his writing.

And don't forget other great blogs like Burning our Money,Nation of Shopkeepers,Daily Referendum,Dizzy (who is my tip to do well next year) many good blogs that it would take me all day to post.

Centre Right blogging has never looked so healthy-hat tip to each and every one of you!

Little Black Sambo said...

At this rate you are soon going to stop being humble.

Anonymous said...

John Trenchard - the big prize is "What is Common Purpose and who funds them?"

They have infiltrated the top and middle levels of New Labour in a most disconcerting way. Ian Blair, for example, is a member, as are most of the Labour cabinet. It's a very bizarre outfit and they warn people not to bother to put their membership on their CVs.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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