Thursday, November 22, 2007

A quote of the day from The Nameless One.
With every new crisis, and against the opposition to the Brown administration, Nu Labour have come to resemble the over-flowing colostomy bag in desperate need of emptying—something that is full of crap and something that no-one wants to go near.

The collapse of confidence in Gordon's government has been astonishingly swift: how long can they last?


Henry North London 2.0 said...

Love the total recall ad

Why not write to your MP and ask for a vote of no confidence?

Maybe if enough get the message( pun definitely intended) we might just get a general election and then all of us bloggers can stand for parliament. After all we couldn't be worse could we?

We can certainly put our money where our mouth is, after all if all we can do is criticize then we should be able to do the stuff too.

James Higham said...

That's really rahter good. [He chuckles.] By the way, I've suggested, now Trixy's jilted me, that you and I run off somewhere together, DK.

Anonymous said...

I raise a question: at what point exactly did you realise that the Brown Reich was imploding?

Given the hype that surrounded Brown's putsch and the weird looks I got when I said that I thought Labour would soon go into meltdown, I'm curious about other people's perceptions.

So, there it is. When did you personally think that Prudence was in trouble?

Anonymous said...

Off topic I know but could you help spread the word about the deportation of Jalongir Sidikov to Uzbekistan(see here)?

Newmania said...

Well DK you and your show boating cohorts ,splitting the right vote will be doing your best to put Humpty together again when the time comes. I do wish you would get over this silliness and return to the nation what you owe it for suckling and nurturing you.

I wonder if you like this quote from Prospect on the EU.

'Democracy does not mean more legitimacy. Data shows that citizens do not , as a rule dislike , opaque courts and bureaucracies and they loathe parliaments and elected politicians . Its in an answer to Perry Anderson`s( Europes most respected Marxist intellectual ...) who embraces Euro scepticism

Here is another one

"EU wonks are constantly pursuing policies they dislike becasue voters make them do so because ....everyone in the systek except the ever weakening commission officials is elected "

Andrew Mravcsik really has a point there don`t you think :)

Anonymous said...

I sensed an incipient sour stench of failure only a couple of weeks after Brown finally lurched into No 10. I just felt it was all doomed,and obviously so. To my great satisfaction, things have careened downhill since then.

His inadequacies are out in the public domain for all with a strong stomach to have a look at.

I give him six more months max.

Anonymous said...

Its like he arrived at the party just as all the cool kids left clutching a fourpack and some shit music.(Im not in anyway saying bliar was cool).

Anonymous said...

GB's eyes look more sunken. Like the way a dog turd melts snow around its cirmumference, his little turdy eyes sit below the snow. I'm not saying his skin is like snow, its more like a tired leathery hide, cracking in the heat of the sun.

Gordon, give up and get out.

Devil's Kitchen said...


You've touched a nerve, sunshine.

"I do wish you would get over this silliness and return to the nation what you owe it for suckling and nurturing you."

What the shitting fuck has the "nation" ever done for me? Or, rather more importantly, for my parents, who were the ones who actually suckled and nurtured me?

The nation suckled and nurtured me? What the fuck are you; some fucking Communist? Go fuck yourself.

This nation, as you put it, and I assume that ultimately you mean the state, has given me precisely fuck all. It has taken and taken and taken and in the one time when I needed something back, when I was literally fucking starving it refused to help.

So you can take your nation and stuff it up your fucking arse. The nation that you and your piss-poor Tory friends espouse is no more a nation that I want to see than that touted by Brown.


Anonymous said...

Spot on DK!

The Tories are just another interpretation of the same old state and the same old authoritarian nature that has brought us to our knees before the EU(soviet)monalith.
The Tories cannot dismantle the socialist state! For fucks sake they cant even rescue us from those evil cunts in Brussels! As we speak, the unions are preparing for 'scorched Earth' policy of confrontation,strikes,rent a mob demos and full on sabotage, should the Tories win the GE!
All the Tories can hope for is to enlarge the 'pig trough' to accomodate its own parrasite class and do a little 'window dressing'!
If the Tories cant even see through the "global warming" scam, then how the fuck are they going to dismantle the big brother state?
The sure way to kill off Brown AND the EU scum is to promise a referendum on EU membership BUT they will never do that! Why? Because the Tories are just as much in the EUs thrall as those NuLiebour vermin.

Newmania said...

Goodness you posh boys do get yourselves in a lather don�t you. The nation is not the state , the nation is partly a common inheritance that the state is often, in fact usually , keen to attack. Substituting Nelson Mandela for Nelson and , a West Indian Woman for Shakespeare for example . Without this evolved tribal loyalty faced with the onslaught of the Hun everyone would have run for the hills and you would be prancing around in lederhosen doing sexual favours for gay German aristocrats !

Loyalty Mr. Kitchen ! You will not find an explanation of that in your quasi Marxist doctrinal Libertarian pamphlets which you are currently dissecting ala Wolfie Smith . I would love to see a Libertarian army in action......?

I think the great thinker David Cameron( another Etonian) summed it up well when he said there was such a thing as society its just that it wasn�t the same thing as the state. I `ll admit Conservatism is difficult to reduce to a slogan , I `ll further admit that it requires a mature holistic intuitive subtle apprehension of the world that is beyond some . You will find however that the vast majority of UKIP members know exactly what I mean and would probably be far happier with my company than yours . After all if there is no nation , then why not give it away?

I have no idea how you managed to get so hard up you were starving but should it ever happen again you are welcome to come to tea ,( if you can stand the porcelain Ducks flying up the wall that is )

Cheerio....oh no offence taken brother Kitchen

Pooh Bear - There is a mass of scientific evidence that global warming is happening . The rate extent and so on are debateable maybe but use your common sense . Look at the 20th century and what changed . Does it seem likely to you that it had no effect ? No; of course not.

As to thralls-to-the EU-dismantle the-socilaist-state and so on. (No lickle spitting ? shame )Well, its a question of whether you want to bleat like a whiny bitch about it or do something about it

If it is the latter then you must help the coalition of opinion against Brown by voting and supporting the Conservative Party.

There is your choice Poo

A- Conservative
B- Whiny bitch

As the wonderful WF Deeds would say, "I leave that judgement to you."

The Nameless Libertarian said...


Your demands for people, if they oppose Brown to vote for and support the Tories, is staggeringly stupid. What you need to understand is that opposition to one party is not enough to support another party. Sure, Brown is shite. But Cameron has yet to convince many people that he would be anything other than shite in office as well. I'm repeating myself here but what I want (and I am far from alone in this) is a something to vote for, not just vote against.

And your comment "the great thinker David Cameron" must be ironic, because anyone who sees Cameron as a great thinker is a moron. The guy may be good at marketing himself, but he most certainly isn't any good as a thinker - political or otherwise.

You need to get beyond the mindless tribalism in British politics that is now holding political development back. I'd imagine that you would blindly support the Tories no matter what they do, but that is a mindless way of operating.

People don't have to support the Tories if they oppose Brown. They have to have a reason to actively support the Tories. And at the moment for me - and many others - the Tories aren't offering any reason to support them.

The Nameless One (formerly The Nameless Tory)

Newmania said...

Well I do like David Cameron. I like what he has to say about the family , about education , on taxation. On Europe your problem is not the Conservative Party who are now close to agreement with UKIP . Its the Electorate who face with a referendum , IN or OUT wouod probably vote IN.

I would like a this country to rule itself but the way to get there is not voting UKIP and it never will be .

I have no doubt nameless one that a a friendly pint or two in a comfy Pub whilst we chatted over things would soon have you back in the fold.

Anonymous said...

Dear Newmania,

Climate change is a cyclical and natural ongoing process, from the beginning of time, ITS NATURAL! The amount of CO2 that humans recycle into the atmosphere is tiny and is dwarfed by the amount of naturaly produced CO2.
CO2 is not a pollutant nor is it dangerous to humanity, it is in fact essential to life on Earth. Plants need CO2 to live and grow and from that alone we should be producing more not less!
This "mass of scientific evidence" you talk of is a myth and the bulk of it is being debunked as I write this.
The IPCC uses bad data, mangles it using flawed models to arrive at a pre determined answer, in other words it is 'rubbish in rubbish out'.
There has been a political drive to portray CO2 as a bad thing to serve an agenda and if you took the time to look at the way that 'climate skeptics' have been silenced and derided and denied any platform and funding you may just take a different view?
When I look around at the world I see no man made global warming nor have I seen real evidence of it.
It is clear to me that the Earth is in no danger from life giving
CO2 but is in fact in grave danger from self serving and corrupt governments and an ingnorant media coupled to a gullible public who will take in the scare stories without question!
If you truly believe the lies about AGW/MMCC then 'knock yourself out' BUT the fact is that sooner or later the whole AGW charade will collapse and people will see it for what it is, scaremongering rubbish/claptrap!
Remember the 'Y2K BUG'? or the BIG FREEZE theory or any number of scare stories that have come and gone?
A sort of hysterical madness seems to have come over people about natural cyclic climate variation egged on by the MSM.
The real clue to the climate scam should be the word "concensus"! I hear that word and shudder because there is no such thing in science as well you know! what you do have is a Soviet type effort to close down open debate and honest peer review science.
Speaking for myself I truly believe that More CO2, much more CO2 can only bring huge benefits to humanity in the form of enriched plant growth and all that means for an ever growing population.
So if you truly want to help the real world, go out and help build the modern world by INCREASING your CO2 output!
If crooked shysters like Al Gore,green(red)peace and friends of the earth and Gordon Brown were to tell me that it gets dark at night I would never believe them!
All this bullshit about imminent disaster and global catastrophe and floods and droughts and all the rest of this hysterical propaganda is so obviously lies and bullshit that I truly cannot see how any rational human could be taken in by it!
Remember the USSR in the 70s/80s and all the transparent lies and manipulation and the gullible idiots in the West who actualy believed what the Soviets said? If you swallow the lies and bullshit that you are being fed day and night, then fine, BUT dont think that I do for one second.

Anonymous said...

Newmania, go visit a blog called 'GREENIE WATCH' you will find it very interesting and informative!

Anonymous said...

AGW supporters like Newmania have a problem. If global warming is entirely due to increases in CO2; and CO2 increases are solely due to the activities of man, then the AGW theory is totally dependent on the sun being completely stable. But we know the sun's output is not truly stable ...

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