Friday, November 30, 2007

QuestionTime is crap

I watched QuestionTime this evening; every time that I watch it, I wish that I hadn't, to be honest. Amongst other things, I find Dimbleby's smug fucking face a real irritation; taken in conjunction with his utterly unjustified air of omniscience—hey! Dimbleby! His name is Irving not Irvine—and his habit of letting guests balls on about nothing without telling them to shut the fuck up, it all adds up to a presenter who really grips my shit. And that's before we get onto the politicians or the audience.

I watched tonight's edition because UKIP leader, Nigel Farage, was on the programme; and I wasn't the only one who thought that he was effetively sidelined.
UKIP hadn't been on Question Time for 8 months, whereas in the same time, Peter Hain had been on four times, Ming Campbell four times, the token ethnic lady from the Tories was on again and again, a historian was on 4 times, there were 8 Daily Mail journalists on, and the same faces popping up again and again. The producer on QT said that they were 'booked up until Christmas' but after an angry phone call from the party, a reluctant Jenny Parks, who used to produce a sunday TV programme which UKIP were never invited on, said there was space for Nigel Farage this evening. Interestingly, they had not confirmed the panel for this evening until earlier today.

I hear that the producer refused to speak to him all evening and Dimbleby himself was very off hand, when previously he had been pleasant. I was not the only one to notice the was that Nigel was very much slighted by the BBC in what they clearly wanted to be a party political broadcast by the Labour Party. Why else would they have two Brown supporters on, including the nasty Paul Myners who donates money to the man who robs your old age and of course is a trustee of the Smith Institute.

Paul Myners is also, of course, "Chair of the Guardian Media Group, publisher of The Guardian and The Observer newspapers". And he was heartily pro-government: well, what a fucking surprise. And let's just say that I do not intend to take any lessons in political integrity from anyone who is a Trustee of Gordon's Private Thinktank The Smith Institute.

One thing that I did notice, amongst all the discussion over NuLabour's donation problems [snigger], was that Dimbleby absolutely refused to discuss the issue of state funding of political parties; oh, he allowed a couple of comments from both guests and audience members who were in favour of it, but refused to brook any real discussion—except, eventually, when it was forced by Farage. Even then it was a desultry affair, especially as Farage was anti- and pointed out that the other parties—no matter how much Alan Duncan may have protested his own personal disavowal—were very much pro-the taxpayer propping up their ailing finances.

Why should Dimbleby want to gloss over the arguments against state-funding? Could it be because the Beeb is... er... state-funded? As the old saying goes, I think we should be told.

But the rest of it? Sarah Teather came across as a boring, clueless arse, barely able to comprehend what was going on. She looks like she should be a Little Miss, although her greatest resemblance is as a dowdier Tara Fitzgerald, especially in the latter's role as the slightly buck-toothed and (initially) po-faced priest's wife in Sirens; I wonder if Sarah is as sexually-charged as Estella turns out to be...?

Alan Duncan was, in general, sound and actually rather impressive on the Oxford Union free speech issue; he did at least say that he would take part in a debate with Irving and Griffin.

This was in sharp contrast to Caroline Flint—her rat-trap mouth surely makes her one of the ugliest women in politics, by the way—who spent an awful lot of time blethering stridently about the importance of free speech and who then said she wouldn't take part in a debate with the terrible two; hardly surprising, really, that a NuLabour minister should feel themselves inadequately mentally and idealoically equipped to deal with Griffin and Irving. In the main, she came across as a total bitch who would not shut the fuck up, even when she had nothing to say; something that made Dimbleby's fawning praise and thanks for her "being the only Labour minister to stick their head above the parapet" even more revoltingly servile.

And that's all that there is to say; a typical BBC programme, with an overpaid and underworked presenter fawning pathetically at the feet of the government. I nearly threw the TV out of the window, only I couldn't guarantee that it'd hit anyone worthwhile.


Roger Thornhill said...

Farage did get a bit loud towards the end, but I suppose he was chomping at the bit.

Flint is too young to be a Harridan. She is a harpie. Nasty. Patronising. Worthless.

Did anyone spot the Mk1 Leftie Student girl who brought up the issue of "privilege" wrt the Oxford Debate. JHC on a Pashley, she had the same sneering sanctimony that Flint and the lass from the Green Party have. She needs to be reminded that her attitude is truly Fascist. There also appeared to be a motley crew of her associates in the audience.

p.s. Whenever I see Sarah Teather, my brain returns "ginnea pig". She could earn a mint on the Egg commercials by capitalising on her appearance (I almost said "looks" then).

Anonymous said...

Where the hell did they get that audience from? Surely they cannot be representative of the UK population? Please no! We're fucked if they are!

Sacerdoteuk said...

Actually Sarah Teather looks quite hot in that picture. And I never thought I'd say that about an MP. At least her voting record is fairly sound (apart from the smoking ban).

Devil's Kitchen said...


You do know that Teather is the one with the purple top, the perfectly spherical head and the label "Fitzgerald" and not the other one, yes?

I suppose she's hot by politian standards but that ain't saying much...


Trixy said...

Oh no, I like Tara Fitzgerald; you can't compare her to the moron that is Sarah "chipmunk" Teather. Another one who can't, it seems, work in the real world....

Anonymous said...

QT audiences are 'managed'.

Sacerdoteuk said...

Oh damn. So there really aren't any PILF's... Her voting record stands though.

Anonymous said...

A piss poor programme I agree. I was reduced to looking at the aeroplanes in the background. I reckon I saw a Lightning, a Gannet and a Mirage. Seems like the Yorkshire Air Museum might be worth a visit. Not worth paying £135 to find out though.

Thomas Gordon said...

"At least her voting record is fairly sound (apart from the smoking ban)."

Oh pleeeeaseeeeeeeee.....

A fairly sound voting record by Riechstag standards.

Question Time=I'm a cunt,get me out of here!

Sacerdoteuk said...

Well, looking at theyworkforyou:

* Has never voted on a transparent Parliament.
* Voted very strongly for introducing a smoking ban.
* Voted strongly against introducing ID cards.
* Voted very strongly against introducing foundation hospitals.
* Voted strongly against introducing student top-up fees.
* Voted very strongly against Labour's anti-terrorism laws.
* Voted very strongly for investigating the Iraq war.
* Voted very strongly against replacing Trident.
* Voted very strongly for the hunting ban.
* Voted very strongly for equal gay rights. votes, speeches

Oh all right, and the hunting ban and new nukes. Still better than most.

Sir-C4' said...

To be fair to Dimbleby, he did seem to be rather senile behind the scenes when I ripped David Lammy a new arsehole on QT a few weeks ago.

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