Friday, November 30, 2007


It's always fun, you know, when people try to dodge around the Islamist issue by insisting that there are "just a few extremists" and that the vast majority of people are not. ALthough I am reasonably sure that, in Western countries, this is true, there are times when it becomes a little difficult to maintain the charade.
Thousands of people have marched in the Sudanese capital Khartoum to call for UK teacher Gillian Gibbons to be shot.

Mrs Gibbons, 54, from Liverpool, was jailed by a court on Thursday after children in her class named a teddy bear Muhammad.

She was sentenced to 15 days for insulting religion; she will then be deported.

The marchers took to the streets after Friday prayers to denounce the leniency of the sentence.

The protesters gathered in Martyrs Square, outside the presidential palace in the capital, many of them carrying knives and sticks.

Marchers chanted "Shame, shame on the UK", "No tolerance - execution" and "Kill her, kill her by firing squad".

I do hope that these wonderful Religion of Peace activists have some cars to set fire to or they just won't be able to feel satisfied with the day's work.

Sometimes, I wonder about people, I really do. But I never wonder about the stupidity of religion in general and Islam in particular...

given this kind of behaviour, Brown could not have sent a better man than Lord Ahmed to negotiate. John Trenchard reminds us of some of the noble Lord's pronouncements.
This is a man who said of Salman Rushdie:
"This man not only provoked violence around the world because of his writings, but there were many people who were killed around the world. Forgiving and forgetting is one thing, but honouring the man who has blood on his hands, sort of, because of what he did, I think is going a bit too far."

This is a man who refers to the terrorist murdering scumbags of 9/11 as martyrs:
"What would one say if the Saudi or Afghan governments honoured the martyrs of the September 11 attacks on the United States?"
[in response to Salman Rushdie's knighthood]

This is a man who defends the suicide bombers of 7/7 and makes excuses for them:
On Monday, Lord Nazir Ahmed, the first British Muslim to be ennobled in the United Kingdom, actually told NPR's Robert Siegel that the London subway terrorists were suffering an "identity crisis."

He'll be an effective negotiator, I imagine...


Anonymous said...

Let's be fair, DK, we are talking about uneducated peasants. No person with an incy wincy education could fall for the complete and utter bollocks what is Islam. Any child of the Enlightment (Peace be upon it) can see that Islam is an ugly cult founded by a murdering, robbing, little girl loving, lying charlatan. Muslims from countries that deliberately keep them from being educated are clearly free from any guilt with regard to seeing that Mo-bleeding-hammed was a complete git. However, while Muslims what live in western countries are free to believe what ever crap they choose, thanks to the freedom of thought and speech what am fundamental to western democracies, it is difficult to see how people of intelligence, or even stand in the corner dumbness, could subscribe to the bollocks that is Islam.

Oh naughty me, I've direspected the prophet (huge dollops of crap be upon him) again. Come on, Allah, do your stuff, strike down this infidel who doesn't believe you exist.

Mark Wadsworth said...

What Docbud says. That RoP website is way cool.

John Trenchard said...

i just love these Infidel t-shirts... really must get around to buying one.

there is a plus side with all this increase in Muslim seething and "anger" - its a sign of a religion in crisis because of globalisation. the more global networks increase in reach and influence, the more a religion like Islam will backlash in order to defend its foundations of sand.

it could well be that we are now watching Islam's equvalent to the reformation. DK readers might remember just how vicious Cromwell's Puritans were. i think we're seeing the same thing right now - but its in Islam.

FlipC said...

Just out of curiosity are the kids from the class in the jail too? After all they're the ones who chose the name, voted on it, then applied it; Mrs Gibbons just failed to stop them.

John Trenchard said...

and guess what Gordon Brown has done in reaction?

threatened withdrawal of aid?

primed the tridents to nuke khartoum?

told the SAS to get ready for a snatch rescue?

NAH. he's sent Lord Fucking Ahmed.

oooh - that's gonna make them quake in their boots.

Anonymous said...

if they really want someone to insult islam tell em to call me and my pet pig morehamonishead.
I used to frequent musi chatrooms for a laff they do talk utter bollox and have no sense of humour. How about does it break my fast if a piece of food lodges in a tooth then comes out and i swallow it!! WTF .

MaxG said...

"DK readers might remember just how vicious Cromwell's Puritans were."

Just how old do you think we all are, exactly?

the doctor said...

John Trenchard mentions Trident , well how do we know if the missiles work after all this time , they are quite old . Could a couple be tested in some out of the way spot , say the Sudan .

Unknown said...

A teacher, the state these crazies are in, you would think they had captured General Gordon again. Pity it's not PM Gordon, just a thought. I think the Wafa Sultan video on The TROP site sums it up. This guy is a hoot,

Mark Wadsworth said...

The Doctor, they worked fine 9 years ago but I suppose there's no harm in checking ...

Anonymous said...

>DK readers might remember just how vicious Cromwell's Puritans were.<

Fuck off. Cromwell's Puritans were fucking lovely and anyone who says different is a godless sinner. And probably a gayer too.

Anonymous said...

I note the marchers did want to execute her by firing squad rather than stoning, what a sweet bunch.

You can by your own Mo Teddy here:

Anonymous said...

Anyone remember the stoning scene from Monty Python's 'Life of Brian'?

That's what this whole affair reminds me of.

Anonymous said...

Doc Bud - I have always maintained that mohammad was a cult leader - the L Ron Hubbard of his day.

More members, although to be fair, L Ron Hubbard was fighting his corner in the clever, literate, technologically and artistically advanced West. Mo was operating in the vacant sand dunes of what is now Saudi Arabia where there wasn't a lot to do but traipse around. YOu couldn't even look at the women. Never a new hair-do. Never a new line of make-up. Never a new shampoo (can you imagine what their hair smelled like under those black shrouds after weeks of trekking somewhere? ... considering there was no water around?) ...

... and never a new fashion. The burqa an inch above the ankle this year? The new niqab that everyone loves with sequins and false eyelashes? Interesting new hemstitching around the wrists?

And then, at night, sitting around watching the moon. I mean, nowhere to go. You can see how they might have become a little obsessive. Easy pickings for an operator like mo'.

John Trenchard, they are at least 50 years away from a reform. Although, to be fair, I would point you to Irshad Manji, a Canadian Sunni, who is high profile and works for Reform. She's very interesting and quick witted. She wrote a book on Reform and was giving a talk when someone in the audience shouted out, "Did the Jews pay you to write your book" and she came right back with, "No. A shekel doesn't buy what it used to."

But Manji appears to think islam can have its Reformation in our lifetime. Whatever. Something has to give.

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