Sunday, November 25, 2007

NuLabour's well used back door

The recent HMRC scandal has shown how rather large and significant mistakes can follow the reorganisation of departments:
"The Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) has warned against making individual officials a scapegoat for the disaster and said the error was “inevitable” following major reorganisation, job and budget cuts at the department."

This must surely have direct relevance for some of the government's minimally consulted proposed changes to the regulation of health and social care [PDF]:
"To establish a new, integrated health and adult social care regulator Ofcare,from existing regulators; to define the functions of the new regulator in the areas of safety and quality assurance, information and performance assessment and safeguarding the rights of detained mental health patients; and to update the system of registration that applies to providers of health and adult social care services and extend this to include NHS providers."

Maybe it is just my paranoia, however in my opinion it is precisely this kind of needless reorganisation that will lead to further scandals such as the HMRC debacle. In fact another reorganisation will arguably create more problems, with accountability being further compromised, as well as introducing more room for poor communication and data being lost in transit between sites. The government's knee jerk response to failure seems to be legislation and reorganisation, but if the same idiots are still in charge then this response is likely to just confuse the idiots even more.

The government's draft legislative programme [PDF] is probably full of many more of these knee jerk reactions, I certainly am rather concerned about the move to rush through changes to the standard of proof that is used for doctors in fitness to practice cases. This reform has been minimally consulted, if at all, and the powers that be are ominously refusing to release their motives for this change. If anything back door 'legislation, legislation, legislation' are the hallmark of Blair and Brown's years in charge, if you don't believe me then simply go and read the draft document; there are more gems on topics from the environment to anti-terrorism. Reorganisation and legislation are not the answer Mr Brown.


Anonymous said...

No knees just jerks!.

Anonymous said...

It isn't reorganisation, or a "lack of resources" - it is their attitude of mind. They cannot be sued, cannot be removed, their jobs and power are guaranteed because we are bound to them by law.

No amount of extra billions, or 'procedures', or whatever is going to change their fundamental mindset. Only when their balls are hanging over the trap will they treat people like human beings.

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