Tuesday, November 20, 2007

No real comment on the fact that the EU's accounts have not been signed off the the 13th year in a row, except to ask if anyone is really surprised. I'm not.

Oh, one thing: they are really proud that, this year, 40% of the spending was considered to be properly accounted for. I would like to point out that this means that 60% was not. Good going...

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FlipC said...

Ah but in the words of Siim Kallas last year only a third was approved and before that just 6% so they're really improving.

It's all laid-out in an easy to read 291 page document.

It even features a nice pie chart showing the total expenditure with subdivisions for how much was paid out due to faulty totals on invoices, how much shouldn't have been paid out and hasn't been reclaimed etc. all just to make it easy for the lay-person to understand how much money is being wasted; oh wait no I'm sorry I'm lying about that last bit.

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