Tuesday, November 13, 2007


David Cameron feels that Manchester is a city divided, its increasingly prosperous city centre masking severe failures in the area as a whole.
The Conservative party yesterday branded Manchester a divided, failing city as it began to unveil its education revolution by announcing that it will help the formation of parent-run cooperative and pioneer schools, especially in rundown urban areas.

David Cameron's characterisation of Manchester is risky for the Conservatives, who have failed to win a council seat in the city.

In fact, it is not risky as all: with no councillors, the Tories have nothing to lose. Further, they can blame the problems on the LibDems and NuLabour without people being able to point at any Tory who might have contributed to any problems. It's a damn good strategy, if you ask me.
The council's Labour leader, Sir Richard Leese, protested that the city was an "enormously better place" to live than 10 years ago. But Mr Cameron, launching his co-op schools project in Manchester, pointed to figures showing the city was badly polarised, with huge areas of educational failure and family breakdown.

The Tories' social justice guru, Iain Duncan Smith, the former party leader, released a report showing the economic boom in the city centre masked a disturbing picture of failure, including a teenage pregnancy rate double the English average, the second-highest level of men admitted to hospital due to alcohol, and fewer than one in three teenagers receiving five or more good GCSE passes.

The report also found that Manchester is the second-worst council for truancy, only one school leaver in four goes to university, and two in five families with children are headed by a lone parent, compared with an average of one in five. Greater Manchester also has the highest number of antisocial behaviour orders in the UK, and there are seven gun-related incidents every day. Mr Duncan Smith said: "We almost have two Manchesters - one that is forging ahead, creating jobs, wealth and regeneration of rundown areas, and another mired in a deepening spiral of social breakdown."

But, of course, as we all know, social justice and cohesion are NuLabour's specialities. It is the Labour members who care about the poor and the disadvantaged; they are the ones with the solutions to family breakdown, they who have the ability to bring all of these poor and ill-educated to the promised land.

So, let us ignore Cameron's co-operative schools policy for the moment (after all, a decent education is only the best way to ensure social mobility and allow people to better themselves) and look around for an authoritative NuLabour spokesman...

Hmmmm, who should we choose? Oh, I know, let's choose one of our own; let us choose fat, ignorant, worthless cunt-slug, Tom Watson MP. He's always banging on about how evil the Tories are and how Labour are not simply the only party that has the solutions but are also the only party that cares.

Surely crapulent, scrofulous Tom has some words of wisdom to impart to us? And he does! What? What wonderful pearls of intellectual thrillingness has the fat, spotty, bristle-covered cunt got for us?

What a snob.

Yes; yes, I can see where you are coming from, Tom. David Cameron has pointed out that, just possibly, Manchester is not paradise on earth and has decided to launch a proposal that he thinks might help and that most definitely makes him a snob.

Tom, I can exclusively reveal to you that "someone who points out problems that might need fixing" is not the usual definition of "a snob". However, even were that the case (and though I can't speak for Spam) personally I would rather be a snob than an overweight, ignorant, spotty, unpleasant, unoriginal, lackwit, fuckwit, common* little arsehole like you.

* Now that's snobbery.


Anonymous said...

Spot on DK,fucking spot on! For too long these NuLiebour cunts have been able to pervert the truth and lie through their rotten teeth about how they alone are the champions of the poor working class BUT after TEN YEARS in power there is more poverty and ignorance and crime and disorder and less social mobility! so if you are poor now then you have LESS chance of bettering yourself! So what the fuck have these lying incompetent fuckwitts been doing for TEN YEARS? Filling their boots with cash! Getting fake jobs for friends & family and embezzling their rotten little hearts out! Thousands of ZANULAB officials went into office in 1997 without a pot to piss in OR a window to throw it out of and now many are fucking millionares!

In the words of a prophet, its time to kill em all!

The Remittance Man said...

Of course Manchester's a divided city. There's Man Utd fans and there's Man City fans.

Quite what that's got to do with politics though is beyond me.

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