Friday, November 02, 2007

Liam Byrne: corrupt hypocrite

I see that Liam Byrne has got himself into a spot of bother.
Immigration Minister Liam Byrne has been fined £100 after admitting using his mobile phone while driving.

The Birmingham Hodge Hill MP was also ordered to pay £35 costs and given three points on his licence at Sutton Coldfield Magistrates' Court.

Mr Byrne, who pleaded guilty by letter, said he had been taking an important call on a deportation matter but there was no excuse and he was remorseful.

Right For Scotland (who has a great tagline at present, courtesy of The Fat Controller) is absolutely incensed.
How about that? Essentially he is saying "let me off with it will you? I was working on something very important therefore I should not be treated like the little people". What a contemptible little wanker.

Here is a thought you under-employed waste of my tax-money…what about the plumber who can't say "I was taking an instruction for a job" or the accountant who was saying "I was discussing a tax return with a client".

By submitting this pish to the court you are saying that you feel you are in some form of superior employment to the rest of us therefore you need special dispensation. And that really grips my shit.

Quite so. But the BBC reports that Liam Byrne was one of those who wanted to tighten up mobile phones useage whilst driving.
Mr Byrne has campaigned vigorously on road safety since entering Parliament, tabling a petition in 2005 from constituents calling for tougher penalties for dangerous drivers.

He once told a parliamentary committee that the most dangerous drivers were "serial potential killers" and said he was "shocked" at the leniency of sentences handed down to them.

His website lists safer roads among the eight priorities on his Action Plan for Hodge Hill.

He sat on the parliamentary committee which shaped the 2006 Road Safety Act, which increased fixed penalty fines for driving while using a mobile.

For fuck's sake, what a fucking hypocrite.
In his letter he said he was involved in an important telephone call about deportation but realised that he should have pulled over.

He apologised to the court for taking up their time.

He is also a scrofulous little toady; I hope he rots in hell and sooner rather than later. But look...
His licence was also endorsed with three penalty points - he already had three points on his licence - and ordered to pay £35 costs.

This evil little fuck has been campaiging for road safety—which means that he wants more regulations, heavier fines and yet more persecution of drivers—and to the extent that he has called road users "serial potential killers".

But not only has this hypocritical little bastard has flouted one of the very laws that he was responsible for toughening up, he has a further three points on his license. What were these points for, Liam? Eh? Was it speeding? What?

Why is it that the rest of us are "serial potential killers" but you are not? Are you a better driver than everyone else—blessed with better reactions or a sense of foresight? Are you perhaps endowed with Anakin Skywalker levels of midi-chlorions?

No. So why the fuck have you—a minister of the Crown encouraging the persecution of others—got a total of six points on your fucking license? As RfS points out...
You are part of the cogs in a machine that passed this pathetic law in the first place, that means it applies MORE to you because you have a duty to lead by example.

Exactly. But this is precisely what we expect from the corrupt hypocrits of NuLabour.


Addendum: your humble Devil wrote an entry for Liam Byrne in the Big Red Book Of New Labour Sleaze (feel free to purchase it from the sidebar link), which appears below.
Liam Byrne: caring and sharing

Liam Byrne was a former aide to Tony Blair—although probably one of thousands!—who found himself in hot water over the 21,000 shares that he owned in E-Government Solutions Ltd (EGS).

EGS—which was founded by Byrne and describes itself as “the UK’s leading provider of e-commerce exchanges for trading with the public sector”—has contracts with eight police forces and is bidding for more. In the last year, EGS turned over £1.4 million.

So far, so good: it is, it could be argued, beneficial that at least a few members of our ruling class have some experience of business; further, the remittance that Mr Byrne was paid as a member of the supervisory board of the EGS Group was hardly a fortune, being between £10k and £15k.

But there was a small problem.

At the time of going to print, Liam Byrne is a Minister for Immigration at the Home Office, which is responsible for the police. A fairly tenuous connection—the Home Office is a large department—and it is unlikely that Mr Byrne would have made an appearance in this book had he not actually been Police Minister at the time that EGS were picking up contracts.

The expenses-campaigning Liberal Democrat MP, Norman Baker, pointed out that, “Mr Byrne is very well connected to the Blair project and therefore would doubtless have come across issues relating to conflicts of interest as they have permeated the Blair Government.

"Mr Byrne would have been much wiser to have disposed of his shares immediately upon taking ministerial office...”

However, in a statement published by a Home Office aide on 3 June 2007, an aide stated that, “Mr Byrne has played no role in the procurement process whatsoever, so he has had no idea about any of the negotiations that might be taking place. There is no conflict of interest.”

It remains to be seen whether anyone believes him. Don't hold your breath...

What a cunt.


Martin said...

"...there was no excuse and he was remorseful."

Well, with a name like Liam Byrne he should be stranger to the inside of a confessional.

Martin said...

Or indeed, "no stranger"...


Mark Wadsworth said...

Mr Byrne, who pleaded guilty by letter

What a fucking rank beginner. I once got divorced by letter. Court records note that I was not present in person. T'would have been a waste of a fucking plane ticket.

Cool would have been for him to plead guity by text: "glt yr hnr"

Anonymous said...

The bloke is incompetent. It only costs £2.87 for a phone holder from Tesco, a tenner for stereo ear plugs and he`s legal.

Longrider said...

The man is a politician. Of course he is a steaming hypocrite - goes with the territory.

Anonymous said...

He's a weird little fucker. He's meant to be about 38, but he looks like he's in his 50's at least. He reminds me strongly of Dickie Attenborough's portrayal of John Reginald Halliday Christie. I wonder what the creepy little cunt's got buried under his floorboards?

Anyway, the nasty twat is horny for ID cards, so he can fuck himself in hell for the rest of time. He won't be missed. I have it on good authority that he only got his job by agreeing to felch Gordon, and David Millipede does that job now.

johnny nunsuch said...

Forget the debate hang the sanctimonious hypocrite

guido faux said...

"He is also a scrofulous little toady"

Nice one. Entertaining *and* educational.

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