Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Just how fucked are the finances?

Via The Englishman, it seems that the Gobblin' King is trying to avoid paying out certain "grace and favour" pensions.
Michael Martin, the Speaker of the House of Commons, is fighting an attempt by Gordon Brown to scrap the “grace and favour” pension that comes with his job, The Times has learnt.

Mr Brown — already embroiled in a pension battle with Lord Falconer of Thoroton — has now opened a second front in his attempts to end generous pay-outs to the State’s most senior servants.

Outgoing Prime Ministers, Speakers and Lord Chancellors are paid an annuity equal to half their salary — currently between £64,000 and £94,000 — regardless of how long they have served. The money, which comes directly from the public purse, is justified on the ground that it helps to “protect the dignity of the ‘Three Great Offices of State’ ”.

Now, I am no more keen than anyone else to stump up for the gold-plated state pensions of those corrupt bastards who rule us, but given that they exist, what is the motivation for Gordo's parsimony?

Is he really so petty and bitter that he would deny the traditional pension to Martin and Lord Falconer because they were Blair appointees?

Or are the nation's finances so irrevocably fucked that each ten thousand counts? Surely not, despite Cyclops' best efforts.

And, given his reluctance to pay out to the Speaker and the Lord Chancellor, will he forego the traditional Prime Minister's pension himself? I bet he fucking doesn't, the wee shit.


Bag said...

Well with nopension then I hope we can expect some interesting information in their soon to be released books spilling the beans.

I sure hope that my pension can't be nuked on the say so of a useless piece like Gordo. Ok, it canin a way, but along with everyone elses not on an individual basis yet.

Anonymous said...

If Gorbals Mick doesn't get his pension, Grim Gordon might find that he gets rather more heckling than he's used to at PMQ's in future.

Shug Niggurath said...

I see that protecting the dignity of the state doesn't extend to


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