Sunday, November 25, 2007

The state can't be arsed about the security of our data

In the name of fuck, not another one!
A package containing about 200 pension statements has gone missing after being dispatched by a Scottish Government agency, it has emerged.

The printed statements contained names and national insurance numbers but no addresses or bank account details.

Fucking hellski...

UPDATE: the poor little Greek boy picks this up.
But think about it: it's not as if, since those 25m child benefit records went missing in October, postal services and courier firms have suddenly become less efficient, and these famed "junior managers" have all independently started to ignore procedures that they previously adhered to strictly. There is no reason to imagine that they're fucking up any more this week than they did last week.

No, there's only one sane conclusion to draw; that the state has always been slapdash with our personal information, that this has always been happening and it happens all the time. Prior to Tuesday, they just couldn't be fucked to tell us about it.

It's difficult to argue with this assertion: after all, we know this to be the case. The Snipe has a list of just a few of them.


Anonymous said...

Shades of the Titanic

The practise of crossing the Atlantic at cruising speed (80% of max) continuously was well established. Everyone said that you could any icebergs in time. Many ships reported that they had no problem with seeing and avoiding them. In the rare cases of a collision, damage was nearly always minor.

Perhaps more attention should have been paid to the ships vanishing on the North Atlantic run. A plot of those vs ice conditions is somewhat interesting...

Anonymous said...

Don't worry. It's just civil servants, not real people.

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