Monday, November 19, 2007

How many times?

Once again, I am faced with having to lose my rag at fucking medicos, as they seek once more to punish the innocent as well as the guilty.
Heavy taxes must be imposed on all alcoholic drinks if Britain's "binge-drinking" culture is to be broken, doctors will warn the Government in a report.

The taxes should be "proportionate", with the biggest levies imposed on drinks with the highest alcoholic content, says the British Medical Association.

In the report, to be published in the new year, the association will call for the Government to introduce a raft of new measures to combat binge-drinking, which critics say has increased since the Licensing Act allowed 24-hour drinking two years ago this week.

The association, which represents 139,000 doctors, and students, will also call for an advertising ban on alcohol similar to that on tobacco.

For fuck's sake, will you just FUCK OFF! Not only have you been utterly discredited in every way, but, as Timmy points out, your ideas won't even fucking work.
You would rather hope that intelligent and well educated people like doctors would note a few things. For example, that we already have high alcohol taxes and they are indeed higher [PDF] on those drinks with higher alcohol contents (Table 1, page 3).

Secondly, that we have free trade amongst the EU nations. That means that you can buy elsewhere and consume in Britain: paying the lower duty levels elsewhere. Finally, that we already have, relative to many other EU members, high alcohol taxation. Higher, in fact, than nations which do not have a binge-drinking culture.

Oh well, perhaps intelligent and well educated is not the same as capable of thought.

It's the sheer fucking cheek of it that grips my shit; one would have thought that, having been proven liars on the issue of salt and that it had been recently revealed that they pulled the safe alcohol limits out of their collective arse, medicos would have the good grace to shut the fuck up, if only out of a sense of shame at being discovered to be liars, charlatans and hypocrites.

But, no, these fucking little bastards insist on piping up with the same old horseshit. HAVE YOU NO SHAME?


Roger Thornhill said...

Would not surprise me if the perverse cycle, as another identified, was in action:

1: Govt wants to control
2: Group commissions report justifying it
3: Government adopts idea
4: Pays group to be involved.

Kinda like pre-sales consultancy, only it is OUR lives and OUR money!

Unknown said...
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Angry Steve said...

I find the "by alcoholic content" idea to be utterly laughable...

So the fine single cask single malt on my shelf, at 50% abv will be taxed more than white lightning cider...

It already is, you fucking doctoring cunts.

Gnnnnn. These people are driving me to drink.

Anonymous said...

And how many GP's do you know with a bottle of scotch in the top drawer?

roadrunner said...

I think the largest contibuting factor to binge drinking amongst the young was alcopops.These sweetened alcoholic drinks allowed children to develop a taste for booze,if any drinks need a high rate of taxation this is it.

Anonymous said...

What about the poor bloody pensioners. We need our alcohol subsidised for heavens sake.

Anonymous said...

You would think drs would be out getting pissed on their huge pay rise rather than talking shite and drawing attention to themselves

John Trenchard said...

high taxes and government only off-licenses didnt work in scandinavia.

the law of unintended consequences resulted in a lucrative moonshine industry and sky high alcoholism rates.

John Trenchard said...

roger -> have a read of this previous DK post

you can trace it all the way back to the EU and the WHO.

Anonymous said...

Roger Thornhill re your post above: this is the standard MO in Britain and Europe these days and it is as elaborate and formal as a quadrille.

Just one example:

Friends of The Earth and all the quangos deriving from it, provide the governments with "evidence" of man made global warming.

The governments profess shock - eeeek! - and announce that something must be done to save the planet.

"I know!" they cry. "We'll put an extra carbon tax on flights! With all these cheap tickets floating around, we're not skimming enough off the travel industry anyway, so this will help."

And governments announce, with a straight face, "green" taxes on flights. To save the world from man-made global warming. They are only, very responsibly, taking heed of "studies" done by FoTE.

Tax and control. Tax and control.

They make me sick.

Anonymous said...

I meant to add, having done such a fine, objective service to the government, the government will demonstrate their gratitude with a grant for "further research for this urgent matter which concerns the future of our planet".

Well, no it doesn't. First, because it is deceit. And I don't like being lumped in with non-achievers in other parts of the world.

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