Friday, November 30, 2007

Harman: evil, hypocritical witch. And not in a good way.

Via Prodicus, this article by Iain Martin is a rather excellent dissection of Brown. But the finest quote surely has to be this one.
What an achievement. To inspire even mild feelings of sympathy for Harriet Harman, the personification of nannying, politically correct north London Leftism, takes some doing.

Privately educated at one of the country's top schools (St Paul's Girls') she has combined the extreme egalitarianism that ends up inflicting inner-city comprehensives on poor children - thus denying them the chance of the good start in life she enjoyed - with an unrelenting high moral tone. Unblinking and unyielding, Harman is quite exceptionally annoying.

The sheer hypocrisy of these fuckers is what makes them quite so massively unpleasant. You might mock this humble Devil for being a public school boy, but you can never argue that I would attempt to deny others the chances that I have had (even though you may disagree with the methods that I advocate to do so).

Harriet Harman QC and her husband—Labour Party Treasurer, Jack Dromey—are both lying shits and they should go forthwith. The only reason that I'd wish for them to stay on is because they will perpetuate yet more highly entertaining scandals; alas, my sides already hurt too much from laughing and, at this rate, I am going to keep on giggling until I'm sick.

Please go, Harriet, I can't take any more...

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Anonymous said...

Given my experiences at St Paul's, I think she might be doing the youth of today a favour by keeping them away from the place.

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