Thursday, November 29, 2007

Free speaking

Gary Andrews made me laugh in a post discussing the Harry's Place's article around the Oxford Union debate.
"I think there are people who are confusing this with an issue of free speech. It’s not an issue of free speech to offer someone a privileged platform from a prestige organisation."

Er, no. This is precisely an issue of free speech, and they’re being invited to speak at a debate on free speech. This couldn’t be more about freedom of speech if it chartered a hundred helicopters, hovered them above the venue, and waved 60ft high banners with the words: "This is about free speech."



Anonymous said...

he's dead right.What really grates is that many of these deluded nutters think that they believe in democratic freedoms.

laurence said...

In a way it's almost funny, the idiocy and self-delusion of these left-wing bigots. But on the other hand, it's not all that funny, as the whole thing once again demonstrated that large numbers of people in this country have had their brains so completely addled by the crypto-marxist propaganda of the education system and media that they are genuinely incapable of thinking logically on any matter of principle. Even worse, the rulers of our EU-province-once-known-as-Britain, and indeed the commissars of the EU itself, are exactly of this type. Once again I quote the eloquent DK - 'we are all fucked'! I am still waiting for the armed forces of the Crown to stesp in and restore sanity - but I'm not exactly holding my breath.
Mr. Hughes.

knirirr said...

I am still waiting for the armed forces of the Crown to stesp in and restore sanity

Are you sure that they can be trusted any more? The veterans and currently serving personnel I know would probably be in agreement with most of the views expressed here, but it is not clear to me how much the PC rot has set in.

Anonymous Coward said...

Lewis - the minutiae of his time in Parliament is available here - apparently holds that an organization can be either normal or prestige, and that whether it is one or the other effects how much of a stake the likes of you and I have in how it is run. Essentially, if an organization is prestige, free speech is subservient to good taste.

The fact of the matter is that he wrote the passage quoted in that post, and that he published it openly. While I could easily be wrong, that is the best interpretation of his thoughts that I can muster.

I don't think political correctness is the correct term to use here, as political correctness is a concept utilized by exactly two kinds of people; blithering idiots who want brownie points for being PC, and blithering idiots who want brownie points for being un-PC.

I think what Lewis wants is to underline that Oxford is too good for his fellow politicos in the BNP, and possibly to demonstrate his comittment to the idea that certain faces are okay to smash with a spanner. George Orwell wrote quite interestingly on this in Notes on Nationalism and Coming up for Air.

As for this whole catastrofuck, I honestly don't care. Neither the guests nor the protesters seem to do much thinking, ever.

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