Saturday, November 03, 2007

Extraditing Foreign Criminal Scum

Saturday's 'Daily Telegraph' reports that,
"Opposition to immigration in Italy was brought to a crescendo today after a woman died after being robbed and left in a ditch by a Romanian immigrant.
Giovanna Reggiani, 47, died last night after being attacked late on Tuesday night while walking home in the dark from a railway station in a Rome suburb. Her assailant had beaten her face into an unrecognisable pulp with a stone before leaving her for dead, police said. She lapsed into a coma and last night her life support system was disconnected after no brain activity was registered on the hospital monitors.
Nicolae Mailat, 24, who came to Italy from Transylvania four months ago, was arrested in a set of makeshift shacks on the banks of the Tiber after police were alerted by a Romanian woman who saw him covered in blood.
Mr Mailat, a Roma gypsy, admitted robbing Ms Reggiani but denied raping her, police said.
Mr Mailat, who will be fully interrogated today, said: "I snatched her bag, but there was no violence. Look at the video tapes...
Clemente Mastella, the justice minister, vowed that at least 100 of the Romanians who are serving time in Italian jails will be deported before the end of the year."
Now, I am absolutely no expert on the provenance of Romanian surnames. In Transylvania, 'Mailat' might be as common surname as 'Smith' in England, 'Jones' in Wales or 'Kelly' in Ireland.
If these draculs are related, then the Mailat clan of Transylvania sound as if they need immediate re-education in the finer nuances of gender equality; and it would seem that their actions have given us just as much cause to buck the European integrationist trend as they've given the Italians.
If the Italians can deport so-called "EU national" criminals, then so can we.
End of story.


Anonymous said...

>If the Italians can deport so-called "EU national" criminals, then so can we.
End of story.<

One flaw in your logic, Devil, me old mucker. The Italian government actually gives a flying fuck about the safety of its citizens; the Eyeties think it's important to protect themselves from peregrinatory bands of intinerant Balkan thieves, rapists and murderers.

Our government, in the Soviet Socialist Republic of Broonistan, consider the twin causes of European intergation and political correctness to be far more important than the defence of the law. I mean, if a few (thousand) women have to be raped, robbed and murdered by fucking illiterate disease-riddled soap-dodging Transylvanian gyppos, that's a price well worth paying in the furtherance of the great European project.

Also, you're a fucking racist if you don't agree. And being a racist is far worse than being a rapist.

Anonymous said...

The British, and I assume the Italians, never gave their permission for this garbage to be swilled into their countries. Italy is doing the right in deporting them by any rational yardstick.

The British government is still intent on the destruction of Britain and Britishness.

Katy Newton said...

I mean, if a few (thousand) women have to be raped, robbed and murdered by fucking illiterate disease-riddled soap-dodging Transylvanian gyppos, that's a price well worth paying in the furtherance of the great European project.

Can't imagine why anyone would think you were a racist, anon, given your measured language and the obvious care you've taken not to exaggerate the situation. And look at all that evidence you've linked to! Gosh, people are so oversensitive.

Martin, as far as EU law is concerned it operates in the same way all over the Union, and therefore your statement that if the Italians can deport criminals then so can we is correct. I suspect, however, that they can't do so any more than we can. If you recall, Gordon Brown made a similar promise to the British electorate a few weeks ago, and I'm sure he knows perfectly well that he can't deliver on it. I think this only really demonstrates that politicians all over the world will say whatever they think the public wants to hear.

Falco said...

They can't. End of story. Of course we could always leave.

Anonymous said...

>Can't imagine why anyone would think you were a racist, anon, given your measured language and the obvious care you've taken not to exaggerate the situation. And look at all that evidence you've linked to! Gosh, people are so oversensitive.<

You're so right, Katy. Being insensitive to a bunch of greasy unwashed murdering raping gits is so much worse than, for example, raping and beating women to death.

It's so brave of you to stand up for the fundamental right of Eastern Europeans to rape and murder anyone they want. You go, girl! Fight the power!

Katy Newton said...

I hold no brief for rapists or murderers, but nor do I think that all or even most Eastern Europeans are rapists or murderers. You're a fuckwit.

Oh, and you're a racist. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

>I hold no brief for rapists or murderers, but nor do I think that all or even most Eastern Europeans are rapists or murderers.<

But some are and the Eyeties are kicking them out of Italy.

>You're a fuckwit.<

I am rubber; you are glue.

>Oh, and you're a racist.<

How appropriate. You fight like a cow.

Devil's Kitchen said...

The Italians can't deport them. They will be ruled against and fined by the ECJ.

End of story.


Katy Newton said...

Some people are trying to have a serious, measured discussion about how immigration should be controlled here and in the EU, and that discussion is constantly derailed by idiots like you who plough into the middle of the debate and start frothing about diseased immigrants who don't wash, as if there weren't thousands of immigrants in this country who came here, got jobs and settled down to make their own living.

The immigration debate is about (a) national resources and (b) Britain's right to control her own borders. It isn't about one nation being innately superior to another, for fuck's sake.

Anonymous said...

Katy Newton - You seem not to have grasped the point. You write: "I hold no brief for rapists or murderers, but nor do I think that all or even most Eastern Europeans are rapists or murderers."

Did anyone claim they are?

Answer, please.

Did you get the point that it's the rapists, murderers, thieves and beggars who should be repatriated?

Well, that about takes care of Romania.

I think the point the Italians are making is, they don't want to import garbage. Nor do we.

I don't see why we don't just deport them anyway. Then they could have a new career in fighting for their rights in their home countries which, I am sure, would be pleased to offer them legal aid.

Just put them on a plane to their homeland. Take a swab of their DNA and a retinal photograph and don't let them back in. What are they going to do? Send in the Romanian Airforce?

And the EU would send us a demand for a fine. And we ignore it. So what?

PS - I've just read your latest deranged post. You are very angry. Why? Because the debate is not up to your dainty standards? Of course, neither are the Romanians.

I also noticed, come to think of it, that you called someone "a racist" - the magic bullet of socialists everywhere - but you don't explain how your accusation "Congratulations! You're a racist!" can possibly be other than socialist wishful thinking.

I believe the Romanians are Caucasians. Am I wrong? And I believe most of Europe - excepting immigrants (who have so much to contribute, what with the mint tea and halal slaughter of animals an' all) - is Caucasian.

Could you explain why one Caucasian condemning another Caucasian for rape, murder and robbery is "racist"?

There are only five races in the world. Romanian is not one of them. Neither is British. These are what we know as "nationalities".

Anonymous said...

if you are a non-national, and you commit a crime, then it should be immediate deportation back to your home country. it therefore is not "our" problem and we dont have to waste taxpayer money on imprisoning a scumbag who isn't british.

dont see what's wrong with that. saves taxpayer money and frees up prison places at the very least.

Devil's Kitchen said...

OK, let me put this straight. First, Katy is a lawyer: therefore she looks at things from that basis.

Second: we cannot deport people and neither can the Italians. They will do what our politicos do and say that they will deport them, and then they won't.

I repeat: WE CANNOT DEPORT EU CITIZENS unless we can prove that they are threats to NATIONAL SECURITY. The same applies to the Italians. They won't deport them and neither will our government.

They will say that they have, but they won't have. Because they can't.

End of. OK?


Anonymous said...

Katy is a lawyer and can't define "racism"? That's rather a large word for a lawyer to be unable to define.

Anonymous said...

Its fucking lawyers who got us into this mess in the first place!
On the alter of "yuman rites" the socialists have handed criminals MORE rights than their victims! For years the bastard socialists have been repeating the same evil lies that anyone who disagrees with unlimited immigration is racist!
Its lawyers who fight tooth and nail to prevent fake asylum seekers and immigrant criminals being deported(making lots of money along the way)!
Listen you thick lawyer cunt, You fuckers caused the problems in the first place, the native population never asked for mass immigration BUT you would think that some effort would have been made to keep out the criminal element? but no! Its been a "let everyone in" fiasco and all the while you fucking slimy fat lawyers have been getting richer and richer! Lawyers even get public money to halt the deportation of serious criminals after they have served prison time!
In my version of the revolution lawyers and commisars would swing from the lamposts together!
I do not expect that you will admit that the legal profession bears a large portion of guilt for the terrible situation that now exists BUT next time you defend a foreign rapist or killer, just think how many have been wrongly freed to kill and rape again!

Its pathetic that all you can do is cry "racist" when your stupid and evil beliefs are exposed!

Fuck off and count your large pile of money and think of all the victims of crime that YOU helped over the years!

Anonymous said...

"Katy is a lawyer: therefore she looks at things from that basis"

That's the trouble with lawyers. They see life from the point of the view of the Law. Guilt, innocence, right, wrong, morality and even "justice" come second to that.

The Law is drawn up by lawyers for lawyers.

Martin said...

"In my version of the revolution lawyers and commisars would swing from the lamposts together!"

You would also be hanging the post's author.

If you're interested, my collar size is 16.

Mulligan said...

There are a lot of things you cannot do within EU law that other member states manage to circumvent without problem or punishment. I would therefore not be so sure that Italy will not deport this lowlife without any problems whatsover.

Unfortunately our British sense of fair play , plus the generous way taxpayers money is used to allow oooman rights lawyers to stop taxpayers being protected from this scum, means that we will never be able to take the correct action in these sorts of case.

Anonymous said...

"we cannot deport people and neither can the Italians. "

DK - if you check the italian newswires you'll find that they have indeed started deporting them back to Romania. i believe 4 were put on a plane back to bucharest from Milan.

others are being put on buses back to romania. still others are getting on the buses themselves because of the general anti-roma sentiment in italy.

no doubt , they'll probably all eventually end up in the UK, as the rest of Eastern Europe takes on the Italian example and starts expelling "problem" citizens. i believe Slovakia also has a Roma "problem" that they are very willing to offload onto us , with our "human rights" lawyers.

in other words - watch this space.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Martin, totally agreed.

Anonymous said...

as reported here -the italians have indeed started expulsions. as far as i know the italians are indeed complying with EU law, because it deems these criminals a threat to "national security" (which is the law they rushed through this week). from my reading of it, thats the loophole that the italians are using.

so, martin is right - if the italians can do it, so can we - and bingo - several thousand prison places are suddenly freed up.

King of Scurf said...

Lawyers exploit bad legislation. That is an important aspect of their job. That doesn't mean all lawyers are inherently bad any more than you can conclude that if a Romanian commits a crime then that means all Romanians are criminals.

Anonymous said...

DK you may be correct in your assertion that the Italians can't deport these people but are you aware the French can ban people from a region? They frequently ban people from Calais for example when caoght trying to smuggle people into Britain. The perps usually get 6 months in a French prison followed by a 3 year ban. If caught they face instant imprionment. Not that I am a fan of Napoleonic justice but it works a lot more efficiently than our piss pot system. A crook can be caught on Saturday, be before the magistrate on Monday and be in prison on Tuesday. Anyway enough of French jurisprudence. The point that has my blood boiling this week is related to our shyster laws. You may recall one of the alleged killers of Sharon Beshinivsky, Mustafa Jama, fled to Somalia and has now been extradited from there. WTF? We are unable to deport vermin like him to Somalia in case his human rights are abused yet we can extradite villains from there. We are going fucking mad in Britain. What happens if he is found guilty and the judge recommends deportation at the end of his laughably short sentence? Sorry your honour no can do. Britain is going to hell in a hand cart.

Anonymous said...

Is the difference in Italian and British law on deportation down to the fact that we placed no restrictions on immigration from Eastern Europe, whereas the Italians have? Is that their loophole?

roadrunner said...

Iread that the E.U.nabob who deals with this said the Italians were acting within the law so if they can so can we,people should write to their M.P.s demanding this.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we should retain a humam rights - (our human rights - law firm to bring a class action against the government and force them deport foreign scum, first thoughtfully taking an example of their DNA and a retinal scan so they can't get back in. The punishment for even trying to get back in would be a shot to the forehead.

The law firm we retain would, of course, be able to speak English and would not confuse simple definitions, like thinking a "nationality" is a "race".

(Again, there are only five races in the world. Let's all remember that in Temple, shall we?)

Anonymous said...

You could always think about moving to Romania. I hear it's getting much safer there lately, with the crime rate down by 22%

Little Black Sambo said...

If he is a rapist I don't think he would be called Mailat. As I understand the Romanian system of names, he would probably be called Raptaru or something like that. It's really quite helpful.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like collective punishment to me.

Tell you what, why don't we kick out all the blacks while we're at it. I'm sure black people have committed crimes. Maybe kick out the Jews too? Irish? Catholics? How about everyone called 'Jack'? That Jack the Ripper guy was pretty nasty - best just get rid of all of them. Just in case.

Anonymous said...

Annonytwat 5.59pm,

Why dont you fuck off and peddle that shite elsewhere eh? Because your lies dont wash anymore!
I think you know that most people want CRIMINALS deported and not ordinary law abiding people!
You cant argue against that sensible measure so you muddy the waters and create a smokescreen by telling lies? Listen closely fuckface, the people of this country are sick of cunts like you smearing us because we dont want foreign criminals stalking our streets, is that too much to ask?
The majority of foreign criminals come out of prison to offend again and again! Now bleeding heart handwringers tell us to forgive these criminals? well fuck that! I dont want to forgive anymore, see? I want the fuckers deported, never to be seen again, OK? We have plenty of our own criminal element without importing tens of thousands of foreign ones! The leftist traitor bastards have been able to silence the public with their sneaky use of the racist slur BUT things have changed! People are no longer cowed by your fucking lies.

Why not turn that 'searchlight' on your own shady and racist and anti democratic selves eh?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 5:59 - Great idea! I suggest that first up, we execute "collective punishment" (thanks for the esteemed Wickipedia link; we wouldn't have known what "collective punishment" meant without your kindly direction)wild-eyed lefty, vicious, judgemental morons who post under the name Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

When the Nazis came for the communists,
I remained silent;
I was not a communist.

When they locked up the social democrats,
I remained silent;
I was not a social democrat.

When they came for the trade unionists,
I did not speak out;
I was not a trade unionist.

When they came for the Jews,
I remained silent;
I wasn't a Jew.

When they came for me,
there was no one left to speak out.

Martin said...

"When they came for the Jews,
I remained silent;
I wasn't a Jew."

I would merely point out that Pastor Niemoller's poem contains no reference to "When they came for the serial rapists".

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 13:00- I wonder what the HRA has to allow regarding punishment for serial perpetrators of turgid triteness on the web.

If I read one more poster who quotes Niemoller with an air of self-righteousness revelation, or Voltaire ("I may not agree", etc)with an equal sense of hyper-nobility, I will break something.

Re your last line, "When they came for me, there was no one left to speak out." Either that or they were all hiding. And filling up the car belonging to "they" with petrol and polishing the windscreen.

Homophobic Horse said...

There are morons out there who believe Europe is undergoing a kind of fascist upsurge..

From now on, people (such as our "anonymous") who break Godwins law ought to be dismissed as Holocaust Deniers.

(And then we will be the ones who will be fapping ourselves stupid with moral vanity!! *licks lips*)

Katy Newton said...

Plenty of thick cunts have put an appearance in on this thread, but I'm not one of them. Let's see one of you demented, frothing fuckwits point to where I've said that I'm in favour of convicted non-British criminals being allowed to remain in this country or commit crimes here.

Katy Newton said...

PS, Verity: the word "gyppos" is commonly considered to be a racist term. If you want to argue that "gyppos" is a less offensive term than, for example, "nigger" because "gyppos" aren't a race, go ahead.

Anonymous said...

Kety Newton - Thanks and OK! I went ahead! Gypsies aren't a race.

The French aren't a race. We call them froggies. Is that racist?

We call the Germans Huns. So? We're all Aryans.

By the way, Pakistanis aren't a race, either, so Paki is also not a racial epithet. They're, in the main, Aryan, like us. So are the Iranians. (Iranian means Aryan in Farsi.)

Katy Newton, you note that "that the word 'gypos' is commonly considered to be a racist term'.

SO WHAT? Why would I be interested in "racism" as defined by illiterate morons?

That you are a lawyer is alarming. The entire practice of law is dependent on very precise interpretation of very precise definitions.

While I'm at it, I don't know how you feel about islam, but for all of those who fling the offensive word "racist" at those of us who criticise islam, islam's not a race either.

The sheer viciousness of the British is hard to beat. The hunger to be better than someone else by accusing them of being somehow below your level of sensibility is repulsive. The class system is dead but the self-righteous enforcement of thought fascism is thriving enough to support an entire industry and God knows how many quangoes.

Katy Newton, I don't care what your personal definition of racism is, any more than I care if you claim that yellow is actually blue because many people think it is (or, more likely, feel it is).

Roger Thornhill said...

I suspect Italy's Judges will not quibble and bleat like UK Judges and the Romanians and others will be kicked out, the EU will demand fines and Italy will ignore them.

Remember, it was Prodi who asked for the deportations...

Unlike Italy, our judges ahere to the letter of the law, regardless of National Security or National Interest. I suspect this is a habit gained from a century or two of GOOD LAW (unlike other places).

The answer is to fix the laws they interpret, not break them so they expect bad law, if you ask me.

Katy Newton said...

That you are a lawyer is alarming. The entire practice of law is dependent on very precise interpretation of very precise definitions.

I hate to break this to you, Verity, but as far as the law is concerned discriminating against people on grounds of nationality is racism. The Race Relations Act 1976 defines racist discrimination as treating a person less favourably than others on racial grounds – meaning race, colour, nationality or ethnic or national origins. You might not agree with that definition, but I don't think you can accuse me of not understanding the law.

Just to clear things up, the fact that I take issue with phrases like "disease-ridden gyppos" and "foreign scum" does not mean:

(a) that I'm a socialist - I most certainly am not;

(b) that I am in favour of convicted criminals who are not UK citizens being permitted to remain in this country; I'm not and I doubt most people are.

I think it's a shame that my instinctive dislike of racist language has led to me being described as a "thick lawyer cunt", but then it only demonstrates the point I made above, that any attempt to have a sensible conversation about regulation of immigration only ends up being hijacked by extremists on either side.

Anonymous said...

Katy Newton - "I think it's a shame that my instinctive dislike of racist language has led to me being described as a "thick lawyer cunt", ... You were not so described by me. Check it out. I don't resort to crude language.

Clearly, the Race Relations Act was written by rather provincial people - or vicious, uppity socialists (oops! pleonasm), back in 1976 and I am sorry that British law was so degraded by the definitions, as described by you, contained in this Act.

Nevertheless, whatever British law says, there are five races in the world, whether socialist British lawmakers can accept that fact or not. It's the kind of ragbag mess of personal prejudices that makes the law so easy to despise.

Clairwil said...

It would be worth pointing out that the rapist was grassed up by a fellow 'gypo' which might suggest that the dirty gypos are unique folk with their own personalities.

Still I'm sure Katy will take this stern lesson in women's rights on board. God alone knows where us women would be with the feminism lark if we didn't have you chaps to keep us in line.

Still I'm pleased to see chaps getting so worked up about rape. Does that mean you're all going to condemn it now at stop using the phrase 'cry rape'? -Nah thought not.

Anonymous said...


"If I read one more poster who quotes Niemoller with an air of self-righteousness revelation, or Voltaire ("I may not agree", etc)with an equal sense of hyper-nobility, I will break something."

How'bout you break yo'self, fool. Aaaaiiiight?
You fuckers are so easily trolled it's unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

How about you stop trying to mimic a black American accent? It's racist.

Clairwil said...

Gosh Verity,
Your last argument was actually so persuasive I've lost my mind!

Where did you learn your debating skills. I've always envied that ability to strike the right balance between empty tin and aggressive wanker.

Surely verity must be an Oxonian. Such genius and so lightly worn.

Anonymous said...

Clairwil - I assume you refer to my penultimate post as I don't believe you could think quickly enough to form your petite opinionette and post it between my last post at 12:30 a.m. and your own rush to judgement at 12:31 a.m.

Apologies if I have underrated your agility.

Clairwil said...

Oh Verity,
You are quite right. I was too busy playing with my rattle to think so fast. One day, if I keep at my studies I shall be a swishing intellectual like you. Or so my tutors tell me.

You should start a blog my friend. I'm amazed the internet hasn't collapsed without you. Between you and I that silly girl Newton has been leading me astray something wicked.

Anonymous said...

Clairwil - I'm not your "friend".

It's 'between you and me'. I hope to God you're not a law student.

I'm interested in how the British have been manipulated - and why did they allow it? - to believe that expressing a negative opinion about a fellow human being is "racist".

Katy Newton said...

believe that expressing a negative opinion about a fellow human being is "racist"

You're right, Verity. There is absolutely nothing offensive or prejudiced about describing Romanians as "disease-ridden gyppos" and anyone who says otherwise is clearly a closet Stalinist who wants nothing more than to overrun this fair and green land with imported psychos.

Katy Newton said...

Hey, Clairwil. If you're not busy tonight, I was thinking we could go and help some foreigners commit some crimes?

Anonymous said...

Verity - "I'm interested in how the British have been manipulated" - I think thats a universal conundrum............but not just for the Brits ?

By that I mean we are all shaped, moulded, manipulated [whatever you wan't to call it] by the prevailing social and cultural forces of any given era - a mindset that is all but impossible to reprogramme in later life.

By the time we develop pubes, or perhaps even earlier, we are saddled with our authentic self [more or less] - and nobody has the power to regulate it, feelings just emerge in certain conditions, that's all.

We con ourselves by habitually rationalising and denying our true feelings [according to the rules and expectations of the moment], governed, to a large extent, by the risk of sanctions if we dare to utter the wrong words.

The idea of eradicating racism tends to make me chuckle since I find it impossible to imagine that the self interest of various groups can ever be supplanted by the greater good - in fact, the very idea seems to fly in the face of basic evolutionary tenets [securing optimum conditions for gene survival, even if it means fucking your own brother over].

Nonsensical laws have been drafted for an aspiration that none of us can ever live up to.

I'm sure the Rumanians want this man even less than the Italians - after all, it is extremely likely that such an outrageous violation of somebody else's human rights was preceded by a catalogue of earlier crimes [including childhood abuse of the perpertrator, given that he clearly exhibits psychopathic tendencies].

guido faux said...

wow - nice thread.

Martin I think you should strike the word 'Foreign' from the title. Why not deport all criminal scum? Sending 'em all to Afghanistan for reconstruction projects would be a more efficient use of taxpayer's money and a pretty good deterrent.

Anonymous said...

Good to see Adolf is alive and well with us!

"Hitler does not need a second coming, he is still with us and his views can still be heard in the pub and in the newspapers--- Hitler has never gone away!" - the closing lines of the play "Adolf" by Pip Utton at the Edinburgh Festival.

Lets posit something. There is a large ex-pat Brit community in Spain. The pioneers of this community in many cases were criminals on the run from the UK - the so-called "Costa del Crime". Many of this community have not learned to speak Spanish and many send their children to English-speaking schools in Spain. Not to mention the amount of Brits who now sit on Spanish councils.

All things considered Martin and the other deranged tossers on this subject, do you think since the ex-pat community was partly founded by criminals that the Spanish should deport all Brits back to where they came from and close down the various fish and chip emporiums scattered up and down their coastline?

Anonymous said...

I haven't the faintest interest in the expat "community" in Spain. Presumably even the small criminal element,on the lam from Britain back when, did not fight their way in with automatic weapons. In other words, the Spanish government gave them permission - on an individual basis. Passports stamped. Etc. The Spanish government didn't open the floodgates and the expats who went and settled there - I assume - have obeyed Spanish laws rather than spend time in Spanish prisons, which are not as dainty as British prisons.

You write, with irony it would take a crane to lift: "There is absolutely nothing offensive or prejudiced about describing Romanians as "disease-ridden gyppos".

You are trying to alter your definitions. We are discussing an incorrect definition of "racism", not offensiveness or prejudice.

Let's stick to the subject, shall we? Gypsies are not a race. That is the point I hope your work in the law is limited to conveyancing.

Katy Newton, you are one chippy, self-righteous prig, which is not an uncommon failing among the British brainless left and your wit is infantile. You write to another poster: "If you're not busy tonight, I was thinking we could go and help some foreigners commit some crimes?"

Are you sure you are actually a lawyer and not just a 10-year old with aspirations?

Anonymous said...

Apologies. I should have made it clear that my first paragraph was addressed to your friend on the left, Break Dancing.

The Remittance Man said...

Let's assume, for the sake of argument, that the Italians (and the Brits) can pack these rather dispicable characters in a container truck (about 100 per TEU would be my recommendation) and ship them back from whence they came. What then?

With no border controls and the right to roam, all that's stopping the sods coming back is a bit of dosh for food (they can hitch hike) and, in Britain's case, the cost of a one-way ferry ticket.

Sorry, guys; until you get out of the eu and reinstate national controls, you're fucked.

The Remittance Man said...

As to the expression "gyppo" it's actually old British Army slang for the Egyptians. Oddly enough its use seems to have lasted far longer in South Africa than back in Britain.

For example : "to gyppo" - to fiddle something usually in an unsafe or dishonest manner.

Or "gyppo pt" - taking a crafty nap while supposed to be working.

If everyone's going to be rude about Didacoys, let's at least get the entemolgy correct, please.

Anonymous said...


Ah chauvenism, you can't beat it. How was the Spanish to know when the elements of the "Costa del Crime" turned up that they were on the run from the British authorities.

Anonymous said...

They don't have Interpol in Spain?

Up until three or four years ago, passports were checked at national borders. The Costa de Mucho Dinero refugees landed a long time ago, when borders meant passport control.

I don't in any event, see how this relates to the discussion above.

Katy Newton said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Katy Newton said...


As I understand it, you are right that Romany are not genetically a separate race. However, they have, historically, been perceived as an alien race in the countries in which they lived, and they have suffered from prejudice based upon that perception, which is analogous to racial prejudice.

It is for this reason that the Race Relations Act - rightly or wrongly - takes a very wide definition of racism which goes beyond the strict genetic confines of race. Discrimination on grounds of race or nationality leads to injustice if the result is that one section of society is treated differently than another due only to their race or nationality, both of which are generally beyond a person's control: we can't help what colour we're born, what race we're born into or what country we're born in.

I'm not a fan of discrimination on the grounds of race or nationality for that reason. I think that it is both stupid and unfair. Discrimination on the basis of religion is a somewhat more complicated issue because there is an element of choice in what religion you follow, but there's no need to be personally abusive to anyone, no matter what you think of their religion.

I hope you notice that I've done you the courtesy of addressing your point without insulting you, as I did when I drew your attention to the Race Relations Act above. Whilst you might not share my sense of humour, I'm not sure why you keep descending into name-calling. "Chippy and self-righteous"? "Puerile"? Crap at my job? With the greatest of respect, you don't actually have a clue what I do beyond the fact that I'm a lawyer, nor do you know nothing about me at all apart from the fact that you disagree with me on this particular issue.

Well, I don't agree with you either; but do you see me subjecting you to that level of personal abuse? No, you don't. Dare I suggest that you take a leaf out of my infantile, self-righteous, chippy book and reciprocate?

Anonymous said...

I don't believe I wrote that you were "crap at your job" as I don't talk like that, although I would have reservations about doing business with you because your thinking is blurred by emotion and is chimeric. From the evidence presented on this thread.

"and they have suffered from prejudice based upon that perception, which is analogous to racial prejudice."

No, I'm sorry, but it is not. This makes no sense whatsoever. A Romanian only has to prove himself as a neighbour, or in business or in a profession for the prejudice that they are violent, sleazy chancers to drop away.

On the other hand, a black person, or a Jew, cannot ever prove that he or she is not black or Jewish. [I am not suggesting that either would want to. I am just making the point that race is immutable.] It is in the genes. This is none of their doing. They cannot walk away from it as one can walk away from a life of sleaze. Robbing and raping is a lawless mindset, not genetic.

I don't agree with you about islam, either. Yes, there is a tremendous element of mind-control freakery about islam, but people do walk away. People are free human beings. Islam is not a race. Gypsies are not a race. Islam is not in anyone's DNA.

The "Race Relations" law that you quote above was written by One Worlder socialists.

KG said...

Great thread, and it's wonderful to see Verity commenting here!
Smart, informed, and courageous.

KG said...

And any time you feel like putting up a guest post, Crusader Rabbit and A Western Heart would be honoured to host it, Verity.
Just drop me a line. (email is under the KG profile)

Anonymous said...

I'm with Verity on this one.

The laywers have inflammed the whole situation by changing the definition of Racism to such a degree that any offense can have a racist motive. And before anyone says that the Law is made by the Legisture and Parlaiment, they're all lawyers as well!

Racism is a multimillion pound industry with lots of vested interests. It's gone way beyond bigotry, prejudice and discrimination.

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