Thursday, November 29, 2007

Cuddly Sudanese Teddy Bears

Sudan is something of a fuck-up, frankly, and now they have arrested one of our citizens for naming a teddy bear after the great fucking prophet, Mohammed (can we agree how this name is spelt in English? I know that Arabic doesn't have any vowels, as such, but seriously...); the pupil who named the bear has even, rather courageously given the barbarity of the country in which he is unfortunate enough to live, spoken as to why he suggested that name.
Gillian Gibbons, 54, from Liverpool, was arrested on Sunday in Khartoum, and could face charges of insulting Islam's Prophet after her class named the toy.

But one boy said: "The teacher asked me what I wanted to call the teddy. I said Muhammad. I named it after my name."

But the entire regime is about as unpleasant and rotten as one could imagine: John Trenchard reminds us of some salient points.
Let us remember that Sudan has an authoritarian government in which all effective political power is in the hands of President Omar al-Bashir. Bashir and his goons have controlled the government since he led the military coup on 30 June 1989.

During this time it has been the home of one Osama bin Laden, it has territorial disputes with Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and Egypt. It has attempted to invade Chad and supports Morocco in its war against the Polisario Front.

But its continuing war in Darfur and Southern Sudan, noted for it brutality especially the actions of the Janjaweed,that have caused the most international concern. It imposes strict Sharia Law and has a terrible human rights record. It is also listed on the US watch list of nations that support terrorism.

So, you would have thought that the Sudanese government might be one that we did not actually want to support in any way, least of all with our tax money, right? Wrong.
So what does wee Dougie do? Well apart from his State visit to Sudan, pledging a further £6 million to support “peace” in Darfur and helping out with the Muslim Live 8 it seems that the ‘Sudanese people’ have been recieving quite a bit of cash from Gordon and Co, not as though they have noticed:

Common Humanitarian Fund Contributions—£35.0m
Contribution to ICRC and NGOs—£30.0m
Support to the humanitarian response in Chad—£6.0m
Multi-Donor Trust Fund Contributions—£17.0m
Basic Services Fund (South Sudan)—£4.0m
Capacity Building in Southern Sudan—£2.3m
Governance Support through UNDP—£5.7m
Promoting Safety, Security and Access to Justice—£4.9m
Support to the Darfur Peace Agreement—£1.4m
Fighting Malaria—£1.5m
Support to UNICEF on Water and Child Rights—£0.8m
Support to local recovery processes—£1.0m

Total DFID—£109.72m
Africa Conflict Prevention Pool—£3.6m



And where does all the loot come from I here you ask and why are we spending more on "Governance Support" than on water?

Good questions: why not head on over to Trenchard's place and find out?


Anonymous said...

Current convention is 'Muhammad' or 'Mohammed' but never 'Muhammed'.

Anonymous said...

In a world where Piglet’s nearly pork, where even Friends and Relations cannot help,
one bear stands alone against the heffalumps.
He's back. He's mad.
And it's time for a little something...

'Get those bloody mortars up on the ridge Tiger Lily,' ordered Bill Badger.
The Chinese girl and Algy Pug struggled up the hill, a box of ammunition swinging between them on webbing straps.
As they scraped out a makeshift firing position just below the skyline, Bill heard the flat crack of the new sniper rifle with which the
platoon's marksman had recently been issued . The sergeant grunted with satisfaction. Edward Trunk would keep the enemy's heads down all the
way to the outskirts of Nutwood, and that would make it easier for the lads in the forward positions as the advance proceeded.
Raggety and a squad of Spring Elves were crawling across open the ground towards the burning town and had taken cover behind a crashed and twisted sleigh. The boneless shapes of the reindeers were bloating up in the warm April sunlight.
Bill's shaving-brush muzzle shook with a cough as he gazed across the deserted cow pasture beyond.
It wasn't the gun smoke: his TB was playing up again.
Whump! Whump! Whump! Tiger Lily's mortar rounds landed right on the money; perfectly spaced around the enemy's forward position
in The Professor's orchard.
'Bloody good suppressing fire, that,' murmured Sergeant Badger to himself. Now, if only the new lieutenant managed not to do something incredibly inexperienced, they might all get out of this alive.

'So, English infidel, now will you talk?' The beating stopped for a moment.
P squinted up from below ragged, sawdust-covered brows. Kapok leaked from
torn seams.
'Actually, old boy,' he drawled, ' I'm Peruvian.'

Frank P said...

I have the perfect compromise for the Sudanese impasse. Behead the fucking bear. Eat your heart out Mark Bollock-Brown.

Mark Wadsworth said...


Anonymous said...

I think the current convention is Mo-little girl loving, murdering, robbing, lying-hammed.

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