Tuesday, November 06, 2007

A conspiracy with no meeting of minds

Matthew Sinclair has a typically thoughtful and coherent post up on the subject of Liberal Conspiracy.
I'm not sure what interaction Liberal Conspiracy wants with right-wingers. At first I thought it must want to be a showcase for the best talent the left-wing blogosphere has to offer. Sort of like Comment is Free was originally intended to be. That intention is suggested by the ConservativeHome-like online magazine format and the fact that it has clearly been "marketed" pretty widely. If that is the intention then it could become a great place to go and find all my favourite left-wing bloggers to debate with. The site would want to attract right-wing comment so that the new ideas it purports to promote can be battle-hardened before heading out into the real world.

Unfortunately, one of its very first posts manages a combination of superficiality and self-righteousness that has utterly put me off the whole project. Apparently what Zohra really wants is to escape the real world with all those unpleasant and self-evidently wrong people who disagree - who she never discusses in any tone but utter disdainful incomprehension.

Indeed. Still, I have thought of a fun tagline for the site...
Liberal Conspiracy: a voluntary collective discussing how best the rest of the population may be kept in an involuntary collective.

OK, OK, it's a bit long-winded, but you get the gist...


Unknown said...

A "voluntary collective with the aims of keeping everyone else in an involuntary collective".

Sheer genius!

chris said...

Based on the posts so far Paternalist Conspiracy might have been a more apt title.

Anonymous said...

Shorter Matt Sinclair:

I didn't like one of the posts on LC so I'm jolly well not going to play with them anymore, so there!

Matthew Sinclair said...


I love your strategy. You can write up an argument in a childish fashion and then mock it for sounding childish. Brilliant.

Let's try it for Gandhi: "I don't like imperialism, I'm making my own pants, so there!"

It's pretty meaningless. You aren't actually exposing the essence of my post you're just creating a straw idiot in your own image.

Anonymous said...

Mummy, mummy, that pretentious man with his head up his bum is fwightening me!

Oo, and I think I just caught a whiff of the 'essence of your post'- bullshit, if I'm not mistaken.

Anyway, I really must dash, Postman Pat is about to start.

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