Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Cell cultured

Scientists really aren't having a good few weeks, as news of yet another colossal fuck-up surfaces. [Emphasis mine.]
Millions of pounds of charity donations and taxpayers' money have been wasted on worthless cancer studies, the BBC has learned.

One of the latest examples of scientific research to be affected by this problem is a study of oesophageal cancer.

Researcher Dr Chris Tselepis worked with an international team which has found that TE7, an experimental culture of cancer cells used in labs for the past 20 years, was the wrong cancer.

The problem is compounded by the fact that studies based on erroneous research data will be printed in reputable scientific journals and become part of the accepted literature, thus misleading future researchers.

But don't worry, chaps: scientists are entirely trustworthy when they aren't using the wrong cell cultures or lying for money or simply pulling numbers out of their arses for the sake of their pride.

I'd just like to reassure everyone that, despite the fact that humans are longer-lived and healthier than ever before, we are still doomed. The scientists say so and they are never rarely not constantly wrong.

Feel free to panic...

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Mark Wadsworth said...

To be fair, most research leads to nought, and many theories get overturned after a while, but as long as some of it leads to a breakthrough, and the benefits of that breakthrough outweigh the 'wasted' costs of the other research, it is worth pursuing.

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