Thursday, November 01, 2007

Bubble logo insanity

Speech Bubble logos galore!So many speech bubbles, one can hardly hear oneself shout. [Click image for a larger version.]

I was pondering a piece of creative work today—a logo for an online agency—and was sudenly reminded of a wonderful collection: Die Speech Bubble Logo, Die.
It’s frothy out there in web round 2, assuming we’re in round 2, and all those bubbles really add to the effect. Each day, I see more than one new speech bubble logo. Am I the only one who thinks this has passed the point of group think, and entered the realm of comedy?

As a catch-all symbol, the speech bubble is tough to resist. It contains what everyone wants to say about the “new” web: user-generated, communication, collaboration, commenting, social media, community, self-published, my voice, our voice, rating, ranking, sharing and the rest. On top of that, it’s simple with a minimum of line, approachable and cuddly, and you can always count on people getting it. What more could a would-be communicator want?

But, it’s over. The day has come to pronounce from far and wide – “Attention all startups, it’s a bad idea to hang your ID hat on a speech bubble. Just don’t.”

This kind of thing is, of course, the nature of graphic design which has trends and "seasons" just as the fashion industry does: you might remember the trend for random concentric shapes a few years ago, which Private Eye highlighted by running a section that showed all of the logos that were eerily similar to Consignia's.

One reason for all of this is a simple one: money. Rebranding is possibly the most lucrative area of the design business and, if there are trends, then it is easier to convince a client that their old logo makes them look out of touch and that they need to rebrand in the latest fashion.

I am hoping that the design trend is about to edge towards either hand-drawn logos—such as... oh, I don't know... devils or doctors—or slightly disturbing photo-montages, so that I can afford to live in the style to which I'd like to become accustomed...


Roger Thornhill said...

Oh grief, you have picked off a rather deep, itchy and angry scab with this one.

Colours have seasons for sure. We had the irritating fad of putting the dictionary meaning complete with phonetic script underneath. We had the faux Latin/Greek non-word phase. We still have the squiggle and stickman kind that is so loved of Local Authorities, usually with dissonance (or is that disphotonce?) in the colours. All that white-green-blue.

Unknown said...

It all went to pot when BT got rid of yellow vans and Busby, replaced by ... f*ck knows what it is, a trumpet player ?

Gavin Ayling said...

Oooh, oooh, Web Cameron

Anonymous said...

BT don't use the trumpeting bloke and haven't for a few years. I honestly don't know what their logo is supposed to be now. IIRC it's a strange looking globe or something like that.

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