Saturday, November 24, 2007

Babies harm the environment

Meet Toni Verelli: a woman "who won't have babies—because they're not eco friendly".
Had Toni Vernelli gone ahead with her pregnancy ten years ago, she would know at first hand what it is like to cradle her own baby, to have a pair of innocent eyes gazing up at her with unconditional love, to feel a little hand slipping into hers - and a voice calling her Mummy.

But the very thought makes her shudder with horror.

Because when Toni terminated her pregnancy, she did so in the firm belief she was helping to save the planet.

For fuck's sake...
Incredibly, so determined was she that the terrible "mistake" of pregnancy should never happen again, that she begged the doctor who performed the abortion to sterilise her at the same time.

He refused, but Toni - who works for an environmental charity - "relentlessly hunted down a doctor who would perform the irreversible surgery.

Finally, eight years ago, Toni got her way.

At the age of 27 this young woman at the height of her reproductive years was sterilised to "protect the planet".

Incredibly, instead of mourning the loss of a family that never was, her boyfriend (now husband) presented her with a congratulations card.

I think that's great. I think that it's nice that two insane people should have found each other. Although, when he leaves her in a few years, citing the desire to have a family as the reason, she'd better not come crying to the taxpayer for her anti-depressants.
While some might think it strange to celebrate the reversal of nature and denial of motherhood, Toni relishes her decision with an almost religious zeal.

"Having children is selfish. It's all about maintaining your genetic line at the expense of the planet," says Toni, 35.

"Every person who is born uses more food, more water, more land, more fossil fuels, more trees and produces more rubbish, more pollution, more greenhouse gases, and adds to the problem of over-population."

While most parents view their children as the ultimate miracle of nature, Toni seems to see them as a sinister threat to the future.

What future? This woman really is fucking barking mad, isn't she?

I mean, seriously, Toni: what future are we talking about here? If we assume that your position is correct, as you obviously do, it isn't the future of the human race because if everyone took your attitude there wouldn't be a human race (have you read Children of Men, by the way?).

As Mike Power says...
Good job your mother took a different view. Have you considered the ultimate environmentalist gesture - suicide? And let's hope you never need care and attention from someone else's son or daughter in the future. Of course, logically, they could legitimately have one child between them which wouldn't even be enough to replace them both. A 50% reduction! On second thoughts perhaps it's best if they don't breed.

We aren't sure if being completely fucking hatstand is genetic, but just in case it is, perhaps her sterilisation's for the best...


Anonymous said...

Stupid bitch, fair play. Three star moonbat.

She'll convert to Islam within five years is my prediction.

Anonymous said...

If the bitch was really hardc0re, she'd fucking top herself instead of selfishly consuming resources.

Anonymous said...

This story gives me hope for the future. This is evolution working its magic in the modern age. Let's just hope this kind of state of mind is genetic.

John Trenchard said...

barking mad. on the plus side, she's made her barking mad genetic line extinct. so there is hope for the next generation.

Unknown said...

Give the stupid bint a Darwin Award.

Tomrat said...


Pre-humously? Can they do that or will it just get an honourable mention.

Nature vs. Nurture: Howmany more people will this clown convince to kill their kids? What would she say if it was pointed out and proven irrevocably that global warming is a myth? But then again I doubt she'd say much, except "why is the charity I work for not paying me anymore? Oh: AGW has been disproven? Really? Well, dont I feel silly..."

Trixy said...

Why shouldn't she? It's her body. I think it's rather hypocritical of you all to sit there talking about liberty and then say this woman shouldn't have the right not to have children. I'd love to be sterlised as I don't want them rather than protecting the planet but I'm not allowed by my doctors who think I will want to change my mind one day. Well, unlikely, but if I did then that would be my fault. And I can get a cat instead.

And you know what, I suspect that massive increases in population don't do that much good for the planet. Asthetically, if nothing else. Roads, housing estates, blah blah aren't as nice as country villages.

I wouldn't say that people who have children are selfish, though. They are when they ask me to stop smoking next to them and I'm in a smoking area, though. I didn't ask them to reproduce.

Anonymous said...

Like Toni Vernelli I am an animal rights supporter and a vegan, however I find her attitude oppressive and offensive to those of us who are vegan parents, she should be supporting us in raising kids with the values she supports and not disrespecting our way of life. Her child would have been raised as a vegan and would have been raised with some good values. Aborting it was cruel and defeatist

Lokiray said...

Thumbs up Trixy, well said. I don't want kids either, this environmental reason is partially why. Sod the haters, choice is personal. Get over it people. This woman has every right, I think she's quite sane. Its sad doctors say the same to me but my mind won't change. And fk that person saying to kill herself, take your own advise fool. Thanks Trixy for speaking out. Xx

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