Friday, October 12, 2007

You can show anything with statistics

Just a quick note on stats, mainly to let The Kitchen's contributors know!

September was something of a slow month (as is usual after my August Fringe sojourn); October is shaping up to be rather busier—we have well over 50% of last month's pageloads and visitors already.

Total Pageloads: 39,310
Individual Visitors: 30,525

I have now redirected my Blogger Atom feed through Feedburner, so the number of people subscribing is shown via the little button in the right hand column. As I publish the full feed, I assume that a good many of those subscribing do not actually "hit" the site, simply reading the posts in their RSS Readers?

There was something of a debate on whether there was a better way to distinguish who has written a particular article; I have not found an automatic one yet (I could make the author's name bigger still, but I think that no one actually reads the author's name anyway). We do all have somewhat different styles—not only of writing but also of syntax—which might send a clue though. Anyway, I shall continue to look into the problem.

I would also like to remind everyone that there is, as such, no particular writing policy at The Kitchen. The original team members were recruited partly because they had opposing views to those of your humble Devil. Although this blog has, in recent times, become the Home For Retired SwearbloggersTM, there are still occasional contributors whose views are not necessarily shared by myself. However, they are good writers and I hope that they do at least stimulate debate.

Anyway, as per usual, thank you to all of the contributors and, of course, to all of the readers of The Kitchen. We shall endeavour to continue the entertainment.

Now, back to the swearing. Or, rather, the gloating: the poor little Greek boy has drawn my attention to the fact that Polly has been rejected by her big Norse warrior...
And meanwhile, spare a thought for Polly - left behind in the great mansion with her mascara-stained handkerchiefs and her spinster's memories, slowly beginning to realise that he never loved her anyway; that he was just doing her for the column inches, every thrust cynically calculated rather than lovingly bestowed, his one good eye on the bedside clock all the while. Then, with a small dying shudder, it is over, and he quickly dresses; "Bestows one final patronising kiss, And gropes his way, finding the stairs unlit..."

Isn't it beautiful? I do love a bit of Schadenfreude...


MatGB said...

I tend to read most of your posts on my feeds page, and come here to either comment, see pictures, comment or read the comments to an interesting post.

I used to dislike full feeds, and didn't release them, I've completely changed my mind now.

In old Blogger, I managed to, for a brief period, put the author name in the title, so it would display as MatGB: title or PaulJ: title, partially because you and a few others got us mixed up a fair bit. But it doesn't display in the feed in such a way anyway.

I can normally tell—if I'm honest I tend to only like you, Katy and Andrew, the others I'm not so keen on, but again, personal taste, it's not they're bad, just not for me. And I can normally tell just from writing style and syntax (or formatting, font colour changes are a giveaway).

But still, more readers per month than most blogs get per year, that's not bad.

Wonder how Feedburner handles aggregators like Greader, Bloglines and LJ? Each would read the feed once, then pass it on any number of times.

Devil's Kitchen said...


In my Reader, it displays the author at the bottom of the post, so I can always check the author anyway.

I've always published full feeds, etc. because I have always wanted to make The Kitchen as easy to access as possible (the same reason why I keep commenting as open as possible too).

It's nice that I can keep some kind of track of who reads via the feed though.


MatGB said...

My current one doesn't, I think the new one will, but I haven't installed it yet—I need a web based reader, I switch PCs several times a week and that gives me less control over how stuff is displayed :-(

(you have, on occasions, switched to partial feeds, especially when you were getting spammer reprint your content, but, y'know, nitpicking...)

Fidothedog said...

Yeah with a lot of stuff to read and cyclops taxes to pay one has little time to spare to RSS reader is the way.

Mr Eugenides said...

Is there no way to have a thumbnail of our Blogger avatars appear at the head of the post, for example? Or would that look awkward?

It's not a big deal but it would help to distinguish. You could try setting it up so it only put the other writers' avatars up, and not bother with your own. Maybe I'm just overcomplicating.

ScotsToryB said...

Lotsa probs.

Do you register hits with Atom v RSS?
If so, I'll change. The first feed I added was RSS so I blindly stuck to it.

Sometimes I think, that's a bit different from his normal output but, hey, even swearbloggers don't sometimes. I normally realise it after yourself or others comment, so perhaps a namecheck along the lines of 'post a comment to X' would help. Frankly, I expect the blog owner to be posting unless OTHERWISE STATED SO EVEN GORDIEBOY CANNOT MISS IT, because I read so many blogs where a team is said to post and reality is that it is only the one person. FFS man, colour code if necessary, yer F'n trained in the art.

My 2pence worth.


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