Friday, October 05, 2007

Will he, Won't he?

Will the jowly, one-eyed cunt of a man - you know, the one who has had a personality bypass - call a General Election? Cue reams and reams and reams of speculation to pad out newspapers and websites.

I'm not going to comment further other than to say that I whole-heartedly agree with Mr Eugenides's appraisal - I hope what ever happens, Brown is utterly fucked.

UPDATE: Looks like he won't be calling an election after all. Whatever flaws the other party leaders may have (and, by Christ, there are a lot of them), they are, at least, nowhere near as pitifully cowardly as our incumbent Prime Minister.

It took Brown 10 years to become Prime Minister - he was always afraid of any attempts to topple Blair back-firing on him. It is the same fear that has stopped him from calling an election now. He is terrified of losing. And the irony is he has played straight into the hands of David Cameron. Cameron now has time to rebuild support for his party, hopefully developing some concrete policies rather than relying on sub-Blair posturing. Cameron will be better placed to take Number 10 from Brown next year, and even more likely to in 2009. For anyone who hasn't realised our Prime Minister is a powergrabbing, introverted, paranoid, theiving cowardly bastard this will start sowing the first seeds of doubt in their minds. Brown has not emerged from this debacle as the calculating, adept political master - as much as it pains me to say it, Cameron has. Brown has emerged as a snivelling, pathetic coward - hint after hint after hint about going for it and calling the election, only to bottle it and run away at the first sign that the polls might be changing.

Nice work, Gordo, you twat. This decision will be the one where, when the history books are written, people will go "yep. That's the moment. That's the moment when Gordon Brown managed to totally fuck himself."


John Trenchard said...

completely OT - wouldnt mind a reciprocal link to our new BBC Biased blog

this was set up a few months ago when heavy handed comment censorship started happening on the biased bbc blog

hence a mass exodus over to the new one.

keep up the good work DK, and yeah - hang the fuckers and their 500 billion of robbed money. fuck them all.

John Trenchard said...

err.. my first link was wrong. its actually

bbc biased

apologies for swamping this comment thread.

wonkotsane said...

Is it right that the One Eyed Wonder of Wankistan is allowed to decide on the date of an election based on when it's good for him and the shower of shits in the Liebour Party?

Anonymous said...

A tad on the crude side today. Lost our gift for equitone prose have we?

Shug Niggurath said...

What do we want?


When do we want it?


I still find it hard to believe that Tony Blair was able to stand for re-election the last time while assuring us that [PP the devil] The Gobblin' King would take over.

Fuckers and the fucking idiots who voted for them!

William Gruff said...

Gordon The McGravy Train Engine manages to be both two-faced and one-eyed at the same time.

Quite an achievement.

Soup Waiter said...

You're all being conned, mainstream politics in UK might as well be a one party system. Whenever the government changes, the disruption to services is crippling and expensive.

You should be petitioning for a one party system like China, seems to be working for Russia too.

Mr Eugenides said...

Whenever the government changes, the disruption to services is crippling and expensive.

All due respect, Jolietjake, but that's rubbish. Belgium seem to be managing just fine without government. If it means they spend four weeks promising to cuddle us, at least that's four weeks when they're not fucking us.

Shug Niggurath said...

Mr E.

Due respect??? So none then!

Anonymous said...

Yep this was the moment that Brown well and truly fucked up. He did the hard part and then wimped out.

Frankly I bloody pissed off about it because he has made that total and utter cunt who leads the tory party look like a winner.

Guthrum said...

No Mandate and too cowardly to get one, he is going to regret this

Shug Niggurath said...


Brown is a loser. He lost out to Tony Blair 13 years ago, he had to build himself an ivory tower as chancellor because he was so loathed by the other power brokers in the Labour party. Surrounded himself with sycophants - as all losers really do, winners have enough people with geunine ability to let them ditch the sycophants, is singly responsible for the economic problems about to hit this country.

On top of that he is a bandwagon jumper. He supports Ross County - his local team. He's claimed support for other football teams over the years, culminating in the ridiculous assertion that he's both an England AND Scotland supporter. It's actually possible to have an allegiance in sport and still seriously want a rival to win at certain times! He can't see this because more than anything else he doesn't so much not fancy being on the losing side, it's because he wants to be loved - perhaps he's got a psychological flaw.


John Trenchard said...

totally agree with your update DK.

and note how the timid inheritance tax proposal has put TAXATION overall firmly back into the public eye, shining a big fucking torchlight on that 500 BILLION....

very clever - i have to hand it to the Tories. They've played a masterstroke.

John Trenchard said...

either way it doesnt fucking matter when the election is called - we're being ruled by a parallel EU government already.

Common Purpose - the EU 5th column in our midst

come the revolution, i'll bring the rope if you can organise the lamposts.

The Nameless Libertarian said...


DK is at the UKIP conference, I actually wrote the original post and the update.

Whilst I hate the man for being a preening, headline chasing wannabe touchy feely Tory, I do concede that Cameron played an audacious gamble and won. He's proved himself to be a better politician than our spineless Prime Minister, simply because he has grown some balls and taken a risk.

Taxation is back on the agenda, but needs to be much higher. And yeah, too right - there is very little point in voting for one party or t'other in this country when the real decisions are made by the EU.

The Nameless One.

John Trenchard said...

my heartfelt apologies Nameless One. You might suggest to DK to make the names of blogposters more prominent (different color maybe...)

And taxation is certainly high profile right now - did you hear "Any Answers" this afternoon on Radio 4?

I think the gamble has paid off and that the Tories are on a roll now. But how that plays into the bigger EU argument i'm not so sure - for if we had a real opposition, it would be tearing Brown to pieces. But because they ALL agree on the EU, you will find timid proposals and no big change.

Then again, might Cameron have an ace up his sleeve and surprise up with an utterly landslide winning policy that he hasnt mentioned yet?

John Trenchard said...

or maybe suggest to DK that you have an avatar icon of your own - it's then more immediately obvious who is posting the blogpost.

you can see this avatar icon idea over here, where you can clearly see that each post belongs to a different blogger:

just a suggestion.

Anonymous said...

Cameron might have played a blinder this week and showed up Brown for the gutless loser that he is but he is still a worthless cunt. Anyone who thinks that the tories are going to go big on tax cuts have their heads in the ground. The Cameroons won't abnandon their precious centre ground.

John Trenchard said...

"The Cameroons won't abnandon their precious centre ground."

well they wont will they - after a stint at Westminster , a nice gold plated EU pension beckons, with a plum EU job, funded by billions in slush funds that are completely unaudited.

lamposts and lots of rope beckon. and it will happen, eventually, if the british people awaken from their TV zombiedom.

Mark Wadsworth said...

May the whole sorry episode go down in the history of British politics as "The Brown Bottle".

Anonymous said...

I think Gordon , 'The Great Clucking Fist' has just jumped the shark

Anonymous said...

the one eyed monster has really butt pumped himslef and will probably cry tonight. i wonder if he has a voodoo doll of frank field and and screams your'e not my firend at it every time something goes wrong.

Anonymous said...

DK ,

you have to stop holding back

just let it all pour out and you will fell better about everything

don't let Brown get you down

eh has about as much political attraction as a used Johnny from now on

Mr Eugenides said...

John T - I agree, I also post on here from time to time and people normally assume it's DK. Perhaps he could rejig the template so our avatars show up, or something.

Roger Thornhill said...

William Gruff said...

Gordon The McGravy Train Engine manages to be both two-faced and one-eyed at the same time.

That's because he is half-arsed.

I always knew the Gordon Thunderbolt would be a train wreck.

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