Thursday, October 25, 2007

What a load of Bullingdon

A little while back, I laid into Mars Hill for being a sanctimonious twat; Paul has now answered and done so in entirely measured tones. Damn, I suppose I will have to lob him into the Neil Harding camp now: utterly wrong, but always impressively polite when on the receiving end of vitriolic abuse. Damn his eyes!

Anyway, the whole thing was about the hypocrisy of bringing up personal ties for party political gain and Paul has answered it thus.
  1. Mentioning the Bullingdon Club is acceptable in context of Cameron and Johnson, or indeed any other Conservative. A no of Tories have been members and there is concern in some quarters as to whether the Tories have changed, or whether they are the Nasty Party etc.. Now I accept totally and completely that both Cameron and Johnson bitterly regret their association with such a club, however, the simple matter of it merely appearing to be a breeding ground for some small amount of Conservatives is something that should be looked at for all concerned.

I'm sorry but this is crap. Not only were these people a member of this dining club over twenty years ago but it was not a political club. The fact that a number of Tories were members of this Oxford Club is of absolutely no import whatsoever, beyond it demonstrating that they were clever enough to get into Oxford (although, I have to say that all too many Oxbridge students tend to be insufferably smug about their position. So, note to Oxbridge students: the reason that I never applied to either of your alma maters, despite constant pressure from my tutors, is because they are, relatively speaking, shit for Medicine, especially for someone who wants to practise rather than go into research).

I would be far more concerned at the number of Labour officials who were members of trade unions or the Bar: they are both very definitely political organisations. The Bullingdon Club is simply a dining club for ex-public school students with more money than sense (near tautology there: not because many students are rich but because nearly all of them are devoid of sense) and more class and connections than most.

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anthonynorth said...

Connections are a fact of life, and they will exist wherever we are, and whoever we are with. To get angry about it, or to deny it, are equally pointless.

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