Tuesday, October 23, 2007

We'll fight them in the cafeteria

The Flying Rodent has a class post up...
What a day - all I wanted was a bacon roll, but instead I spent the morning with the jackboot of fascism on my neck.

First, the bus to work - full of School-Troopers and Pensio-Nazis, demanding unquestioning obedience to their deranged doctrines by ringing the bell for every stop and barking orders at the driver. The journey took forever thanks to their implacable hatred.

Getting off the bus, I found the city centre thronged with Pedestrianazis, every one of them driven by an unshakeable ideological determination to stand chatting in large groups on the pavement.

Then I get to work, and my Co-workerfascists had already eradicated the cooked breakfasts, and the Canteennazis were chemically sterilising the floors and surfaces.

Not only that, but every one of the tables had been annexed to provide lebensraum for the Greater Department of Accounts, and I was forced to march downstairs to my desk to eat the bitter cereal of the oppressed.

Well, the time for such appeasement is over.

Do go and read the whole thing to find out what the next step must be!

Like The Rodent, I have pinched the work of a talented B3TA member.


John Trenchard said...

speaking of fascism, here's a new article in the Independent (my arse) ...

Have a read of it here

I swear, it's going to make your "fuck!!" quota for today rapidly run out. What is being proposed is a form of fascism.

John Trenchard said...

The Peter Hain supported UAF has a curious fixation on the BNP

it's points against the BNP are

they say - "it is a fascist organisation."

ever read the Civil Contigencies Bill? please do read it up. its Orwellian in its magnitude.

they say- "BNP has terrorist and criminal connections"

the 7/7 bombers were funded by government grants with their Islamic Bookstore and other "community" work. which they used to promote Jihad and terrorism. The government also part funds several mosques that were linked to the 7/7 bombers. Ken Livingstone welcomed with open arms the preacher Al Qadari who advocates the killing of gays and justifies suicide boming.

they say - BNP denies the holocaust

so does Iran. and yet Labour plays softly softly with them. Royal Navy sailors kidnapped - no problem. No response. There is zero chance of an airstrike from Brownstuff. Ergo , he's playing along with a holocaust denier. (not to mention the BBC)

they say - the BNP is racist

Gordon Brown said at his conference "British Jobs for British Workers". I found that racist. Where were the UAF protestors outside Number 10?

they say - "the BNP is opposed to our welfare state"

Oh please do fuck off. Every free marketeer is against it. doesnt mean we're fucking BNP you wankers.

it is utterly amazing how much effort is being put into being AGAINST the BNP - when the best thing to do, rationally , is just ignore it. But then, the inner party do need a Goldstein figure for their 15 minute "hate" fests i suppose. Distracts the proles.

Hate to roll out the the cliche yet again, but George Orwell was right.

Anonymous said...

John -

According to one survey that Newmania likes to cite, some 35% of Labour supporters list the BNP as their second choice. And the most fertile recruiting ground for the BNP is not disaffected Tories, despite what one might infer from the media, but from disaffected Labour members.

When Labour apparatchiks denounce the BNP like this, the message isn't aimed at the general populace. It's aimed at Labour's own.

Anonymous said...

The UAF is the very essence of Fascism and evil! they are anti democratic thugs who would make Hitlers brownshirts blush with pride! Just a quick look at who funds these bigots tells you all you need to know about them!

John Trenchard said...

"It's aimed at Labour's own."

very true. in 1984, as i recall, it wasnt the proles that went to the 15 minute hatefests.

it was the "outer party".

similar thing with those UAF goons. It's just uncanny how Orwell predicted all this.

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