Tuesday, October 16, 2007

We spit on your democracy

The poor little Greek boy has written a brief and eloquent comment on this stinking load of Comment is Filth from Jacques Delors.

The whole piece is a hideous load of statist crap, delusions of grandeur, paranoia and some severe aspirations of meglomania, but what do we expect from this tedious, corrupt little fuck: why is it that the evil ones never seem to die?

Anyway, the highlight is the last paragraph.
We believe, though, that the increased use of qualified majority voting by member governments embodied in the new treaty should also be applied to the ratification process itself. That way, if a small minority of EU governments prove unable to ratify the treaty, it would not be torpedoed the way that its predecessor, the constitutional treaty, was in 2005.

Consider me stunned, although not surprised. And how, precisely, does Delors see this working in practice? In this case, there would only be three real possibilities.
  1. Those who did not ratify the Treaty would be kicked out of the EU.
    Assuming that Britain was one of those who did not ratify, we could only pray for this result. Except that, such is our contribution to the EU coffers—and they are still pressing for the UK to give yet more—that it is unlikely that The Colleagues would countenance this.

  2. The EU would be split into two streams: those who had ratified and those who who had not.
    However, it is very unclear as to whether this would work: the Reform Treaty constitution is designed to stop this very situation (a situation which effectively prevails at present): that is its very aim. This is also, incidentally, why Britain will not be allowed to keep her "red lines" for long.

  3. Force the Treaty on those countries who had not ratified it.
    Would it really come to this? Would any country accept it? Well, I can imagine that our spineless, lying trollop of a Prime Minister probably would. And, once The Colleagues had flushed his head down the toilet a few times, Miliband would certainly cave, the Batshit mad fucking little coward.

    But this course of action would expose the EU for what it is; a foreign power aiming to take over the Continent of Europe with or without a democratic mandate.

This last would be a very dangerous course: any government with a backbone would leave the EU like a shot. At an extreme, it might precipitate a war.

Is Delors going senile? Has he even thought about these implications? If he has not, then his colleagues and advisers must have. Evil, mad and incompetent The Colleagues may be, but they are not stupid.

So, what would happen? Well, it will be the second option, of course. The Reform Treaty has been couched in terms that should ensure that it gets ratified by all countries in one form or another; those who have negotiated opt-outs will, of course, be brought gradually into the fold. In fact, The Daily Mail has highlighted how Britain will be handled.
Some of his colleagues though say the deal has been re-written behind closed doors to ensure these protections are 'rubbed out' within five years.

Labour MPs on the Commons European Scrutiny Committee confirmed that they will grill the Foreign Secretary about their concerns.

The committee's chairman Michael Connarty said the European Court wants to apply EU law across the board and will not accept a permanent exemption for the UK.

Quite so, and anyone who thinks that these "red lines" are permanent—and I have blogged about their fragility before—is a naive fucking fool.

And in the meantime, whilst our pathetic and corrupt MSM are distracted by Ming's resignation, The Colleagues will simply carry on with the project and the dissolution of our country will be relegated to the middle pages.

We bloggers must take up the torch: we must research, highlight and publish the treasonous actions of our lords and masters as they hand over the last vestiges of our power. We must do so if only that the final destruction of Britain is chronicled as a dreadful warning to those who follow...


Roger Thornhill said...

It will be option 3 and make no mistake about it, for in the EU the Nation is no longer sovereign.

The quicker we get a government that gets on with doing what is right and thus exposes how the EU is set to do us wrong, the better, for it will make leaving it easier and more obviously right.

Not a sheep said...

I was disgusted by Miliband's interview on the Toady programme this morning. He was just allowed to get away with statements like "The constitution got rid of all previous EU treaties and created a new re-founding document of the EU. The treaty does not do that: it leaves everything in place." As I keep saying, Think of the Constitution and Treaty as equations, don't worry this will make sense. Let us assume that the old treaties are T1, T2, T3, T4 etc. and the Constitution is C, if the new treaty is Tz and the minor differences are D. We can see that:


According to various European bigwigs T1..x+Tz=C-D=C*0.90 or T1..x+Tz=C-D=C*0.95 or even T1..x+Tz=C-D=C*0.99

Grrrrrrr this is so frustrating, why do the BBC just not raise a query are they that blinkered in their support for NuLab and the EU?

Frank P said...

The lack of commentary on this post - the crucial issue of our times - saddens me. Does it mean indifference among the usual suspects hereupon - or has DK so comprehensively nailed the lie that we're all speechless in admiration. Can somebody define Jeremy Paxman's predeliction on Europe? He gave Jim Murphy a very easy run last night on Newsnight.

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