Thursday, October 04, 2007

Treasuring UKIP

Recently, UKIP's Treasurer resigned for personal reasons. As we have seen over the last year or so, the fact that UKIP does not employ a full-time Treasurer is problematic (although not unusual for a small party).

Now Dan Hannan thinks that he has got news of the replacement.
I’ve just heard an intriguing rumour. Marta Andreasen, who was sacked as the EU’s chief accountant after exposing some dodgy accounting practices, has apparently agreed to become treasurer of UKIP.

If true, it’s a huge boost for the anti-Brussels party, which has been subjected to a series of allegations about its money over the past six months.

Indeed. As you will recall, Marta Andreasen (there are some great quotes there too) was brought into sort out the EU Commission's accounts. When she reported the extent of the possible fraud inherent in the accounting procedures—Master Hannan's "some dodgy accounting practices" translates into "10,000 possible cases of fraud in EU accounts" in 2002 alone—it was Neil Kinnock who had her suspended, and then sacked.

Lord Kinnock of Bedwetting was, you may recall, unfortunately absent—washing his cushion covers, or something—at the time that the House of Lords discussed his fucking corrupt and appalling behaviour.
Still, Marta Andreasen’s appointment ought to put an end to any suspicions. She is, like all whistleblowers, a person of huge integrity. A bit angular, sometimes, even prickly; but fundamentally a good and high-minded woman. That’s why the Kinnocks hated her so much. If she says that the UKIP accounts are in order, that’ll be good enough for me and, I suspect, for Fleet Street.

I am, of course, unable to confirm or deny this rumour, but I hope that it is true: Marta would be a considerable asset to UKIP.

UPDATE: I have now been authorised to confirm that it is true. Marta has signed the contract and will be speaking at the UKIP Conference tomorrow.

Incidentally, I shall be filming as much of the Conference as I can and attempting to get some interviews with various party figures. So, I have been playing about with iMovie to try to get reasonably au fait with editing; and here's a short trailer...


Andrew Ian Dodge said...

I did Lee Rotherham's advert in iMovie. It takes a bit to get the vibe of how it works. However once you do it completely rocks and makes it so easy to do things with it.

Ed said...

It just goes to show how corrupt our "democracy" really is when someone who shouts "yuralright! yuralright!" and then doesn't become PM still ends up with a healthy pension and ability to screw other people over.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the information, it's something else that makes UKIP look more attractive as a party to vote for.

Mark Wadsworth said...

She makes UKIP look more attractive, full stop.

Roger Thornhill said...

I wonder if Kinnock's facing down of Militant was the last decent thing he did.

John Trenchard said...

because of our crappy voting system, if you vote UKIP you run the risk of the One Eyed Cyclops cunt getting back into office. Normally , i would vote UKIP (and indeed the "none of the above" party), but after 10 years of Labour, i'll do anything to get the 500 billion taxing bastards out of office. So, i'll be voting Tory - but with my nose firmly closed with my index fingers.

Do you really want to see , potentially, another 10 fucking years with Brownstuff at the helm?

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