Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Totalitarian Britain

Last night I watched The Lives of Others and, I have to tell you, it is absolutely superb. The characters are believable, interesting, witty—the late Ulriche Muhe's portrayal of Stasi agent, Gerd Weisler, might be one of the most finely grained pieces of acting in history.

The emotion when the workers in the Stasi basement hear, on the radio, that the Berlin Wall has come down is beautifully understated and yet so affecting as to be almost palpable. The film really rams home how life in a Communist country could be almost normal and yet so very miserable and wrong. Whilst pleasure and decency exist, they are always tempered by the evil and the corrupt.

Whilst I would hesitate to draw parallels between NuLabour and the Communists—amongst other things, the Communists were far more efficient in their application of evil—it is quite obvious that they share all too many characteristics.

Because, otherwise, what is the fucking excuse for this load of fucking shit?
Drinkers in middle-class areas are more likely routinely to consume “hazardous” amounts of alcohol than those in poorer areas, research published today shows.

Social drinkers who regularly down more than one large glass of wine a day will be told they risk damaging their health in the same way as young binge drinkers.

Don't be so fucking ridiculous: that is utter bullshit and, even were it not, what fucking business is it of the government's?

The reason that middle-class people drink more is because they can afford to and, frankly, living under this piece-of-crap authoritarian NuLabour cuntbox government is enough to drive any hard-working, freedom-loving person to drink.

And what is the purpose of this study?
The figures will be used by the Government to target middle-class wine drinkers and to make drunkenness as socially unacceptable as smoking.

Dawn Primarolo, the Public Health Minister, said: “Most of these are not young people, they are ‘everyday’ drinkers who have drunk too much for too long. This has to change.”

WHAT!? What the fuck? Fuck you Primula or Primitive or whatever your fucking name is. "This has to change"—says who?


What business is it of the state's if I drink like a fish? As long as I turn up for work and pay my taxes which pay for any amenities that I might use, it is none of your business.

I might need medical treatment? Well, yes, I might, but since you have fucking well forced me to pay for it for the whole of my working life, I don't see that that is any of your sodding business.

It is none of your fucking business what I drink or otherwise ingest unless I impact on the lives of others; and when I, or other "'everyday' drinkers" do so, we do not.

Who are you, Primarolo, to tell me how much I should drink? Who are you to tell me how I should behave? Who the fuck are you to dictate how I should live my life, you totalitarian horsefucker?

What are you going to do: start limiting how much vino or Victory gin we are allowed to buy at any one time? Start controlling what food I can eat?

Go fuck yourself, you indecent excuse for a human being. You and all of your kind should die a death so horrible that even I have difficulty contemplating precisely how it should be carried out. However, I do know that the final part of it will see your body hanging from a wall, still twitching, whilst people piss all over your disembowelled internal organs.



Old BE said...

Spot on.

The other thought that crossed my mind was: if they "prove" a link between wealth and alcohol consumption they will award themselves a tax-rise on it.

It's clearly crap - the figures actually show that some people can enjoy a lot of booze and not cause trouble, but others go and wreck the town centres every Saturday.

Guthrum said...

What does 'target' mean !!!!!! anybody touches my drink will get targeted !

Anonymous said...

Devil - Freud's "reality principle", teaches us how deferred gratifaction, and even pain are both necessary in order to keep the rapacious "pleasure principle", a psychological state normally associated with very young children and university students, in check.

How much sweeter must a glass of wine tasted to a small gathering of factory workers sheltering from the Stasi - and perhaps fearing that one of their own might denounce them for taking illicit glugs of home brewed East German potato white.

Even Winston never complained about Victory Gin, as I recall it was his main solace in the world of Big Brother, victory gin and secret shagging sessions with Julia [before O'Brien catches up with both of them course] - can anyone imagine greater happiness ?

Mark Wadsworth said...

The headline is misleading. It's wealthy areas with more 'hazardous' drinking (22 - 50 units a week, not much really) and Liverpool, Manchester, Salford etc who come out top in 'harmful' drinking (50-plus units per week).

Roger Thornhill said...

Primanproper has clearly decided she has little better to do.

Has she considered the possibility that middle classes drink more because they now drink AT HOME because it is too dangerous and unpleasant to venture out to the local pub because of New Labour policies?

Maybe they want to have a smoke and a drink in the warm?

I suspect a tax hike on alcohol is on the way.

I suspect they are laying the ground for NHS rationing and/or ID cards tied to "drink quotas".

I suspect they are laying the ground for a plan to control supermarket alco prices (remember that?).

It is going to be done as a tax, trust me, cos Grabber Gordon needs, wants and DEMANDS every penny he can get from us.

Pogo said...

"Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn"...

I'm middle class and thoroughly enjoy the odd (actually rather more than that) bottle of wine.. However, this bunch of cunts can go swivel as far as I'm concerned becoz'like, I suspect, many others, I haven't bought a bottle of wine or a packet of fags in the UK for about 5 years and any further increases in tax aren't exactly likely to encourage me to modify my "shopping" habits.

Fuck 'em.

John Trenchard said...

i've blogged about the same story
over here

note the Nazi Party posters. remind you of anything?

Anonymous said...

So what is Primarola’s motivation in preaching to “middle class wine drinkers”? Is she hoping to save the cost of treating people with liver disease caused by long term drinking? Having already applied her financial genius to the Tax Credit system (just how many billions were written off?) she’s now turned her brilliance to the Department for Health, hoping to save money in treating the “demon drinkers”.

Of course anyone with any financial nouse would look at both sides of the cost/benefit analysis. Even at current levels, the total excise duty and VAT paid by drinkers over their lifetimes is far in excess of the cost of treatment for the small proportion of those who succumb to such illness. In any case those who die early from alcohol induced disease will not take money from the state later in life by way of old age pension, residential care costs and the cost of treating whatever disease they succumb to instead. The numbers just don’t stack up.

I’m sure the government knows this, but I suspect this is all about social control by patronising & sanctimonious ministers. Once again insulting our intelligence by lecturing to us on the pretext that it’s "for own good". There has been more than enough information shoved down our throat (excuse the pun) for us to make up our own minds on how often and how much we choose to imbibe.

Next steps for the nuLab Taliban?

Year 1:
Increase alcohol duty, say 50p more on a bottle of wine.
Dept of Health / Ministry of Truth propaganda.
Year 2:
Increase duty (another £1 per bottle this time).
Legislate all shops to allow staff to opt out of selling alcohol.
Year 3: Restrict licensing hours.
Years 4-5: Introduce personal alcohol limits using smart ID cards.
Long term goal: Prohibition

Savonarola said...

An outstanding film. Acting and direction brilliant. Understated but not pedestrian. Engrossing throughout and uplifting in its final scenes. Must viewing for anyone with half a brain.

Anonymous said...

I read that Primarolo was sexually harassed by John "the lech" Reid - who was reported to have been tanked up on Cairn o' Mohr fruity wine at the time.

Is it this sordid episode [which allegedly took place during her formative years in the house] rather than bogus research, informing her deranged scheme to introduce a soviet style police state, sorry, plan to target pickled middle class livers ?

John Trenchard said...

Times headline screams Crackdown on middle class wine drinkers

"crackdown"... as if retired Colonel Blimp in Guildford is a fucking terrorist.

utterly appalling. the sooner we get rid of this shower the better.

how about getting on with cracking down on criminals for fucking change?

oh wait - no. thats not on their agenda.
Govt plan to cut prison terms

John Trenchard said...

"Long term goal: Prohibition"
And Hello Eurabia?

However, does anyone find it odd that while 1 million+ youngsters gurn on ecstasy each week, we get a "crackdown" on doddering old middle class Mr and Mrs Bowes-Lloyd from some village in Surrey.

Secondly, we are now in a situation where you can take as many drugs as you like in any nightclub - put light a ciggie and the bouncers will go after you big time.

What kind of fucking message is that?
utter lunacy. Actually, I think they are all loony tunes - "Common Purpose" must have eaten their brains like the infested maggot of EUSSR communism that it is.

Anonymous said...

Looking on the bright side, if thick Nazi bitches like Primadonna prevent everyone smoking, drinking and eating what they like, the British people will soon be fit enough, lean enough, sober enough, and above all, angry enough to destroy these insolent, lying little fascist turds once and for all. They will also have more spare cash to spend on weaponry. These fools are making a rod for their own backs.

countdruncula said...

I thought for a moment that "totalitarian horsefucker" might be a googlewhack, but, rats, I've been beaten to it by the bot. Still, you claim number one spot.

Anonymous said...

I cooked the first artichoke ever for my new East German friend ever tasted after the wall came down. She was 20.

And the shelves in the West mainly were devoid of bananas and all manner of exotic fruits that are normal for us whilst the East Germans were like kids that are set lose in the sweetshop after years of window shopping.

Labour appears to be aiming to turn into the SED and run the entire country per diktat.

To wit: http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/story/0,,2191967,00.html

"Whenever individuals' behaviour is controlled by habits that they should control, we are at the fulcrum of the relationship between domination and freedom. Government has been reluctant to intrude, but now it must."

Anthony Giddens, Labour peer

Shug Niggurath said...

Last week it was vertical drinking they were after. I didn't even know wtf that meant till someone pointed out to me it was 'standing at the bar'

We need rid of these fuckers - problem is Cameron and his kind probably quite agree.

Anonymous said...

I bloody well knew it, I said that once they'd finished twatting smokers with sticks they'd move on to those of us who like a glass of vino with dinner. Twats. Our local radio was babbling about it last night, an interview with some woman whose brother drank himself to death. Well he didn't do that on a glass of chablis every other day did he? Why can't they just fuck right off? They won't be happy until we are all giving our entire wage to Fat Gordy and living off celery and mung beans.

Anonymous said...

They banned smoking without too much difficulty because frankly, a large part of the population is moronic.

What made people think it would stop there?

It is their job, they have to find new problems all the time to justify their existence.

It will never stop.

Anonymous said...

'What are you going to do: start limiting how much vino or Victory gin we are allowed to buy at any one time?'

DK, let's just hope that Prima Nocte doesn't cast her eyes over the Norwegian model...


I admit this is not an official site, but my parents' experience of their holiday in Norway bears it out. My APs are by no means heavy drinkers (that's an understatement) - but even they thought the law was excessive.

As I said, let's hope Prima Donna does not follow Polly in her infatuation with things large and Norse...

laurence said...

Oh, who will rid us of these poisonous control freaks? Anyone with me on my idea for a military coup, yet?

KG said...

As an Aussie of English extraction, (living temporarily in New Zealand) I'm watching events in Britain with a kind of horrified fascination.
The NZ government is going down the same path, enabled by an equally apathetic and brainwashed population.
There is a time for all things and the time for armed insurrection is upon us, people.
The ballot box won't get rid of these assholes, because a vote for any party is merely a vote for the same animal, different clothing.
Pitchforks and flaming torches and bureaucrats swinging from every available lamp post is the answer.
Any less and we have only slavery to look forward to.

Anonymous said...

its obviously been planned, im a bricky, me and my mates knew a recession was coming before credit crunch was ever heard of, why else have the police just placed a record breaking order for Taser guns (10,000). They will hit the net next, you cant give everybody unlimited access to information its far too democratic. They are expecting it and have been for some time, in fact there will be narks and spies monitoring this site. The amount of harrasment and treatment with extreme predjudice i suffered in the 80s for hanging around with student commies was unbelievable. If your considered a threat you wont have chance to pull your pants on never mind getting to the shed for your pitchfork. This could be a hard nut to crack

Anonymous said...

Fucking amen, mate. See you on the other side of the barbed wire fence ...

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