Thursday, October 04, 2007

Third generation...

Oh good god! The idea of three generations of Loony Benns in Parliament just makes me want to reach for my gun.
Veteran left-winger Tony Benn is planning to stand for Parliament again, he has said.

The 82-year-old, a Labour MP until 2001, wants to be the party's candidate for Kensington in west London.

Mr Benn said: "There's a general election on the way and Kensington is looking for a candidate. I've written to them to see if I can stand."

Mr Benn's son Hilary is in the Cabinet and his granddaughter Emily is already a Labour candidate in East Worthing.

Fucking hell, can you imagine? The collective smugness would just be unbearable...


James Higham said...

Makes parliament that much more homely, don't you think?

By the way, how's the Emporium?

Unsworth said...

"I've written to them to see if I can stand."

What, without massive medical intervention?

Very unlikely.

Ed said...

I hate Benn's politics but at least he is in favour of democracy.

Anonymous said...

ed, I disagree, Benn is a accomplished carpetbagger of democracy, a prime abuser.

He is standing for a party of which almost every policy he disagrees with, in a constituency he has no interest in, purely to seek power for his own ends.

Its a fucking sham, how people like him can abuse democracy consistantly over the years, from his blantent undermining of the political process in the 60s when he changed the law just so could get elected, he has done nothing but scuttle around the country after spare seats to feed his political habit.

The only reason he wants a republic is so he can be crowned President for Life Benn at some point.

Shug Niggurath said...

Tony Benn was a favourite of my father's. He thought it was great that he gave up his title to represent the working man. My father was a union dinosaur and still blindly supported the Labour party and the unions when they demolished Britain in the 70's and 80's. He still is.

I was brought up to HATE tories on principal. That lasted until I was about 15 - 1985 a heady year when I was able to make my own conclusions about what was really wrong with this country.

That Tony Benn hasn't seen through the faults in his world-view doesn't in my eyes make him a man of conviction. It makes him a fool.

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